Tea Leaf Readings

5 Stars

Please bring this "ALL-TIME-FAV TEA BACK"!

Pittsburgh, PA

I've been drinking this tea since 2003! I've tried so many kinds of white teas and I always kept coming back to this one. It's so soothing and tasty, I look forward to have a cup of it everyday. PLEASE don't discontinue this wonderful tea! :'( This was literally the top-notch crown jewel in your white tea selection.

5 Stars

If you love honeydew, you'll love this tea!

Seffner, FL

I had been searching for a honeydew melon tea for the longest time before finding this; and it is perfect! It is a great, light tea with a light flavor - I love fruit teas but not the feeling that I'm drinking hot Koolade; and this is nothing like that. It's very energizing and absolutely delicious.

5 Stars

Delicious tea for waking up

Keswick, VA

I love this tea every morning as my wake-up drink. I order 250 bags at a time so I don't run out and to economize.

5 Stars

The House Favorite

Louisa, VA

This is my wife's favorite tea. I order the largest container I can to make sure we keep plenty on hand. A mild relaxing tea that is sure to please.

5 Stars

If you like Honeydew... You'll love this tea.

Alexandrai, AL

I ordered this on a whim. I love honeydew and I have never had honeydew tea before. I wasn't sure what to expect but

5 Stars

It tastes refreshing and heavenly!

Cerritos, CA

My husband and I are in love with this tea. The mellow flavor of honeydew blends well with the white tea. Not overpowering but pure heaven..

5 Stars

Great Tea

Columbia, MD

This is my favorite tea. Sweet and delicious!

5 Stars

What a lovely surprise

Chicago, IL

I had heard white teas were testy with brew time, can't get bad quickly. However, I have experienced nothing but pure bliss with this tea. The smell is amazing!! The flavor is light, refreshing, comforting, and just totally pleasant. I'm hooked and look forward to trying it as iced tea as well.

2 Stars

Didn;t care for this

Enoree, SC

I bought this tea to try my first white tea several years ago. I did not like it. It smelled great, but the taste was too bitter. I tried brewing it different lengths of time, but could not get it to a pleasing taste.

5 Stars

New Favorite

, NY

Normally I drink red tea due to the lack of caffeine, but I decided to allow myself a caffeine "treat" and ordered the Honeydew Melon White Tea. I'm so glad I did because this tea is wonderful. It smells great, has a nice, light mouth feel, and best of all it doesn't have an artificial taste like so many other fruit flavored teas. A perfect straight tea, no sweetener or creamer necessary. I will definitely order again.

5 Stars

A favorite, especially iced

, NY

Love this tea hot but especially cold. Very light and refreshing. I could make this by the gallon!

5 Stars

Best iced tea in the world

Boca Raton, FL

This is my favorite iced tea. It is so refreshing and light and tastes like fresh honeydew, not like the fake fruit flavor in most fruit teas. There are no words that can adequately describe how delicious this tea is. Well worth the price!

5 Stars

Great Tea

New York,

Lightly flavored with a fruity twist. I love teas that aren't as medicinal in taste yet still provide a soothing remedy to tumiltous day. Thank you for creating and sharing such goodness wth us of the Republic.

5 Stars

My Day Starter

Hector, MN

I love this tea. I received it as a present from a friend and have been hooked ever since. It is always a great start to my day, I drink it warm but recently made it iced and liked that also. I ordered a tin and a refill so I will have it all year long this year. Yeah! This is a great tea to share with a friend.

5 Stars

nashua, NH

This is my favorite tea by far. Came across it unexpectedly at a local shop and I was hooked. Unfortunately the no longer carry it so I have to feed my addiction by purchasing on-line (which really isn't a big deal). Can't wait till the summer when I will try it iced. Please do not EVER discontinue this flavor!!

5 Stars

Honeydew Heaven

Ringoes, NJ

Very fruit forward, this tea truly does taste EXACTLY like honeydew and summertime. If you love honeydew, this flavor will reward you with the best glass of iced tea you have ever had.

5 Stars

Pleasant Evening Finisher

, WI

A lovely, light and fresh nightime cup of calming comfort. I love this tea last thing in the evening. The honeydew flavor is an unexpected delight!

5 Stars

Tastes Just Like Honeydew!

valpo, IN

I've wanted to try this tea for years and finally treated myself to it. It is very fresh tasting and the honeydew flavor is spot-on. I steeped it for only a minute and did not find it to be bitter at all. I added a dab of wildflower honey because I like my tea on the sweeter side. It is definately going to be a staple in my tea collection from now on and I am anxious to try the other white teas. Don't get hung up on the price like I previously did, it is worth the money and very healthy for you!

5 Stars

A Surprising Wonderful Refreshing Flavor

St. Louis, MO

This is one of my favorite Republic of Tea flavors. I had tried every white tea by R of T over the past two years except this one. Although I like honeydew, the name just didn't entice me. I order frequently from R of T and on one of my orders, I thought 'I should at least try it once.' WOW. Along with Osmanthus Oolong, Pineapple Guava White, Honeydew Melon White is now in my top three teas! It is not 'odd' as I expected, but so refreshingly pleasant. So glad I finally tried it!

4 Stars

The smell of summer

Philadelphia, PA

Loved the smell !!!!! I have friends using it just to sit in their office , to make it smell nice LOL I found the white tea to have a little bitter after taste but overall I really enjoyed it

5 Stars

It's been 8 years

Pittsburgh, PA, PA

I've discovered this wonderful tea back in 2003 while exploring for new teas between the shelves of Wh**le F**ds. It was love at first sip! Since, I was so impressed I went back and purchased almost all other flavors of this series, but nothing matched this one. I still continue to try new teas all the time, and the varieties I stack up keeps changing. But this tea remains to be the crown jewel, just can't get bored of this soothing, lovely flavor. Not even in 8 years. One word: Recommended!

5 Stars

my favorite

, PA

my favorite for years.........never want to be without it as I drink it all year round.

5 Stars

Light & Refreshing

Desoto, MO

This is by far my favorite of all teas. Perfect for Summer - very light & refreshing tasting. I have about 20 cans of different flavored teas, and this is the one that I keep reaching for year after year. Try this on....you won't be disapointed!!!