Tea Leaf Readings

5 Stars

Love the look September 24, 2014


Chapman, KS

I've been wanting this for a long time. Now, the price was right! I've used it 6-7 times and it works great every time.

5 Stars

My mom loves this! June 29, 2014


Frederick, MD

My mom asked for a hot water kettle and I ordered this one and sent to her. She is thrilled! I wanted a clear glass one so she could see if there was water in it (she's 82). Also ordered some tea for her to go with it. She's very happy. Thank you!

5 Stars

Love This Kettle June 07, 2014


Montclair, NJ

I love the design of this kettle. It looks great on my counter. I was a little skeptical about switching to an electric kettle, but I am completely happy.

5 Stars

Love this Tea Kettle March 27, 2014


VA Beach, VA

I love how quickly this kettle heats water. The clear canister makes it easy to see water levels. The opening is large enough that cleaning it not hard at all.

5 Stars

Great Kettle November 10, 2013

S. B. Rogers

Old Mystic, CT

This kettle is just about perfect for me. I can find nothing to complain about. It works as it says it should and does a fine job for me. I love the clear glass so watching boiling process is fun. Thanks for offering it.

A Trooper October 13, 2013

Lori Gava

Easton, PA

I have owned this exceptional electric kettle for over 5 years now. WOW, not only is it pretty and cool to watch it is fast. My kids use it all the time with out incident, which is a miracle. Highly recommend.

5 Stars

I love this kettle! June 03, 2013


Los Angeles, CA

Never have to worry with this kettle... Just fill it up, turn it on, and let it go. It boils FAST, too. It was quite an upgrade compared to my old stainless stovetop kettle. Never knew what I was missing! No funny tastes when using this kettle, and I can boil lots of hot water for when I make pitchers of iced tea. A+

2 Stars

Loved this kettle, but then it conked out November 11, 2012


Dallas, OR

I bought this kettle in February 2011. I really liked this tea pot very much, but then it stopped working correctly. It switches off before boiling, then the button doesn't go down so, it keeps cycling on and off without ever boiling the water. I contacted the company and they want me to mail the product back to them. It is still under the 1 year warranty. What a hassle to go through. I think they should make good on the warranty, after describing the problems I have, without my having to bear the expense of mailing the defective one back. I would not recommend this product because of the warranty issues.

5 Stars

Love this Water Ketlle November 03, 2012

Sue Salem

Lawrence, KS

Love, love, luv this water kettle. My office at work is cold summer and winter, and I drink untold cups of tea during a "normal" day. Mostly herbal tea, of course - from the Republic. My daughter asked for one of these kettles for Christmas, once I told her how convenient it is, in that you never have to wonder whether you turned it off!

3 Stars

Glass design is very nice but 'Where's the blue light? Where's the spout?' October 20, 2012

Janet Adams

Lawrence, KS

Positive features: heats quickly; glass design is great--no plastic; nice shape; well designed handle; importantly,opening large enough to reach inside for cleaning. Negative features: on switch is almost too smooth to turn on easily; blue 'on' light is not visible unless you are almost directly over it; and the worst--the spout is low so you can not see the water pouring out. This was for a gift, and inconveniences are minor; I would purchase another.

3 Stars

Made in China! October 01, 2012

Melinda Oslie

El Cajon, CA

I was fooled by the mention of the German glass carafe into thinking this kettle was completely German made... Wrong! Made in China, so I am still debating as to whether I should return it. I bought it so I could have an electric kettle for my outdoor kitchen, to be able to boil water when the weather is so hot I don't wish to heat up the interior of my house. It will serve the purpose, certainly, but I wish my favorite tea supplier would be more pro-active in labeling point of origins on all their products.

4 Stars

Great Pot...needs auto shut off July 25, 2012

KD Kline

Louisville, CO

Had a Hamilton Beech electric kettle and loved it but it was showing signs of rust on the heating element. Love the idea of a glass pot that won't leach anything into the water but the HB pot shuts off if you pick it up before it boils and then set it back on the heating element. The Capresso will continue to heat if you set it back down. It will shut off when it reaches boiling point. Wish it was a little bigger too. ( HB pot was 1.7 liters)This one looks beautiful on the counter though.

4 Stars

Great! July 13, 2012


Ridgewood, NY

Its great! Does everything it says in the description. The only negatives, is that the top is plastic so the "chrome finish" peeled, but it didn't really effect anything and also that there is no thermometer to tell the temperature of the water. Great though!

5 Stars

Fast and attractive June 12, 2012


Denver, CO

Love this pot! I haven't had it very long, so haven't seen what happens with our hard water, but instructions and suggestions seem clear. I'd buy it again.

5 Stars

Love it! May 07, 2012

Jill Moritz

Bradford, PA

This makes my life easier. So quick to make a cup of tea!

4 Stars

Almost perfect April 04, 2012


Middlefield, CT

This is a really nice kettle. It boils quickly and looks nice on the counter. Much better than an old fashioned kettle on the stove. The only negative is the plastic lid. Eventually the steam caused the "chrome" like finish to peel.

5 Stars

The very best teapot we've ever had! February 29, 2012

Ruth G. Thompson

Hanford, CA

It is the quickest to boil, and much quieter than most teapots we've had. It sits on the counter, like an art work. Easy to clean,with our water it gets little brown spots on the heating element, which are banished with a very small amount of white vinegar in a pot of water. Then it's rinse,fill and it ready to go again. Needless to say, we like it!

4 Stars

So Zin January 25, 2012


San Antonio, TX

The Capresso looks great on my counter, boils water quickly and turns off automatically. Love it! I see a few family members and friends receiving one in their future:)

4 Stars

Awesome Kettle October 30, 2011

Pamela Rosa

Loomis , CA

The kettle boils fast and turns off automatically. There is a faint smell of plastic but fades after awhile. The smell is coming from the inside of the lid so I make sure to leave it open to air out. The water never tastes like plastic and I have done about 40 mugs of tea so far. I would purchase this kettle again. Buying as Christmas gifts as well!