Tea Leaf Readings

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Helpful June 01, 2014


Beach Lake, PA

Tongs are very handy not only for getting tea bags out of cups but for getting toast out of the slots, getting pickle slices out of the jar,etc. I do wish they were a little longer as I usually use a large travel cup even at home and the tongs are a little short to retrieve the bag at the bottom of the cup

4 Stars

Love Them!! December 03, 2013

Devon Bell

Saint Louis, MO

These are great and keep my fingers out of the boiling water!! Also gave them as gifts along with tea cup and your great holiday tea!

Different Opinion August 29, 2013


Wilmington, DE

When I first received the tea tongs I didn't appereciate them until I had used them for a while. They are very sturdy despite their appearance. Now I love them and use them not only for tea, but for taking toast out of the toaster. I've ordered 3 more for friends.

2 Stars

Declining quality April 14, 2013


Tampa, FL

These have always been handy to have and I've loved to pass them out to tea-drinking friends, but the last two times I've ordered them (as gifts and extras to keep on hand), they've not come in the wraps they previously came in. They also seem to be cheaper and more flimsy than before, too. All in all, I'm rather disappointed in the CURRENT product, but the tongs that were offered several years ago were outstanding.

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December 30, 2012



5 Stars

So useful! December 06, 2012


Hinsdale, IL

These are so handy to have around for getting tea bags out of a mug or tea pot. It's held up great, except for when my husband knocked his off his desk and someone else stepped on it :-)

2 Stars

Disappointed November 19, 2012


Wilmington, DE

I was looking forward to receiving this, but was disappointed in the quality. It was very thin and flimsy and was split at the ends. I would be willing to pay a little more for one that was better quality.

5 Stars

Very useful! March 29, 2012


Auberry, CA

This tongs are great! Very useful and much better to use than a spoon for the stringless Republic tea bags. I will be purchasing more for gifts. Wonderful product and a good price!

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Love these! March 12, 2012

Lori L

Tucson, AZ

I never noticed these tongs until recently, but I am really enjoying using them to get the tea bag out of the mug. I can drain more water off the bag than if I use a spoon. The price is great!

3 Stars

Useful but..... January 30, 2012


Scappoose, OR

I use these for all kinds of stuff, but I find them too narrow for efficiently retreiving tea bags. I wish they were twice as wide so the tea could be gently squeezed out reducing dripping when the bag is removed.

1 Star

Poor quality product December 26, 2011


tucson, AZ

The bamboo tongs were of poor quality. The first one the bamboo was splitting on both ends and the replacement one also had the same problem on one end. Before sending the 2nd one, it should have been inspected before shipping it to avoid the same problem. I contacted customer service regarding the issue and promptly received a refund as per my request.

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Perfect tool for tea bags November 12, 2011


Jacksonville, FL

I bought one for myself and then another for my daughter.

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Very handy and keeps things tidy! October 22, 2011

Laura C Neff

Charlotte, NC

Admit it...we've all grimaced as we reached down into our mug to pluck the cold, used-up tea bag out of the bottom. With these little tongs, those days are gone! I keep a few sets around, so they're always within easy reach.

5 Stars

the best tea tool September 17, 2011


jackson, NJ

This is by far my fave tool for tea. It is so perfect for taking the tea bag out of the hot water and squeezing the tea bag..easy, not messy, the perfect size and no burned fingers.