Tea Leaf Readings

5 Stars

First time for white tea December 18, 2014

Wayne A

Coatesville, PA

Learning about teas, I bought this for evenings without caffeine. I am surprised how it taste. Has a great mild taste and smooth going down. recommend it to anyone.

5 Stars

Light and Tasty March 22, 2014


Phoenix, AZ

This is a light, gentle tasting tea. I usually love strong, bitter green tea, but I was looking for something of quality with low caffeine. I have enjoyed this one.

5 Stars

My favorite tea thus far December 22, 2013


Springfield, PA

Silver Rain has an earthy aroma like that of Dragonwell tea. It has a very smooth mouth feel from start to finish. The silky smoothness lingers on the tongue as well. This is a great tea for comfort and relaxation. Adding sugar can heighten the flavor profile but it is not necessary. Sometimes I add a dash of milk to my tea to add more body but Silver Rain is great by itself with its pure and simple taste. I would highly recommend this one!

5 Stars

Love this white tea November 28, 2013


San Antonio, TX

tastes very smooth and light

5 Stars

Bliss in a cup! March 20, 2013


Columbus, OH

This is my first time trying white tea. I purchased it b/c I read white tea has the highest antioxidant levels and is the "rawest" you can get in terms of tea, so I felt it would be a good addition to my relatively raw diet. Wow is this delicious! Very earthy yet mellow, smooth and full-bodied. I steep for 3 minutes in an 8-oz mug w/a lid. Maybe it's me but I feel very calm and blissful afterwards. Love this! Will be a permanent addition to my tea collection!

5 Stars

Best of the Best March 08, 2013


Fineview, NY

My very favorite white tea of all time! I drink this hot and iced. Beautiful subtle flavor, low caffeine, full of anti-oxidants, and always a calming cup to soothe the soul. No surprise it has 5 stars...it deserves the highest rating I can give.

5 Stars

This is a tea everyone should stock February 03, 2013


, WI

If ever there was a tea everyone should have as a gold standard in their cupboard it would be this one. Light, healthy, and has a gentle personality that is a compliment to your other teas in your collection...you DO have a collection right? :) Happy tea tottling!

4 Stars

Light, Gentle, Smooth November 19, 2012


Beechgrove, TN

I wasn't sure I would like this tea, but wanted to try it; was I ever surprised............flavorful, smooth and so delicious!

5 Stars

Excellent full flavor November 16, 2012


Montclair, NJ

Frankly I bought this tea as a sample because of its name and description -- and am delighted with it. Flavor is full and enjoyable. I'm not a connoisseur of tea, but do know that - for me - this hits the spot. I bought the 60-cup can.

4 Stars

loved the subtle flavor August 14, 2012


Bolton, CT

Loved the flavor, hard to get an accurate measure

5 Stars

Lovely Flavor July 25, 2012

KD Kline

Louisville, CO

This tea has a lovely, delicate flavor. My husband who doesn't drink tea, actually likes this one. What more can you say about a tea that is tasteful and full of antioxidents, catechins and polyphenol nutritional benefits

5 Stars

April 03, 2012


space coast, FL

This is my favorite tea. I have been ordering it for over 10 years from RoT. Just found the 10th Anniversary tea tin - Silver Needle! Note, if I brew a second cup, make sure to dry the leaves before using it again, or I have found it tastes "swampy." Wish they would go back to the old tim with the tea pot art work. I buy mine in bulk, so put in back in the old tin.

5 Stars

Smooth sailing. February 09, 2012


Denver, CO

Few teas can reduce the rough spots of a day as this tea can.

5 Stars

Sweet Mead January 16, 2012


Topeka, KS

Each sip of Silver Rain is like taking a long, sweet draught of refreshing mead. This tea has a natural, unique character that is a delight to the tastebuds.

5 Stars

December 07, 2011


So light and smells so good.

5 Stars

Can't Go Wrong November 05, 2011



It's absolutely true; if you're a fan of white tea, you just can't go wrong with this great leaf. After having a cup of this, it's hard to want a white tea with something added, just because it tastes so wonderful as-is.

5 Stars

A pretty, pretty tea July 26, 2011


San Francisco, CA

I love to give this tea as a gift because it is so pretty. The image on the tin is very close what the tea looks like and the flavor/color is just beautiful.

5 Stars

A lovely cuppa July 06, 2011



Slightly grassy, but in a subtler way than I often encounter with green tea. I've found that sweetening usually overpowers the tea, but why would you need to sweeten a cup so light? Delicious.

5 Stars

Outstanding flavor and scent !!! June 29, 2011

Wes H

Denver, CO

The flavor is light and citrusy. And what a bouquet. Just try it.