Tea Leaf Readings

5 Stars

FEEL GREAT AFTER March 05, 2015



Felt great after drinking. Tastes great also

4 Stars

Tastes Fantastic February 24, 2015


Tacoma, WA

I love this tea; I've been using it so much and I'm almost out. Can't wait to buy more.

5 Stars

Great Taste, Really Works! January 24, 2015


Tampa, FL

I originally bought this tea for bloating caused by pms... it works amazingly well in a short time for that! I drink it almost every day purely for the taste... I get a great balance between vanilla and almond, and now I much prefer the rooibos to black tea.... smoother and more herbal with no bitter or acid taste at all. Will drink it as long as ROT makes it!

5 Stars

My Favorite Tea December 23, 2014


Jersey City, NJ

Love that I can drink this with no sugar added!!! Love it iced or hot.

5 Stars

Gentle December 13, 2014



I love how gentle this is. Even when things became active, it was still a very mild tummy rumble & movement...nothing explosive like other products I've tried. Will continue to use this from time to time for balance.

5 Stars

Healing tea August 30, 2014


Dublin, OH

I've been sick for a while due to a serious infection that had me hospitalized for a few days. Digestion, blood sugar concerns, fatigue, breathing problems and edema remained until I started drinking this tea. I drink a cup at night and a cup in the morning. My digestion is back on track, breathing has improved and the edema has vanished. I know it's because of this tea because it's the only thing I've been doing differently. I may not be 100% but I am leaps and bounds over where I used to be. Thank you ROT for offering this tea. I will buy it as long as you make it. Amazing how everything we need to heal ourselves is right here on our Earth.

5 Stars

Feel great July 25, 2014


Ayer, MA

Tastes smooth, a little sweet. I feel less bloated when I drink this and just better overall. I sometimes mix in a Get Lost bag with it and feel satisfied without cravings throughout the day. Love republic of tea!

5 Stars

Delicious, Addicting May 02, 2014


Cazenovia, NY

I bought this and Get Lost. I really like both but find myself drinking this more. There is a light sweetness to it, although there is no sugar. It is smooth and rich tasting and I can get a hint if vanilla from it, but to me it's not overpowering. I'm not one for sweets, but I could see someone looking to curb their sweet tooth enjoying this tea very much. I hope they make this tea forever! I do wish it was organic though

5 Stars

I feel better April 25, 2014


Corpus Christi, TX

When I have had this tea daily for a while,I know I feel better.

5 Stars

Love it! Will buy again April 15, 2014


west palm beach, FL

On week 3. Notice belly is slimmer. Drink twice a day. Love the taste. Definitely notice a difference in how I feel. Will buy again and highly recommend!

5 Stars

Love them all! March 27, 2014


Severance, CO

This is my "go to" the morning after a few cocktails the evening before. I have 18 different tea tins in the cabinet! I LOVE them all! Thank you ROT!!

5 Stars

Great! February 26, 2014


Boston, MA

Great tea with a really unique taste! I like making a cup of tea with one of these bags and one of the double green matcha for twice the detox and a really nice taste! It's good on its own as well.

5 Stars

WOW! January 08, 2014


Baltimore, MD

Just enjoyed my first cup last night and I LOVE it! From now on, I will be having several cups of day, in place of coffee. Yum!

5 Stars

The Real Deal! January 08, 2014


Columbus, OH

I ordered a sample of this and noticed I felt less bloated and had more energy. I purchased a full can a few days later and have been drinking two cups (1 in the morning and another @ night) for about a week and let me tell you....I simply feel and look better. My skin is softer and my mid section is "lighter" and slimmer. I don't want to get too graphic but I've been coughing up interesting things as well. The liver is our natural detox center and the herbs this tea, especially milk thistle, work to offer gentle and natural support for this vital organ as well as our kidneys. I'm so incredibly happy I found this tea. Its the best money I've spent in ages and I will be drinking it as long as ROT makes it.

5 Stars

Yum! January 07, 2014


Brandon, FL

So glad that I bought this one! I have only been drinking a cup a day for almost 1 week, so I can't comment on any noticeable "benefits" yet because using natural herbs for detoxing usually works over time...but I enjoy the lovely flavors and as a lifelong Herbology student, I know how wonderful the herbs contained in this tea are and they are all together in a little non-bleached pouch ready for use--convenient!

