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Where is the Gogi Raspberry Green Tea?

2 Stars Where is the Gogi Raspberry Green Tea?

from MI on wrote:

This Goji Berry Green is not the same as the Gogi Raspberry Green Tea. It does not taste as good as the Raspberry Green Tea. Please bring back Gogi Raspberry Green Tea!

Great hot or iced

5 Stars Great hot or iced

from AK on wrote:

I have been using this for iced tea, either alone or with the Immunity or Energy green teas. It is delicious and refreshing, and my coffee-loving husband loves it.

No one ever guesses my true age

5 Stars No one ever guesses my true age

from TX on wrote:

I've been drinking 2-4 cups of this tea every day for years! I put cranberry juice in it, which makes it delicious and even better for me. I swear by it, and recommend it to anyone who wants to be truly healthy. My massage therapist thought I was in my late 30's. Nope, I'm 50 years old.

Berry Flavorful

5 Stars Berry Flavorful

from TX on wrote:

Tastes tart sweet which is perfect for me. I like to add this to iced cranberry juice for breakfast

Wonderfully refreshing

5 Stars Wonderfully refreshing

from WI on wrote:

I love this as iced tea. It's wonderfully refreshing and thirst quenching.


5 Stars Raspberry

from MI on wrote:

I think this will make a nice summer iced tea. Yum


5 Stars Delicious

from OH on wrote:

Best tea out of several I have tried. Best with ice and sugar or honey! :)

Goji Raspberry Green Tea

5 Stars Goji Raspberry Green Tea

from MD on wrote:

It is by far the best green tea I have tasted. It is fruity and smooth. Love it. You will too.

A Bit of Nip

5 Stars A Bit of Nip

from CA on wrote:

The gentleness of green tea combined with the tartness of red raspberries plus the challenge of goji make this an ideal "top 'o the morning" sip.

A wonderful sipping tea!

5 Stars A wonderful sipping tea!

from OH on wrote:

A wonderful sipping tea that tastes as good as it smells. I enjoy drinking this one during a break in the afternoon. Allows me to relax with a "zing" for a pick-up.

Great Tea

5 Stars Great Tea

from CA on wrote:

An Incredible Tea Very Tasty and Smells Marvelous thank you very much

Love at first sip!

5 Stars Love at first sip!

from OH on wrote:

This tea is among my top five favorites. I love that it is such a versatile tea! It makes a refreshing iced tea for hot summer days, and yet is the perfect hot cuppa on a cold winter's day.

It's My Favorite<3

5 Stars It's My Favorite<3

from CA on wrote:

I have been drinking Goji Raspberry Green Tea for several years now. It was becoming hard to find in stores in my area. I was so happy that I called the number on the can. I found out I could order online. Thanks!


5 Stars Stimulating

from IL on wrote:

I started to brew this this instead of coffee, and it not only gives me a kick in the morning in a subtle way it also fills my car with great aroma. I love the sweet smell of this tea, its very good.


5 Stars LOVE GOGI!

from FL on wrote:

I absolutely LOVE gogi tea! I wish this was just gogi though! this tea is wonderful and flavorful, but I personally think the gogi can stand on its own. I used to purchase gogi tea from another company but they discontinued it. Whenever I brewed that gogi tea it filled the whole house with a wonderful aroma that everyone loved! The gogi in this tea is rather weak, but still wonderful. I took some to the quilt shop to share with friends and they all LOVED this Gogi Raspberry tea. Reordering today! also would love to have it in a bulk tea.


5 Stars Delicious

from CA on wrote:

My FAVORITE tea!!! It smells great and tastes great.

Very Tasty!!

5 Stars Very Tasty!!

from NC on wrote:

When this tea was steeping, I swear the smell reminded me of picking ripe raspberries right off the bush and eating them! When I started drinking it, I was not disappointed with the flavor. You can definitely taste both the raspberry and the goji berry. Got the travel tin to do a taste test..I will definitely be keeping this one in my cabinet as a staple!

The Best Tea I ever Drank

5 Stars The Best Tea I ever Drank

from OH on wrote:

It's the best tea, it's smooth, and refreshing, I always drink it lukewarm, I put two tearounds in bottle water along with agave syrup, I drink it every day.

Refreshing Goji Raspberry Green Tea

5 Stars Refreshing Goji Raspberry Green Tea

from CA on wrote:

when I am in need of a cup of soothing, refreshing tea, I turn to Goji Raspberry Green Tea. It doesn't hurt that raspberry is my ultimate favorite flavor, but this tea just makes the statement that you have just taken the weight off your shoulders in a giant "Ahhhh!" You also get the benefit of the green tea, so it supresses your appetite when you need a little extra help and time.

