Tea Leaf Readings

5 Stars

Wonderful Tea!! October 20, 2014


Wabasso, MN

Wow. This tea is wonderful. At first I didn't care for it much, but after only two cups I started craving it. It's such a smooth and mellow tea that makes you feel good inside.

5 Stars

Just delicious! October 06, 2014


Vermont, VT

A most delicious tea. One of my favorites. I also enjoy great service from this company. All around a wonderful experience.

5 Stars

Ginger Peach White Tea July 21, 2014


Lakeville, MA

I love how light this tea is. The peach flavor is great for summer. I can't wait to try it iced!

5 Stars

Lovely Tea June 01, 2014


W Friendship, MD

I was a "dedicated coffee drinker". Now I am a dedicated tea drinker. I love the way I feel and the health benefits I get from drinking this tea. It took a little adjusting but now I prefer my Ginger Peach White Tea as my morning drink.

5 Stars

A.M. Favorite April 17, 2014


West Friendship, MD

I am delighted with this tea. I am replacing my morning coffee with this pleasant beverage. It gives me a lift and gets me going. It's good for me. What a treat!

5 Stars

Very Good! March 28, 2014


She, KY

This is a delicious tea. I chose to have it iced. It was nice and peachy without being overwhelmed. I did not taste the ginger but still a great tea!

5 Stars

Lovely April 07, 2013


Brooklyn, NY

Could use more peach flavor but I love how the taste develops with each infusion. Lovely.

January 29, 2013


, MA

Es un te suave, refrescante con una aroma deliciosa, para tomar a cualquier hora del día. (Spanish)

5 Stars

Most Favorite December 29, 2012


Brainerd, MN

Have been drinking this tea for over 3 years. I purchase it in the bulk bags. It can be re-infused. It makes wonderful iced tea. I try and have a few bags in my purse. I enjoy all the ginger peach flavored teas. Thanks for offering such a fine flavored tea.

5 Stars

smooth and sweet December 15, 2012



I've been hearing the benefits of white tea. I must say...this is delicious. It's light and sweet. Very nice complement to any day.

5 Stars

worthy December 11, 2012


palm valley, FL

Flavor and aroma that seems to grow on you. Holds up well to several infusions.

5 Stars

My favorite tea December 06, 2012


Annapolis, MD

This is my new favorite tea! Bright peach flavor, subtle ginger: perfect balance. And with white tea, I can drink all I want because of the tiny amount of caffeine. I love it!!!

5 Stars

Subtly delicious October 04, 2012


Woodbridge, NJ

I love the clean, light peach flavor of this tea. It is one of my favorites and I choose it often!

5 Stars

Delightful September 06, 2012

Elaine Burnett

Candler, NC

Very nice can be enjoyed all day long. I love the combination of flavors.

5 Stars

Ginger Peach White Tea July 11, 2012

Susan R

Ellicott City, MD

Afternoon Ginger Peach White Tea is my favorite part of the day. Light but infinitely flavorful. A+++

5 Stars

My absolute favorite March 18, 2012


Brenham , TX

I love all the ginger-peach teas offered by the Republic, but this one is the best--restful, calming, subtle.

5 Stars

A Favorite Tea December 29, 2011

, DE

My daughter does not usually drink tea, but she loves Ginger Peach. And I do, as well.

5 Stars

BEST TEA December 08, 2011



Best tea ever. So delicate but something to look forward to.

5 Stars

delicious! November 02, 2011


San Diego, CA

subtle flavor, needs no sugar. great for relaxing at study time.