Love this white tea!

5 Stars Love this white tea!

from MI on wrote:

I enjoy the "Ginger Peach" line of teas. I use all of these teas and have the White Tea Ginger Peach in the evening after dinner. It's light and refreshing with fruit and I'm not worried about caffeine. overload!

Great tea

4 Stars Great tea

from GA on wrote:

Could use a little more strength of peach flavor but otherwise is excellent.

Flavor is too strong

3 Stars Flavor is too strong

from CA on wrote:

I love white tea. All I have had of white tea is from Republic of Tea so far. I love the emperor's white tea, and also really like the pineapple guava white tea, and orange blossom white tea. So, you can be assured that I know how to brew a delicate white tea correctly without burning the leaves to get that bitter taste. I probably like all three of these equally, they are so wonderful. I also really like the ginger peach black tea. So, when I was purchasing a custom sampler pack of tea bags, I picked the ginger peach white tea as one for me to try. The ginger peach white tea is fine, but the ginger peach flavor is too strong. It overpowers the white tea flavor so all I taste is the ginger peach flavor. So, overall it was just okay: good enough for me to drink both the two sample tea bags I had, but I would not purchase again.

Wonderful when made correctly

4 Stars Wonderful when made correctly

from CA on wrote:

My son and I venture to try many flavors of tea. We love this one when made as directed but if the water starts to actually boil the flavor changes significantly. It is one of our favorites overall.

Refreshing deliciousness...

5 Stars Refreshing deliciousness...

from FL on wrote:

Morning (before breakfast), afternoon (Tea Break!), and evening (a delicious way to unwind and relax)...this tea is enjoyed sip by sip.

Simply the best

5 Stars Simply the best

from TX on wrote:

Totally refreshing!

Overwhelming scent

1 Star Overwhelming scent

from PA on wrote:

Oh my goodness, this one gave me a headache. Peach is one of my favorite scents and flavors, which is why I chose this. Yet even for me, a peach lover, there was WAY too much peach scent. It was like concentrated air freshener. Couldn't enjoy the tea. I love several other flavors from Republic of Tea, and will continue to buy those, but not this one.

Not impressed

3 Stars Not impressed

from RI on wrote:

I wish I had the experience of other reviewers but I find the taste of this tea so subtle that it's bland. I started out making iced tea with it and it was just boring and tasteless. It is somewhat better hot and maybe it will grow on me, but it certainly hasn't wowed me.

Wonderful Tea!!

5 Stars Wonderful Tea!!

from MN on wrote:

Wow. This tea is wonderful. At first I didn't care for it much, but after only two cups I started craving it. It's such a smooth and mellow tea that makes you feel good inside.

Just delicious!

5 Stars Just delicious!

from VT on wrote:

A most delicious tea. One of my favorites. I also enjoy great service from this company. All around a wonderful experience.

Ginger Peach White Tea

5 Stars Ginger Peach White Tea

from MA on wrote:

I love how light this tea is. The peach flavor is great for summer. I can't wait to try it iced!

Lovely Tea

5 Stars Lovely Tea

from MD on wrote:

I was a "dedicated coffee drinker". Now I am a dedicated tea drinker. I love the way I feel and the health benefits I get from drinking this tea. It took a little adjusting but now I prefer my Ginger Peach White Tea as my morning drink.

A.M. Favorite

5 Stars A.M. Favorite

from MD on wrote:

I am delighted with this tea. I am replacing my morning coffee with this pleasant beverage. It gives me a lift and gets me going. It's good for me. What a treat!

Very Good!

5 Stars Very Good!

from KY on wrote:

This is a delicious tea. I chose to have it iced. It was nice and peachy without being overwhelmed. I did not taste the ginger but still a great tea!


5 Stars Lovely

from NY on wrote:

Could use more peach flavor but I love how the taste develops with each infusion. Lovely.

from MA on wrote:

Es un te suave, refrescante con una aroma deliciosa, para tomar a cualquier hora del día. (Spanish)

Most Favorite

5 Stars Most Favorite

from MN on wrote:

Have been drinking this tea for over 3 years. I purchase it in the bulk bags. It can be re-infused. It makes wonderful iced tea. I try and have a few bags in my purse. I enjoy all the ginger peach flavored teas. Thanks for offering such a fine flavored tea.

smooth and sweet

5 Stars smooth and sweet

from TN on wrote:

I've been hearing the benefits of white tea. I must say...this is delicious. It's light and sweet. Very nice complement to any day.


5 Stars worthy

from FL on wrote:

Flavor and aroma that seems to grow on you. Holds up well to several infusions.

My favorite tea

5 Stars My favorite tea

from MD on wrote:

This is my new favorite tea! Bright peach flavor, subtle ginger: perfect balance. And with white tea, I can drink all I want because of the tiny amount of caffeine. I love it!!!

Subtly delicious

5 Stars Subtly delicious

from NJ on wrote:

I love the clean, light peach flavor of this tea. It is one of my favorites and I choose it often!


5 Stars Delightful

from NC on wrote:

Very nice can be enjoyed all day long. I love the combination of flavors.

Ginger Peach White Tea

5 Stars Ginger Peach White Tea

from MD on wrote:

Afternoon Ginger Peach White Tea is my favorite part of the day. Light but infinitely flavorful. A+++

My absolute favorite

5 Stars My absolute favorite

from TX on wrote:

I love all the ginger-peach teas offered by the Republic, but this one is the best--restful, calming, subtle.

A Favorite Tea

5 Stars A Favorite Tea

from DE on wrote:

My daughter does not usually drink tea, but she loves Ginger Peach. And I do, as well.


5 Stars BEST TEA

from PA on wrote:

Best tea ever. So delicate but something to look forward to.


5 Stars delicious!

from CA on wrote:

subtle flavor, needs no sugar. great for relaxing at study time.