Tea Leaf Readings

5 Stars

This is MY pitcher

Weeki Wachee, FL

I love this for sun-brewing my Acai Green Tea from Republic of Tea! The infuser works great and once completely brewed in the sun, into the fridge it goes for me to enjoy my favorite iced tea!

4 Stars

very useful

Weeki Wachee, FL

Have only used once since it was received last week. I think it will be very useful and the end product using the infuser was good. I did not give it 5 teapots as I wish it was a little larger.

4 Stars

Exactly as Described

Fort Lauderdale, FL

Pitcher meets criteria of other review,infuser easy to remove and narrow for easy storage in refrigerator. Only wish it was made of glass.

5 Stars

Perfect size

Grand Junction, CO

I just adore this little tea pitcher, I can pop my tea bags in the little infuser and then pull it out and waalaa I have tea. The size is perfect, it fits in the door of my fridge

Loose tea

Albemarle, NC

How do I keep the loose tea out of my water. seeps through each time

5 Stars

BPA free pitchers!

, OH

I love these pitchers. I have two large ones -- one for caffeinated and one for not. After one year, I have no cracks or breakages -- perhaps because I hand wash as directed? Anyways, it's difficult to find this product in non-BPA plastic. I'm very happy with them.

4 Stars

A nice, basic pitcher

West Bend, WI

I love the streamlined shape of this pitcher as well as the removeable infuser, but I wish it were made a bit more sturdily and that the lid had a way of sealing off the liquid. I don't know how it can "lock in flavor" when it is always open to the air. I've used it for fruit infused water as well as tea and it works very well for that purpose, the infuser keeping the fruit from clogging up in the pitcher's spout.

4 Stars

very nice


delightful for iced tea very durable

Hairline cracks

Houston, TX

I too had the hinged top to fall off. I was able to repair myself. But now the pitcher has developed a hairline crack & is leaking. No repair for that. Pitcher is less than a year old.

3 Stars

Same problem

Sutter Creek, CA

These pitchers are wonderful, until the top breaks off and then to the recyling bin it goes.

4 Stars

One Problem

Cottonwood, CA

I love this. The only problem is the lid eventually broke off of both of the ones I have purchased. It would be perfect if that hadn't happened. I can't believe no one else has had this problem.

5 Stars

Love It!

Chambersburg, PA

What a great little pitcher! As a single person, I had been looking for a smaller pitcher--I don't need two gallons of ice tea. his is the perfect size for me, and it's slim enough to fit nicely in the refrigerator door compartment. Plus it's pretty, too! I've only made tea with bags, so I can't respond to those who say the leaves seep through. When I do try loose leaves, I'll just put them in a tea strainer--no problem.

5 Stars


MT. Hope, WV

This pitcher works great with all varieties of tea. Wish I would have gotten the larger one but this one holds severeal glasses of tea.

4 Stars

Bristol, CT

Great item, love my iced tea. The only complaint I have is the tea leaves that get through, which I find I need to strain the tea into my glass.

Great Pitcher

Falls Church, VA

I bought the smaller pitcher - after the first glass of iced tea I immediately got on line and ordered the larger pitcher. My family enjoys the tea and I enjoy the ease of making it in my new larger pitcher.

5 Stars

I love this pitcher

Wind Lake, WI

This is the best pitcher for making ice tea with tea bags and loose tea. Haven't been able to find a pitcher like this anywhere.

5 Stars


love it!

5 Stars

Love it

Novi, MI

Easy to use, easy to store. When brewing loose tea a bit of sediment will get into the pitcher because the filter is not mesh wire fine, but very effective and you can always run that last but thru a strainer if it really bugs you. :)

4 Stars

Great little product

Novi, MI

Only reason this isn't getting 5 stars from me is b/c when I use loose tea, the removable filter isn't fine enough to keep debris from getting into the tea. I just run the last cup thru a finer strainer as I pour it into the cup.

5 Stars

Easy Brewing

Lubbock, TX

This pitcher is great for brewing large leaf loose tea, and only a minute amount of fine tea leaves escape the filter into the brewed tea. The filter means that no bag is needed, which reduces waste. I suggest emptying the filter immediately after brewing, then using a long bottle brush to remove any tea leaves that get stuck. I do wish that the pitcher lid was romoveable--a bit easier to clean and drain--but that is a small point. The compact size fits easily in my refrigerator.

5 Stars

Iced Tea Brew Pitcher


The perfect pitcher! Simple and easy to use. Hot and cold brewing, you can't beat it. I have tried a few Mr. Coffee brewers and this pitcher blows them away!