4 Stars

Growing on me January 03, 2014


Little Elm, TX

I was not a fan at first. Very strong vanilla aroma. I am used to more fruity herbal teas. It's growing on me though, hope it does what it says it will do. Liking it more every cup :)

4 Stars

Soon to be your all time favorite! December 24, 2013


Houston, TX

On my first cup, I was not an immediate fan. Almond is the strongest flavor for me, followed by vanilla. It is a sweeter tea that has a great aroma. Now that I've had a few more cups, I love it! Hope to see the true detox claims take place within a week.

5 Stars

Wonderful AM tea!! December 17, 2013

Laurie Ulrop

Clearwater, FL

Oh my....where to start. You can leave this tea is a mug for hours and it's never bitter or off-taste. Just a beautiful blend. Love,Love, Love it!!

5 Stars

Wonderful December 11, 2013


Silver City, NV

Vanilla is the strongest flavor note to me. I love this tea enough to drink several cups a day. It doesn't zing me up with caffeine or sooth me into a lull; it is just a wonderful cup of nice flavor.

5 Stars

Great Tea November 01, 2013


Danbury, CT

I don't usually write reviews, but this is one that I gladly will write. This tea is really great, especially when you feel bloated and heavy from over doing it. Tastes really good too. It really doesn't need any sweetener for my taste, but on occasion I have added a teaspoon of Agave syrup, and it really compliments the vanilla flavor. Please keep this one in your catalog.

5 Stars

So good you won't believe it's healthy September 04, 2013



Great tea and I feel better after drinking it. The tea has a smooth vanilla flavor and I can tell it is flushing me out because I have to use the restroom a lot like I drank lots of water. It is my comfort tea especially after I ate too much junk or had too much of a good time the night before. In those cases, I have a few cups!

5 Stars

Fantastic September 03, 2013

Vonda Anderson

Fargo, ND

I can honestly say that this is my first review I have EVER written, but felt like I needed to...I typically read the reviews on anything I buy and this was no exception and while there are always mixed reviews on everything, I tend to follow the lead and this had way more good reviews than bad so I bought it. I LOVE this tea and will keep on buying it. I love the flavor and add a slice of lemon to it and it is amazing...I feel better, more energy and overall wonderful! I have done other detox methods in the past and they have all been a disaster...I feel this one is so subtle, much tastier and much more tolerable! You will not be disappointed with this tea!

5 Stars

My favorite! June 12, 2013


Portland, OR

This is my favorite tea -- I drink one or two cups every night with a little stevia to sweeten it. It has a wonderful earthy, vanilla almond flavor. If you like rooibos teas you'll like this one.

5 Stars

Love this tea!! June 01, 2013


Minersville, PA

I have never been one to drink tea without sugar or honey, but with this tea it didn't seem right. I was drinking it to get clean, so why junk it up. This tea was so good that I didn't even care that I didn't sweeten it. BONUS - it really works! My insides settle down, my skin clears up, my bloating goes down. I like to try to drink it every morning, but now that the weather is warming up it's hard. Perhaps I'll try it iced!

5 Stars

Best tea ever! May 07, 2013


Washington D.C., DC

The tea tastes fabulous, though the smell doesn't quite fit the taste. What I like most about this tea is that it really does clean out your system. My skin clears up when I drink this and I know I am detoxing because I use the bathroom a lot more. Go milkthistle and the other herbs!

5 Stars

April 04, 2013


, WA

I do not regularly review products but feel I need to review this one. I have been drinking Get Clean tea 2x/day for about 3 weeks now. I have been losing weight by eating clean, but adding in this tea twice a day seems to be increasing my weight loss. Also, last week my husband and 2 kids all got Norovirus, as well as many of the families from my kids school. I did not get sick, despite having a sensitive stomach. I can't say for sure that this tea is the reason, but I'm counting it as one of the things I did right to ward it off. Regarding taste, this tea is the most "traditional tea" tasting of the teas I drink. If I had company who wanted a basic tea, I could easily serve this.

4 Stars

Really Enjoy! January 20, 2013


, PA

A pleasant taste that I look forward to every morning.

