Tea Leaf Readings

5 Stars

Great Tasting


This tea has a wonderful light berry taste. I've been drinking it for about two months now and I seem to feel the effects from the tea. I feel like my heart feels stronger and healthier. It's an uplifting tea that I look forward to drinking every day.

5 Stars

Ooops, my review disappeared

Colorado Springs, CO

Sorry, my previous review disappeard when I accidentally clicked outsidee of the window. Anyway, excellent berry flavor. Jury still out on cardio health benefits though but I'd recommend this tea to everyone. Will be purchasing the Get Lost tea today in hopes it will help curb my cravings at work while sitting at my desk.

5 Stars

love the berryness


berry berry yummy with a hint of roobis and overall absolutely delicious.

5 Stars

really sweet and good!


very yummy, and fruity and with a hint of roobis.

5 Stars

Love it!

Toledo, OH

I also love this 1 @ night along with the "get clean" wonderful!

4 Stars

Simply a good tea

Pittsburgh, PA

While I cannot vouch for how this tea has affected my heart or not, I can say that this tea is delicious and pleasing to the taste. I really enjoy it. It's definitely an added bonus if it actually does strengthen the cardiovascular system too!