Amazing Flavor

5 Stars Amazing Flavor

from WA on wrote:

Purchased the travel tin of this one to give it a try. Have been wanting to drink more green tea for the health benefits. I was pleasantly surprised. The berry flavor is delicious! Hot or cold. I will be buying larger the larger size and it will have a permanent spot on my tea shelf.

Goji no

3 Stars Goji no

from CA on wrote:

bitter and I tasted no raspberry in it at all!!

Coffee Lover

5 Stars Coffee Lover

from CA on wrote:

I've never found a tea that I've liked-I'm a total coffee drinker. BUT this tea is amazing!! It goes down smooth and it doesn't have a bitter after taste like many teas do. You can buy it at Mother's. I like to add a little stevia sweetener to mine.

Great Stuff!

5 Stars Great Stuff!

from FL on wrote:

This is great tea and knowing it's good for me too is a bonus! It's like a potato chip; you can't have just one cup!

4 Stars

from TX on wrote:

Nice taste, although I was expecting the raspberry to come through more. Very good either hot or cold.

5 Stars

from VA on wrote:

Delicious and refreshing. I look forward to savoring my cup of Goji Raspberry Green Tea everyday.

Reminds me of summer

5 Stars Reminds me of summer

from VT on wrote:

This Goji Raspberry Green Tea reminds me of summer. It enhances the flavor of a raspberry pie.



from IL on wrote:


Trying a change

4 Stars Trying a change

from WA on wrote:

I wanted something different from the Pomegranate Green Tea and this is what I tried. I do like this tea - it gives me what I want, the Superfruit Tea, but as a nice alternative to Pomegranate.

New hot tea drinker

5 Stars New hot tea drinker

from TN on wrote:

This tea is amazing! I just recently started drinking hot tea and this is my favorite, My husband and I have been trying to quit drinking cokes, and this has been my way of quitting!

My go to tea

5 Stars My go to tea

from MI on wrote:

I love this as iced tea, drinking many glasses each day.

A change for the better

5 Stars A change for the better

from CA on wrote:

We received our first canister as a gift. After enjoying it hot, we made a pitcher of iced tea. We now have the chilled tea year-round and no longer drink any sodas.



from GA on wrote:

Just as advertised! I had never been fond of Goji, but this combination has turned me into a fan! PERFECT!

5 Stars

from CT on wrote:

I love this tea in the afternoon and also it is delicious iced. Thanks Republic of Tea..

Full fun flavor

5 Stars Full fun flavor

from on wrote:

Very nice full flavor. Sweet as is.


4 Stars hmmmm

from AR on wrote:

Mostly Cranberry and raisin taste, did not taste the raspberry at all. Overall I was pleased with this tea. The kids love it!

Best flavor

5 Stars Best flavor

from CA on wrote:

sweet without sugar

It's Ok

3 Stars It's Ok

from on wrote:

A Fruity Tasting Tea with a long finish.

Love This

5 Stars Love This

from MI on wrote:

I always have a pitcher of this handy. One of the few teas I can drink without sweetners.

4 Stars

from TX on wrote:

Very, very nice tea! I do not usually drink tea bag tea, but this tea, sweetened with a tiny bit of orange blossom honey, is a sublime delight. 4 1/2 teapots!

My Favorite!

5 Stars My Favorite!

from CO on wrote:

I was getting this tea in town, but recently the store stopped carrying it! So I just came on the website to buy it in bulk. I tried the same tea in the Lipton brand and it was not even close to the same quality! I defiantly recommend this tea to anyone who enjoys a good Green tea blend! It's my favorite!!

Beautiful Container

5 Stars Beautiful Container

from FL on wrote:

Great container, will be giving this tea as a gift.

Good For You & It Tastes Great!

5 Stars Good For You & It Tastes Great!

from IL on wrote:

I love this tea! have been buying another brand of the same flavors, i like Republic's much better! I have enjoyed Republic of Tea's products over the years, and this one is great! So glad I refound you!

Delicious and calming

5 Stars Delicious and calming

from CA on wrote:

Perfect for a rainy day that needs a bit of sunshine.

Go With Goji Raspberry Green Tea!!

5 Stars Go With Goji Raspberry Green Tea!!

from MD on wrote:

I don't particularly like the taste of plain green tea, but appreciate that it is a healthy addition to my diet. I tried this tea even though it was more expensive than what I normally pay. What a surprise---it's wonderful and I look forward to my nightly cup of Goji Raspberry green tea.

Lots of flavor.

5 Stars Lots of flavor.

from FL on wrote:

I'm not sure what goji is but love this tea! It's nice and hearty and is great hot of cold.