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HOT tea!

5 Stars HOT tea!

from TX on wrote:

I work offshore, 12 hour shifts, and it can get hectic. I needed a carafe with a brew basket that was tough enough to travel in my duffel once per month, get loaded on/off airplanes, helicopters, and boats, and generally stand up to the abuse things go through offshore, as well as keep my tea hot and avoid spilling it! Well, I've had this pot over a year now and it still keeps my tea HOT for three hours, and hot enough to still be good for 5 hours if full (three is about max if you've poured one cup out already). Careful about overfilling it - it will leak around the lid as you pour if you do. I get two perfect cups of hot tea from this mug every day and it's my favorite offshore item (along with vanilla almond loose leaf black tea)! If it ever breaks, I will most definitely buy another!

Perfect...with one exception

4 Stars Perfect...with one exception

from VT on wrote:

I truly love this carafe...with one exception. After the tea has steeped, you have to remove the entire lid to remove the tea infuser basket...which can be difficult at some times and leaves a risk of getting steam or hot-water burns. Sometimes the lid comes right off and sometimes it fights me and is quite a struggle. Despite that, though, I absolutely LOVE this little pot. It keeps my tea warm all morning, and I carry it around and pour out small amounts at a time, so the tea I'm drinking is always hot. It would be absolutely PERFECT if there was just a little tab or some way to remove the infuser basket without danger.

Really keeps it hot!

5 Stars Really keeps it hot!

from OH on wrote:

I love this carafe! It keeps the tea hot at least 20-30 minutes and warm for an hour. I can steep the tea just right. I often read while drinking tea and now I just add a few ounces at a time and it is always the perfect temperature. If you like "luke warm" tea, then this may be too hot for you. I just bought a second one for my husband.

this is a great little tea/coffee pot

5 Stars this is a great little tea/coffee pot

from CA on wrote:

this is my second one--i got it to keep in my trailer. i make coffee in it with a small #2 cone/filter, and tea in the winter. i have also given two as gifts for use in office. fantastic!

Have used one for many years

5 Stars Have used one for many years

from MA on wrote:

We have had our hot morning tea in one of these for about ten years and finally decided to get a new one. It is especially nice when one of us gets up earlier than the other but the later riser still gets nice hot tea. Love it!

Keeps tea at perfect temperature

5 Stars Keeps tea at perfect temperature

from OH on wrote:

I have been searching for a solution to drinking cold tea in the morning for 2 years. Tried cast iron tea pots and tea cozies. I am very happy that I found this carafe. I can have perfect tea for 30 or more minutes as I read or cook. The insert lets me use both loose tea and tea bags. Great product!

Perfect little tea pot

5 Stars Perfect little tea pot

from IL on wrote:

I am very pleased with my new carafe. I have been searching for something like this for a while now. This is just the right size to hold about 2 cups of hot water, and it does keep it hot. It is pretty, and also, easy to manage.

I love this pot!

5 Stars I love this pot!

from DE on wrote:

I've been looking for a nice small carafe like this for a long time. This one keeps my tea hot for a long time. It is easy to use and simple to wash out. The infuser/basket works great or you can just use a teabag. Thanks for this great product.

Keeps the warm for a long time.

5 Stars Keeps the warm for a long time.

from TX on wrote:

I have tried tea pots from all over and none of them have kept my tea as warm as this pot. It is easy to clean and I bought another one to keep on hand in case something happens to mine. Though, the pot is so sturdy, I'll probably give it as a gift to my daughter!

Great tea pot for loose leaf tea brewing!

5 Stars Great tea pot for loose leaf tea brewing!

from CA on wrote:

I use this tea pot all the time for all my loose leaf teas, it brews well, you can remove the tea easily after brewing and the best part is that it keeps my tea nice and hot until I finish it. Makes a little more than will fit in an average cup so you can enjoy a little longer. Good tea leaves can be brewed twice - so you save a lot as well.

Very nice little teapot

5 Stars Very nice little teapot

from WA on wrote:

Great for office use. Keeps water hot for more than an hour. It's easy to clean and doesn't take up much space. The removable filter is a nice feature though it's a little tricky to remove when the pot is full of hot water. Overall, I'm very pleased with the quality and price.

Personal Carafe

5 Stars Personal Carafe

from WI on wrote:

I really like this carafe. It's just the right size for 1 or 2 people and keeps the tea hot for quite a long time!

5 Stars

from on wrote:

This is a wonderful carafe for my remains hot even after an hour or more, can't have enough of sipping hot, hot tea!