Tea Leaf Readings

5 Stars

Love My Teapot

Birdsboro, PA

I love my new teapot. My other glass one broke. I like the idea of the press to stop the brewing. My other one didn't do that. It also makes twice as much tea as my other one and I can still use the glass trivet with tea candle to keep the pot hot from the old teapot. The clean up is a breeze too. Dishwasher safe, but I still prefer to wash it by hand. I am a happy tea sipper again.

5 Stars

assam teapot/British Breakfast Tea

Lake City, SC

The combination of this type of tea pot and this loose tea is fabulous! I chose the British Breakfast tea because I wanted a full bodied tea and it delivered. If you've never used a tea press like this you will be amazed how clear and wonderful the tea will taste. Plus this company delivered faster than any other I've used. Happy Happy!

4 Stars

Very nice design

West Palm Beach, FL

Perfect size for several cups of tea. Good size basket allows for plenty of tea, or bulkier blends. My only quibble (and it is a small one) is that the plunger does not glide very well. Hard to push in, and hard to pull up. Perhaps it will loosen up over time. I would definitely buy this pot again.

Great Tea Pot

Fairbanks , AK

My husband & I love this tea pot we have tea in it every single morning. Very well made!

5 Stars

Tea pot

Fairbanks, AK

I love this tea pot, it's so nice to make a pot of tea at a time & be able to share some tea with my wonderful husband. Give's us each two cups of tea.

5 Stars

Great for beginners

Marion, IN

I am fairly new to the tea scene, but really wanted to find something that would not discourage me from steeping any kind of tea. In the past, I have always shied away from the loose leaf teas, mainly because I had no idea as to how to properly prepare it... however, this little gem makes it easy, very easy... I have even mixed loose leaf with the little packets and it always comes out perfect! Thank you for the great item and wonderful teas as well.

5 Stars

Just right

Beaumont, TX

I hate to get out my big steel kettle for a couple of cups. Way more convenient - and neater, no drippy bags.

5 Stars

Great Product !!

Surprise, AZ

Great product !! Holds the right amount of tea and is easy to clean as well !!

5 Stars

Great little teapot!

Tiburon, CA

I just turned my husband on to drinking tea. He is so hooked now, we needed a teapot as he always wants more than one cup. I let him pick it out and he chose this cute little glass pot. We love it. It has a great little steeping basket - good for loose tea and also works great with tea bags. We are very pleased with this lovely little teapot.