Tea Leaf Readings

5 Stars

Keeps tea hot

San antonio, TX

I used to have a Mrs Teapot years ago but they are obsolete now. So this is the next best thing. I forgot about my tea for 2 hours and went downstairs. It had continued steeping and the flavor was even deeper and the tea was still hot. This is great!

4 Stars

Not for travel

Chehalis, WA

I bought this thinking I could boil my water, put in my tea, then grab it and head for work each morning. The lid does NOT screw on, it leaked out while I was driving. It does keep the tea nice and hot for awhile however.

4 Stars

Piping hot tea!

Medford, OR

This little pot is the perfect size for one person, and truly keeps my tea hot for literally hours! The best I've ever come across. Tip: before you fill up the pot with your boiling water to make the tea, pre-warm the pot with hot tap water. That seems to almost double the heat retention time. The only reason I didn't give it 5 stars was that if you are not careful it will drip when pouring. Cure: do NOT tip the spout any farther downward than absolutely necessary. Pour it slowly, barely tipping over, and it won't drip. Other than the drip issue, it's great!!

2 Stars

Needs improvement

Windham , ME

The lid does not screw on, it comes off easily, which is dangerous. Also the basket should have a little curved handle on the inside of it, which would make it easier to remove.

5 Stars

Love this in my Office!!

Rochester, NH

This is a great way to sip tea all afternoon. A friend of mine saw it and is planning to buy a couple. Great gift for the avid tea drinker.

4 Stars

Best Tea Carafe available

, CT

I love this tea carafe! It has by far the best heat retention I've ever found. I make my morning tea before I leave for work and it's still pipping hot when I get to the office. The only reason I didn't give it 5 teapots is because it is not spill proof. You cannot completely close it like a regular thermos. However the wide base makes it very stable so it is not likely to tip even in the car, but it may drip some.