3 Stars Weak

from CA on wrote:

This tea is so weak it's like drinking a cup of hot water. Smells nice though. Brewed as instructions describe. Tried steeping longer and it only tasted bitter. Wouldn't recommend for folks who like a tea with lots of flavor. For those who prefer a VERY mild taste to their tea, this might work.


4 Stars Smells DIVINE

from PA on wrote:

It is a true pleasure just to open the lid and breathe in the scent of this tea. And if you don't let it steep too long, it is delightful to drink. This is one of my favorites.

Aromatic and Flavorful

5 Stars Aromatic and Flavorful

from FL on wrote:

This was my first order from The Republic of Tea, and certainly won't be my last. The delicate white tea with the flavor and taste of vanilla and coconut is a wonderful treat!


4 Stars good

from CA on wrote:

This tea has a good flavor and is mild.

love it

5 Stars love it

from WI on wrote:

I love the taste of this tea. I brew it and then put some lemons in a gallon of water and drink it all day long. Ice tea..its so good.

Iced Teas

5 Stars Iced Teas

from KS on wrote:

I love your teas and I always make them into iced tea. They don't last a whole day in our home.

Listen to steeping instructions

5 Stars Listen to steeping instructions

from IN on wrote:

This was the first white tea I have tried and I loved it. I was steeping the second cup and was interrupted and it sat for about 10 minutes and it tasted bitter. The third cup steeped for 60 seconds and was wonderful! Love it!

Excellent Flavor

5 Stars Excellent Flavor

from CA on wrote:

I drink only white tea and my favorite flavor is vanilla. I DO love the taste of coconut but had never heard of a vanilla and coconut mixture until now. So I tried it -- and it was a GREAT choice. I have just placed my "refill" order!

One of my favorites.

5 Stars One of my favorites.

from TX on wrote:

Very relaxing, lightly flavored tea. Brew only one minute for best flavor. Will definitely buy more.

Flavorful Light Tea

5 Stars Flavorful Light Tea

from IL on wrote:

I like tea that is not overpowering and this one is wonderful. It has a unique delicate flavor. I'm glad I read the instructions and reviews since it only takes a minute to steep which avoids the bitterness noted by some. So glad I tried it!

Love this tea!

5 Stars Love this tea!

from CA on wrote:

Great flavor and aroma!

Smooth & refreshing

Smooth & refreshing

from AR on wrote:

I love the light flavors of coconut and vanilla in this white tea. I have found the best way to brew it to keep the tea's light taste from becoming bitter is to put a little cold water in the cup with the teabag and then poor in hot but not boiling water in and let steep for only 5 minutes. (For any green or white tea, they will become bitter if the water is boiling hot or it is steeped too long. Give this one a try if you like flavored tea or if you are learning to like tea for the health benefits.

Love this tea

5 Stars Love this tea

from WI on wrote:

I think this is my favorite Republic of Tea flavor. I love it!!

Wouldn't order again

1 Star Wouldn't order again

from OK on wrote:

This tea was terrible. I was really excited about the reviews I had read and I love anything vanilla... But this white tea is awful. It turns bitter so fast - I brewed my tea in barely hot water for only a minute, and it is already bitter. Also the smell reminds me of cough syrup. No hint of coconut. Flavor is also that way, it almost seems like I've poured in terrible vanilla extract in it or something, with alcohol-y taste. Would not recommend it.

5 Stars

from on wrote:



5 Stars Decadent

from WI on wrote:

This tea tastes fantastic! The vanilla with the subtle scent and taste of coconut is a perfect combination and never fails to make me feel pampered. I never want to be without this fabulous tea.

Like drinking dessert

5 Stars Like drinking dessert

from SD on wrote:

I tried this tea just to try a white tea. It is very light in color, fragrance and taste. It has a hint of vanilla and coconut which makes the tea sweet. I like to drink this as a dessert tea. I will say it takes getting used to when you're used to drinking strong black teas.


5 Stars LOVED IT!

from WI on wrote:

I really enjoyed this tea! It's my first experience with a white tea and I was pleasantly surprised. It is a subtle tea, but the hints of coconut and vanilla are very distinct and add a nice touch. I highly recommend!

great tea

5 Stars great tea

from on wrote:

as this is my first white tea, i really didn't know what to expect. being an avid drinker of black and heavier green teas, i was a little worried i wouldn't be able to detect the subtle notes in a white, and i was right: to an extent. it took a few sips and i had to look for it, but sure enough the coconut and vanilla notes were there. the white tea itself comes through slightly, definately a very subdued and delicate feel compared to what i am used to (mostly darjeeling and jasmine). however, once you find those notes, you will in no way regret this purchase. definately a great night tea to have after dinner to close the day.

Good Taste

4 Stars Good Taste

from TN on wrote:

This tea was smooth, with a good taste. I added a bit of honey once just to change the taste. I even used my tea bag more than once--still good.


5 Stars Delicious

from on wrote:

I like this tea because it is not bitter and it has a slight sweetness from the coconut and vanilla flavorings. The flavor is not too strong though,and great for people who may not like traditional black and green teas.

