5 Stars WHY?

from NY on wrote:

Why is this discontinued?? I just ran out of mine and am so disappointed to see that it is no longer an option. Please bring it back!

Please bring my cherry back

5 Stars Please bring my cherry back

from CA on wrote:

I have been drinking this tea (when I can find it) for years. It is my favorite tea of all time. I use it very sparingly and now am down to my last tea bag. Life is not worth living without my cherry tea. very sad.


5 Stars Unbelievable!!

from NH on wrote:

This is 2nd tea (my favorites) that has been discontinued. I'm extremely disappointed. This tea has high star rating, so please bring it back!!

Please bring this flavor back

5 Stars Please bring this flavor back

from IL on wrote:

Was my favorite for iced tea! :(


5 Stars WHAT???????

from IN on wrote:

I can't believe you have discontinued this tea. It is my ALL TIME FAVORITE. Please bring this tea back. It is what keeps me coming to your website.

Please bring this back

5 Stars Please bring this back

from IL on wrote:

I love this tea. Please bring it back! The other cherry teas just aren't the same.

You CAN'T be serious!

5 Stars You CAN'T be serious!

from VA on wrote:

I read the word DISCONTINUED with great disappointment. This is a superb tea with more body than my next favorite cherry tea, the Spring Cherry (sencha). It is subtle, alluring and just enormously satisfying. The last time I ordered, it was only available as loose leaf and that made an even MORE spectacular cup of goodness. Please consider bringing it back.


5 Stars Discontinued....NO!

from TX on wrote:

This is my very favorite tea!!! I'm very sad it is being discontinued. Will you please bring it back!!!

Please don't discontinue this!

5 Stars Please don't discontinue this!

from on wrote:

This is my absolute favorite tea for iced green tea. The slight tartness of of the acerola cherry makes this extremely refreshing, when iced. The acerola cherry is also a super fruit strong in anti-oxidents and very good for you. Everyone I have served it to loves it, so I do not understand its 4* rating. Please, bring it back, at least as an iced tea!



from NY on wrote:

Fantastic! Great "true" cherry taste!

excellent tea!

5 Stars excellent tea!

from TX on wrote:

The cherry flavor increases my overall sense of well being and I will continue to order from Republic of Tea as needed. Item was received as ordered in a timely manner.

YUM - My favorite iced tea!

5 Stars YUM - My favorite iced tea!

from on wrote:

This tea is so refreshing and delicious, it quickly became my favorite iced tea. The yummy flavor and slight tartness is really thirst quenching. Also, thank you, Republic of Tea, for your reasonable international shipping charge. I could not continue to enjoy your tea without it!

One of my faves!!

5 Stars One of my faves!!

from TX on wrote:

I purchased the 6 bag traveler compact two weeks ago. I love the idea of sampling the flavor before committing into buying the big container. The flavor is incredible. I have only tried it hot, and actually I brewed 5 cups with the same bag, before the flavor was too mild to even notice. This is definitely a keeper!!

Flavorful Tea!

5 Stars Flavorful Tea!

from IL on wrote:

I purchased samples for a friend who is teaching English in France. She has a tea room for students, and chose this as one of her favorites, so a bulk 250 teabag package is returning to France with her this month!

The best tea from republic of tea!

5 Stars The best tea from republic of tea!

from DE on wrote:

A cup of fruity cherry green tea is the best! My local store stopped carrying this flavor and Panic set in. I just ordered 250 bags and if Republic of tea ever tries to discontinue this I will riot in the streets!

Great tea!

Great tea!

from IN on wrote:

Great tea! Have been using it for a couple of years. Local stores no longer carry this one so I am able to order here. Wonderful flavor! Usually arrives within two days or ordering. Republic of Tea rocks!

My very favorite green tea!

5 Stars My very favorite green tea!

from AZ on wrote:

I first tasted this tea at my sister in laws house and immediately fell in love with the aroma and flavor of this tea. Originally I was able to find it locally, but many stores are no longer carrying it. I was dismayed! Thankfully I found it online and now am able to enjoy this wonderful blend again.

Simply Delicious

5 Stars Simply Delicious

from MD on wrote:

if you love cherries, than you will love this tea.

One of my favs

5 Stars One of my favs

from on wrote:

This is one of my favorite teas!!!



from IN on wrote:

My Dad and I both loved this tea. I bought it last year as a gift to my Dad and some for myself. I bought it for him this year too!

5 Stars

from OR on wrote:

Very delicate cherry flavor, like drinking a fresh breeze.

Delicious! :)

5 Stars Delicious! :)

from IL on wrote:

Just tried this at a friend's house and love it! Subtle cherry flavor is delicious. Smells amazing as well. My new favorite. :)