5 Stars

Sooo impressed! January 18, 2013


Carroll Plt, ME

Not that crazy about the taste, but it works, so will drink it after supper every night! I have digestive issues which create bloating and great discomfort, especially after supper. This relieved my symptoms after my first cup!

5 Stars

Great feeling! January 16, 2013


, MN

Love the taste! Got it for detoxing after using antibiotics for my sinusitis. I'm sure its doing whats its "prescribed" to do. SO I'm happy with my purchase!

5 Stars

Definitely amazing January 01, 2013


, AR

I bought this tea after spending the weekend binge drinking. I figured it couldn't hurt to at least *try* and help my liver out. Holy cow, a week into drinking this tea I noticed my nails were longer and stronger, and my hair was looking seriously gorgeous. I'm recommending it mostly based on that. Yea I had more energy, and didn't feel as groggy as I normally would have after so much alcohol, but my nails! It doesn't get much better than that. And the taste is amazing. Warm and creamy, and the nicest combination of almond and vanilla. I didn't even check the ingredients when I bought it, so the taste was a nice surprise.

5 Stars

Not false advertising. December 25, 2012

Lydia C.

Boise, ID

I've been using this tea for a couple of years, since before I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease. It's great for getting rid of bloating and it makes my tummy feel calmer. It also helps with regularity.

5 Stars

This tea really works! December 05, 2012


, KS

I have been drinking this tea nearly everyday for almost a year. I drink one cup every morning right after I wake up. I am using it to help with detoxing everyday. I notice I feel less bloated and the digestive system moves along much better. Also, this works well for blocked liver and gallbladder ducts to keep things moving along if you have a history of such things. The taste is a bit unusual, but not bad. Definitely an almond flavor along with the smoothness and earthiness of the rooibos. You can't really taste the other herbs except it tastes "herbally." One other note, make sure you are near a restroom facility within 15-30 minutes of drinking it. It works quickly and works well.

4 Stars

November 29, 2012


, GA

I love this tea. It is earthy and robust. I just feel cared for by drinking it.

5 Stars

My favorite prefab'd "detox" tea, ever November 28, 2012



Creamy vanilla-almond. Delicious. I've never had cause to describe a tea as creamy -- and I don't like chai and other teas mixed with milk -- but there is something great about this tea and the word "creamy" just fits.

5 Stars

This tea is delish! November 02, 2012


Tucson, AZ

So tasty, and it is great for regulating the digestive system too. I used it as iced tea and it was terrific! I just got the travel tin to start but will definitely be buying more.

5 Stars

Detox effective October 03, 2012


Cresskill, NJ

This tea works because the taste is pleasant and encourages drinking it.

5 Stars

tasty and healthy August 23, 2012


Huntsville, AL

This is a nicely flavored tea, soft and delicate. I normally drink hot tea with cream or milk, but that was a little too heavy for this; honey did much better. As for the cleansing effect, I distinctly noticed a tendency to, for instance, dump water weight, and, er, some other things too. So I think it's pretty good stuff and I'll be getting more.

5 Stars

May 28, 2012


Trying the Get Clean #7 tea for the first time, I was amazed on day 4, when I had lessened arthritis pain and more energy. Coincidence? I don't know. I just know how much better I feel and I plan on continuing to use it.

3 Stars

It was okay... May 05, 2012

Mrs D

Hancock, MD

It was okay tasting, but definitely not my favorite. It was a earthy taste that really just doesn't suit my preferences. It was, however, very smooth in taste.

4 Stars

Great!! May 05, 2012


Cambria Heights, NY

This tea is great!! I love the taste..This tea helps with what it saids, " get clean "

nice flavor March 31, 2012


A nice, pleasant, herbal flavor but slightly on the weak side. Didn't have any 'effect' on my digestive system at all. I prefer a bolder taste, but I recommend this as a nice tea for those who do not.

5 Stars

March 14, 2012


Oceanside, NY

Great Tea. Wish it was sold in more stores.

5 Stars

Addictive! February 29, 2012


Chagrin Falls, OH

I've been drinking this tea for a few years now and hate it when I run out. I don't know if it really does anything, but I love the taste and usually have a cup at least once a day.

5 Stars

Two Words... February 15, 2012



Tasty laxative.

