its like drinking flowers

5 Stars its like drinking flowers

from TX on wrote:

this is so smooth it makes you feel relaxed just thinking of drinking it. One of my standbys, i love it


5 Stars SO GOOD

from MD on wrote:

I am deeply in the throes of a love affair with this tea! I even make iced tea out of it. It's divine!

My all-time favorite

5 Stars My all-time favorite

from CA on wrote:

My favorite tea. Nice, clean, pleasant taste with enough of a jasmine note that you KNOW you're having jasmine tea, but not bitter or overwhelming. Please never ever under any circumstances discontinue this tea!

Always a good choice.

5 Stars Always a good choice.

from TX on wrote:

A very nice soothing flavor. You can adjust the flavor by the length of brewing time. Will definitely buy more.

best tea ever!

5 Stars best tea ever!

from NH on wrote:

It is such a light refreshing taste that I crave it. I also like that I don't need milk or cream in it so I feel I'm helping to keep my calorie count down.


5 Stars Delightrul!!!

from MO on wrote:

A light, delicate tea. Very relaxing, eloquent tea. I drink a cup every morning to start my day off with a smooth start and a cup every evening to unwind from my stressful day. I drink green jasmine tea, as well. But this is my favorite tea ever and I am a tea expert..( in my opinion). It's my reward to myself everyday!

Best White Jasmine Tea

5 Stars Best White Jasmine Tea

from IL on wrote:

It's very hard to find White Jasmine Tea. Most Jasmine Teas are made with green tea. The taste is truly different between White and Green Teas. I enjoy both but White is my favorite. I actually found this one at Whole Foods Market. The aroma is wonderful and the taste exquisite. I truly recommend this tea for all tea connoisseurs.

Subtle and delicious

3 Stars Subtle and delicious

from CA on wrote:

More like 3.5 teapots. It's a wonderful jasmine tea, I just happen to like mine to have a stronger jasmine taste and smell. I would try steeping it longer - but steeping anything too long leads to a bitter flavor. I'll likely try the RoT's jasmine pearls to compare, but this one was very good.

The Best!!

5 Stars The Best!!

from CO on wrote:

This is hands down - the best- white jasmine tea anywhere. Subtle, flavorful and delicious.

Delicate Jasmine

5 Stars Delicate Jasmine

from MI on wrote:

I love jasmine tea, and by far this is the best I have ever had. It's delicate flavor and scent is a light sweet jasmine. It is a light tea, so if you like it heavier you may not like, or steeping longer might help. LOVE it

A special tea for relaxing moments

5 Stars A special tea for relaxing moments

from IN on wrote:

I have tried other Jasmine teas - none even approached the subtle elegance of this tea. I save this tea for quiet moments when I can relax and savor not only the taste, but the aroma. This is one that I will always have on my shelf.


5 Stars Elegant!!

from MO on wrote:

All of your teas are delicious, but I keep coming back to the White Asian Jasmine! It's been years now that I have been drinking this and when I serve it to others they often comment on how "elegant" it tastes! And it does!! marcia

The Best

5 Stars The Best

from CO on wrote:

Simply the best tea I have ever tasted!!

Subtle and Delicious

5 Stars Subtle and Delicious

from MA on wrote:

This tea is subtle and delicious in an understated way. I enjoy it any time of the day at home and at work. Delicious!

My Absolute Favorite

5 Stars My Absolute Favorite

from IL on wrote:

Absolutely the best jasmine flavor! I can't get my day started without a cup or two of this tea.

Wonderful cup of white tea!!

5 Stars Wonderful cup of white tea!!

from AR on wrote:

For the last few years I have enjoyed sipping this wonderful tea on a daily basis at home and at work. It has a subtle jasmine flavor that really compliments the white tea. Absolutely love it!!

We deserve only the best!

5 Stars We deserve only the best!

from LA on wrote:

The evening of a hard day becomes tranquil and fragrant with a steaming cup of white tea with jasmine. It offers the best of both worlds-- the best tea with the perfect floral complement pampers you and prepares you for sweet dreams.

This tea is REALLY powerfully jasmine

4 Stars This tea is REALLY powerfully jasmine

from TX on wrote:

This tea is REALLY powerfully jasmine - it took me by surprise. I accidentally steeped my first cup way too long and it wasn't very good. With the next cup, I steeped only about 1 minute and the tea was DELICIOUS! I give 4/5 just because I think there are better jasmine teas out there.

A Beautiful Cup

5 Stars A Beautiful Cup

from CA on wrote:

This is absolutely the most exquisite Jasmine Tea I have ever tasted. The Republic's use of White rather than Green Tea as the base for this blend allows for less distraction from the Jasmine notes and creates a subtler, yet surprisingly more aromatic blend. This is truly the Jasmine Lover's tea of teas. Best steeped for around 45-50 seconds. Another wonderful tea from The Republic.

My new favorite!

5 Stars My new favorite!

from TX on wrote:

The jasmine flavors are so subtle and so good! I love to make it iced mixed with green tea or into a hot tea latte.