Tea Leaf Readings

5 Stars

Good for adrenal fatigue


This tea has a nice, lightly sweet taste. I do not notice any change in my libido, but I have noticed that my adrenal fatigue has gone away (probably the ashwagandha root). I usually steep the same tea bag 2-4 times a day.

4 Stars


Fairbanks, AK

this tea has great taste. i only gave it a 4 because i haven't been drinking it long enough to know if the "kick" will really come. i'll let ya know.

4 Stars

It Works!

New York, LA

It tastes okay by itself and it also blends well and/or plays nice with other flavored teas.

3 Stars


cambridge, MA

I decided to try this tea for some help with the libido. I would say yes, it does help but I can't stand the flavor. I think it is the passionflower, it is very overwhelming to the sense. It tastes and smells a bit like old ladies soap to me. :(

2 Stars

not a fan


i thought it would taste okay...or maybe do what it claims to do, but it fits neither of those categories. it is bitter.

5 Stars


Madison, WI

Not that I've ever really had a problem with my libido, but this stuff seriously works!!! When planning a special night for my partner and myself I sip a cup of this and it just really does the trick! I've had some of my guy friends try some and they've all experienced the same effect. I'm not sure how much of its effect is mental but hey, whatever er.. gets you up! ;)

4 Stars

A nice boost

, TN

It works, but it is not 100%. I drank 5 cups the other night, but only 3 worked !

3 Stars

Pleasant tasting, but...

Manhattan, NY

...I'm not quite sure this tea does much for a lagging libido. Oh, it makes a fresh, pleasant tasting cup for sure, but I just haven't felt anything different in terms of interest, desire, etc.

4 Stars

cancels out IUD effects

, UT

I had an IUD at the time I tried this which has been proven to decrease women's libido. "Get passionate" canceled out the effects of the IUD - and tastes good. Only 4 teapots since it worked only a little for me.