5 Stars

Easy to love. February 01, 2012


Hudson Valley, NY

What a wonderful, synergistic tea blend! I first bought this tea to go along with a cleanse I was doing. After just a few cups, it became my every morning tea before exercising. The taste is silky smooth and it will add a bounce to your step!

3 Stars

Good Taste, not sure it detoxed January 30, 2012

orange county, CA

I dont feel the tea did what it claims to do (thats why I bought a small taster tin so I could try it out) The tea has a great flavor though..

5 Stars

Love this January 28, 2012


Hartford, CT

I love the mild flavor of this tea. The detox benefits are a bonus!

5 Stars

January 22, 2012


, KY

Don't really know about the taste, but if you make a double-trength cup 3 times a day for 2 days, you'll see the difference! it works!

5 Stars

Love this tea January 18, 2012


st.paul, MN

I love this tea. It really works to keep me balanced and the taste is good, too. I will always have this on hand and travel with it as well.

4 Stars

pretty yummy January 16, 2012



There's a faint anise flavor to this one, but it's a very nice and cozy tea. Delicious with a bit of honey.

4 Stars

not sure how i feel yet January 10, 2012

patricia jones

bainbridge, NY

not sure how I feel I only got the travel tin but the flavor is pleasent and will be buying more

5 Stars

Perfect for cleansing December 30, 2011


Chicago, IL

I bought a few of the sample No. teas, and I am really pleased with of them. I bought them for a two week bootcamp I participate in to get in better shape. I alternate "get clean" with "get lost" and really feel they have made a difference. Bootcamp is now over and on a full size tin. I have really enjoyed it over the holidays as a way to cleanse after a bit of over indulgence.

5 Stars

Love it! December 22, 2011


Toledo, OH

Great selection! I drink this before bed & sometimes first thing in the morning. If you drink this on a regular basis you will definitely notice a difference.

4 Stars

good tea December 17, 2011



good taste for what it does. i don't use it often, however, only after i've over-indulged (food).

4 Stars

I liked it December 11, 2011


Northern Indiana,

I liked the taste, wasn't sure I would but I did. Not sure how "de-toxed" I felt but I think if I'd drink it on a daily basis I would really see a difference.

3 Stars

May or may not repurchase November 30, 2011


Iowa City, IA

I love rooibos - so that wasn't the issue. I just found this tea to be "disappointing" in flavor. It's mild and bland - and I didn't really taste the "nutty" notes. As far as internal cleansing... maybe it does what it claims, maybe it doesn't? I can't tell.

5 Stars

Feeling Lighter November 07, 2011


, FL

I'm on my second refill and am sold on the benefits of this detox tea! I think it really helps with water retention and getting rid of toxins in your body... Love it!!

5 Stars

November 05, 2011


, SC

this tea is awesome! on my second tin..

3 Stars

Better than I expected October 27, 2011


Brooklyn, NY

I don't always care for rooibos, but this blend smells good and has a pleasant, soothing taste. It may not become one of my every day favorites, but I can see keeping it for the suggested use of "cleansing" after "overdoing" (let's say, food)and hope it has the intended effect!

5 Stars

October 07, 2011


i love love love this tea! it really works. i drink before bed and first thing in the morning.. works wonders! would recomend this tea to anyone. it really gives you energy and makes you feel like youve never felt before. light and fit!

5 Stars

I feel great September 28, 2011

Amy R

curlew, IA

I have battled anxiety off and on for some years now. The past year has been pretty bad where I have experienced a panicky feeling almost on a daily basis. Since drinking Get Clean for the past couple of weeks, I feel 10 times better than I have in almost a year. I am ordering more right now.

5 Stars

CLEANSING NATURALLY September 16, 2011



A friend gave me a sample of this and I tried this tea after I came home from a message one evening.After drinking a double strength of the stuff I went to bed feeling kinda woosi.When I got up the next day (I kid you not!)I felt like a new person.I am anxious to try it again.

5 Stars

Love the taste and it works too! July 27, 2011


, IN

I drink 2 cups daily just because I love the taste and it is wonderful for when I am holding water!! Give an A+ for this cup of tea :)

5 Stars

Great taste, feel great July 23, 2011


Lodi, NJ

I was surprised at how good this tea taste, & the benefits I was receiving especially with a compromised Liver. Thanks Republic of TEA