Surprise and delight

5 Stars Surprise and delight

from CA on wrote:

The tea has a soft, mellow, and rich flavor. It has light aromatic sense while being full bodied and delicate. Bottom line, this tea is a solid choice to wind down one’s evening.


5 Stars Memorable

from MI on wrote:

The flavor of Emperor's White tea is one that I think about and crave. The tea flavor is very mild but also very distinct and beneath it all there is a soft, sweet scent and taste; if tea were a flower it would smell like this. Still fantastic and unique. One of the best.



from NJ on wrote:

My sister introduced me to "REPUBLIC OF TEA", many, many, years ago from the Book store Borders, that's right they carried it at that time, I have loved it every since. The White Tea is my special, love it so much the memory stays with me , had to order a Book.

Emperor white tea

5 Stars Emperor white tea

from TX on wrote:

Excellent, light airy. Very enjoyable

Happy to have White Tea !!

5 Stars Happy to have White Tea !!

from WV on wrote:

White Tea is our favorite and it was VERY hard to find locally. The Republic of Tea was easy to get and buy online.

Love that it is light!

5 Stars Love that it is light!

from MA on wrote:

Very light, great for evening teatime.


5 Stars Perfect!

from CA on wrote:

I love white tea for the afternoon or evening. It is so low in caffeine that it doesn't keep me awake. This is just what you expect from a good quality white tea. It's light and wonderful. It will burn if you use water that is too hot or if you seep it for too long, but if you make it right it is perfect! I like it with a sugar cube, but I also like my tea sweet.

Very smooth tea!

5 Stars Very smooth tea!

from IL on wrote:

I love this tea. It's very smooth. I can drink it all day.

Smooth Tea

5 Stars Smooth Tea

from IL on wrote:

I really like this white tea. It is very smooth and has a nice aroma to it. I am glad I found Republic of tea!


5 Stars pure

from OH on wrote:

Truely enjoyed my cups of tea...delicate, fresh and smooth....pure heaven!

Good Quality White Tea

5 Stars Good Quality White Tea

from TX on wrote:

This tea had a nice smooth mild taste to it. Very good quality, especially compared to some that I've tried from other vendors. I will buy from this vendor again...and you should, too.

My Favorite Tea

5 Stars My Favorite Tea

from CA on wrote:

This is my favorite tea. I drink it at any time during the day or evening. The taste is interesting and complex without being overwhelming, and I find it very refreshing. It works well for me because I have a low tolerance for caffeine and I dislike fruity flavored teas. Try it if you enjoy basic, pure tea.

Mellow, late-night cup

4 Stars Mellow, late-night cup

from CA on wrote:

Sweet, pleasing herbaceous nose. Trickier to prepare than most teas -- mind the water temperature and the steeping time -- but it makes a sweetly fragrant, mellow cup. Pale straw in color. Vegetal flavors become more pronounced with longer steeping, and as these notes might seem to throw off the balance of flavors depending on one's taste, figuring out when to remove the tea bag is crucial. Experiment with steeping times to get the best out of this tea. Great low-caffeine choice for winding down late in the evening.

A simple lovely white tea

5 Stars A simple lovely white tea

from WI on wrote:

It is difficult to find a plan, simple white tea with no extras, but Republic of Tea has done it! This is my favorite tea, I always keep my kitchen stocked with it, and I consume between 6-8 bags per day. I bulk-order the 250-count version, now, since I was going through the 50-count cans too quickly. Sometimes I will add a bag of hibiscus to my mug if I feel like having a little kick of citrusey vitamin C flavor, but usually I use 2 bags in my travel mug. I love this tea!

Wind down the evening with this one

5 Stars Wind down the evening with this one

from WA on wrote:

Nice & light, super mellow. Perfect low caffeine tea and for when you don't want a lot of flavors twanging on your tongue.

Don't burn it with too hot water

5 Stars Don't burn it with too hot water

from SC on wrote:

Don't use boiling water. Let it cool off some. Hard to find simple pure white tea without extras.

My first experience with a white tea

4 Stars My first experience with a white tea

from IL on wrote:

This was my first experience with a white tea and I really love it. Very delicate, it is a great late night tea for me.

Weight Loss

Weight Loss

from CA on wrote:

I've heard that white tea helps aid in weight loss. I haven't seen any comments here about that with this tea. Is there a better tea for that purpose? Thanks for any responses.

Nice Light Tea

5 Stars Nice Light Tea

from FL on wrote:

Not ususally a tea drinker, but this is nice & light with no bitter taste. I'm converted.

The Best White Tea

5 Stars The Best White Tea

from PA on wrote:

This tea is all about the fragrance. It has a lovely floral bouquet and a lingering sweet finish. It is my favorite tea.

Very Enjoyable

5 Stars Very Enjoyable

from AL on wrote:

Lovely flavor. I usually drink Earl Greyer, but this is good change of taste.

My favorite tea

5 Stars My favorite tea

from TX on wrote:

I have been drinking this for a few years now and just love it. It is mild, but not too mild. As others have said, it is easy to over-steep, but I just pay attention to the color and take it out after a few minutes. Never stop offering this guys!

Best tea

5 Stars Best tea

from on wrote:

Great quality yet mild. I enjoy this tea every morning with lemon. This is my favorite and hope you never stop offering it.


5 Stars Relaxing

from DE on wrote:

Very good tea. Great tea with meal

Only one my husband keeps coming back to

5 Stars Only one my husband keeps coming back to

from WA on wrote:

I have introduce other white teas to my husband, but he keeps coming back to this one. He will occasionally request green tea,, but he is a white tea only person

Emperor's white tea

5 Stars Emperor's white tea

from MD on wrote:

This was a repeat purchase. This is my 'go-to' relaxation cuppa tea at the end of a stressful day. It is complex, yet light, full-bodied and soothing. What's not to love?

love this tea, and so good for you!

5 Stars love this tea, and so good for you!

from NJ on wrote:

Mild and delicious

Smooth and pleasant

4 Stars Smooth and pleasant

from MO on wrote:

A very light tea with a nice smooth taste. Goes very well with a light meal of fruit or a follow up to a nice dinner. Great for sipping.

It was ok

3 Stars It was ok

from MA on wrote:

A little too mild for me.

4 Stars

from NY on wrote:

I was looking for a white tea that I might like, so starting with the travel/sample tin of this seemed like the best place to start. I really like it a lot and would buy it again. But I may want to branch out and try some other white teas that sound good to me, first!


5 Stars AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!

from CA on wrote:

Emperor's White Tea is the purest, most crisp White Tea I have ever tasted!!! It has a very delicate, fruity overtone with an earthy finish. However,none of the flavors are too pervasive. My favorite from The Republic of Tea. Be careful though, it's very easy to over-steep this one. Best at 45 seconds. Enjoy!



from TX on wrote:

The scent alone is the lovelest ever! Absolutely delectable. I love it.