Tastes better than it smells

3 Stars Tastes better than it smells

from NM on wrote:

Not what I expected.

It's tasty

4 Stars It's tasty

from WA on wrote:

As a fan of the orange blossom white tea I had to try the vanilla coconut. I do like it. Not sure what it is that is so tasty, but it's there and I will definitely order more when I get close to the end of this tin. However, I will also continue to drink the orange blossom white as's equally good. So try both...and just alternate...


3 Stars Disappointed

from VT on wrote:

I have bought and enjoyed several different Republic of Tea brand teas and loved them all. This tea combines my two favorite flavors and I was very excited to try it but disappointed when I tasted how bitter it is. I thought maybe I steeped it for too long the first time, so I tried it again for less time than suggested and it was still bitter. I tried using 2 bags for a very short amount of time and was still not satisfied with the flavor. I haven't had to use sweeteners in any of the other teas I've tried (hibiscus coconut, various chocolate teas, caramel apple) so I wouldn't expect this one to be any different. The vanilla is more pronounced than the coconut, so perhaps if there was a tad bit more coconut the flavor would be right.

My new favorite tea!

5 Stars My new favorite tea!

from on wrote:

This is a mild, delicious tea that makes you feel as though you are engaging in pure decadence. The rich flavor is enhanced with a dash of milk, but is also delightful as is.



from WA on wrote:

It has become a tradition in our house to drink your Vanilla Coconut White Tea every evening as we unwind from our busy lives. It helps us to stay grounded and not let the world around us consume the precious time we have to enjoy life and the many pleasures it brings. One of the pleasures is your tea.

Love this tea, the aroma is very soothing.

5 Stars Love this tea, the aroma is very soothing.

from IL on wrote:

the taste is just right, steeped only a few minutes.

Very good flavor

5 Stars Very good flavor

from WI on wrote:

This tea has a wonderful flavor. I love it. I would highly recommend it!


5 Stars Yummy!

from WI on wrote:

Excellent flavor and it smells so good. Love this tea!

Makes my day

5 Stars Makes my day

from on wrote:

Smooth and satisfying, light flavor, no bitterness.

Amazing Iced!!

5 Stars Amazing Iced!!

from NE on wrote:

First off I want to compliment this company on their extremely FAST shipping. I placed an order on Thursday afternoon and it arrived Saturday morning! Very impressed! As far as the tea goes, I ordered several and this was the first I tried. I haven't tried it hot yet, but over ice it was incredible! The vanilla is definitely stronger than the coconut flavor, but the coconut seems to hit your tongue after you sip. Absolutely LOVE this tea and expect it to become a staple in my house.

My Favorite

5 Stars My Favorite

from MA on wrote:

I've been drinking this tea for years and it is my favorite no matter what the season. It's light and the vanilla and coconut flavors mingle perfectly!


4 Stars Fantabulus!!!

from MI on wrote:

I absolutely love this tea. It is delicate, and just sweet enough. The vanilla comes through with just the right amount. I would have to say that it could handle a bit more of the coconut flavor, as it is very subtle. All in all it is a very pleasing tea, even if the coconut is faint.

Light and fresh

4 Stars Light and fresh

from MI on wrote:

A very nice, light tea with vanilla and coconut flavor. However the vanilla tends to overpower the coconut. Still very good.

Another homerun

5 Stars Another homerun

from SD on wrote:

A soothing cuppa pure joy

Very NIce Combination!

5 Stars Very NIce Combination!

from CA on wrote:

Aromatic and light, nice blending of vanilla and coconut...neither overpowers the other. A tea I think I'll be drinking frequently!

Solid product

5 Stars Solid product

from GA on wrote:

A bold vanilla flavor with understated coconut notes that are enhanced by the vanilla. A light breath of fresh air. I could sip this all day long...

Best Batch Yet

5 Stars Best Batch Yet

from CA on wrote:

I've been purchasing this tea for a few years from various stores. This 50 tea bag refill I just received is the freshest & best since I've been drinking it. I like adding one of these tea bags to my brewed pot of Teeccino vanilla nut (coffee substitute) for the antioxidants of the white tea.

The One That Started It All

5 Stars The One That Started It All

from on wrote:

This is the one that made me a Republic of Team groupie. It doesn't really taste like coconut. It's more of a unique vanilla taste.

Light, Nice

4 Stars Light, Nice

from on wrote:

Yes, the tea is very light in taste, but it is white tea. I found the coconut and vanilla were enhanced with appropriate temperatures but a slightly longer brewing time - about 2 minutes, which is still fine for white tea as long as the water is not too hot. Honey or agave nectar definitely brings out the coconut and vanilla flavors well.

4 Stars

from GA on wrote:

not as much of a coconut flavor as I expected. It's good...but would have liked a more coconut taste to it

5 Stars

from NV on wrote:

Perfect for the coconut lovers! Delicious and distinct coconut flavor with a hint of vanilla. Wonderful served hot or cold.