Best Brewing Device

5 Stars Best Brewing Device

from MO on wrote:

This is the best tea brewing device ever. Brews fully with no metallic taste. I bought a second as a backup.

strong tea

5 Stars strong tea

from MA on wrote:

This is a good tea to get you going in the morning

Fits Tervis tumbler!

5 Stars Fits Tervis tumbler!

from NC on wrote:

Found this item in my local food co-op after my $25 tea brewer broke. Fits perfectly in a 16 oz Tervis tumbler; replaced my brewer and am much happier. Very easy to clean, and much more economical than bags.

perfect for my teapot

5 Stars perfect for my teapot

from GA on wrote:

Love this strainer! It fits my British "Brown Betty" teapot like it was made for it. Makes cleanup after brewing a pot of loose tea a snap. I like it so much that I'm buying a second one as a backup.

At Last!!!!

5 Stars At Last!!!!

from NY on wrote:

I have had one of these for years, loved it and wanted to get some more to give to family and friends. I couldn't remember where I got it. I looked everywhere (I thought) and finally found it in PA. So glad to know at last where to get them. Thank you Republic of Tea.

This is wonderful

5 Stars This is wonderful

from OH on wrote:

This thing is nice for full leaf tea. I use it to brew a single cup with about a teaspoon of tea and it allows the leaves to totally unfurl.

Love it

5 Stars Love it

from NY on wrote:

I've had one of these for years and had forgotten where I got it. Found a new one yesterday at Kitchen Kapers and was delighted. It doesn't fit all of my mugs, but fits several of them perfectly and fits my tea pot. I use it all of the time and now plan to give some as gifts. So happy to have a source.

A great gadget

5 Stars A great gadget

from IL on wrote:

These brew baskets work much better than the old tea balls. I have one at work, two or three at home, and I always include them with any gift of tea.

Falls in cup

2 Stars Falls in cup

from VA on wrote:

Works fine in small mugs, but lacks "ears" for larger mugs (thus, the infuser falls in and sinks to the bottom). The plastic infuser is hard to clean, the tea leaves tend to stick to the mesh and don't easily wash out under running water. I have a Finum Brewing Basket (made of metal mesh) which is very nice. It has none of the defects that this one has.

Works Great

5 Stars Works Great

from TX on wrote:

Works great as advertised. I have both the plastic and the Stainless. The Plastic seems to be just a little finer mesh. Although I have had no problems with it, I ordered the stainless as an extra as it might be more durable for daily use. Both work great, no problems.

Nice, but

3 Stars Nice, but

from MN on wrote:

I've been experimenting with these baskets. The plastic ones are lovely, but they stain and warp easily. The stainless steel one rusts even when washed and dried right away. I like the shape of the stainless steel one better than the plastic because it is a bit wider (to sit on the lip of the cup). I wish I was more pleased - the idea is great . . .

a perfect mate for the brew basket

5 Stars a perfect mate for the brew basket

from TX on wrote:

If you have problems with the diameter of the stainless Republic of Tea Brew Basket consider using it in the classic Starbucks 12 oz. ceramic thermal mug - a ceramic copy of their original white paper "tall" cup. Its as if they were made for each other - thus you have a portable 12 oz tea pot and thermal tea mug with lid to-go!

Wow - I love this!

5 Stars Wow - I love this!

from TX on wrote:

I have bought three of these so we all can have tea at the same time. I got the wire ones, and they fit so well right into the top of every cup I have. 5 Stars is all I can give it. It doesn't let me do 10 stars!

A fix to being too narrow.

5 Stars A fix to being too narrow.

from on wrote:

Some of you wrote in to say that the basket falls into the mug. I found that as well with my stainless version. My fix to that is to leave a spoon in the mug (positioned such that it forms a diagonal between the top of the mug and the opposite bottom) while the tea is steeping. The basket gets wedged between the spoon and the wall of the mug and does not have room to tip over. A bonus to this is that I use the spoon to press the tea when it is done infusing to get a little more tea "essence" out of it. I hope this helps. I really like my basket. I use it routinely to brew tea at home and it worked great while backpacking on Isle Royale this summer.


1 Star useless

from NY on wrote:

I bought the stainless steel version to round out my shopping cart for fre shipping. It is useless, like all strainers of this design. They must hook over the side of a mug somehow to work, and remain stable. If you had some mug or teapot with a slightly narrower opening than the strainer, it might work so I can only conclude this is for use in a tea pot only. I suggested they change the description, or provide photos of successful use with a mug.

5 Stars

from TX on wrote:

I love the nylon basket too; the only criticism I have is that I can't find any container to store it in. That leaves it vulnerable when I'm not using it, like getting crushed--not to mention risking exposure (contamination). Could you guys create a sturdy box for it, nothing fancy that would add to the expense, rather than the open sleeve thingy you send it in?

Wonderful Item

5 Stars Wonderful Item

from CA on wrote:

This Brew Basket is great for brewing just about any type of tea, but is especially good with whole leaf teas. It's big enough for the leaves to open up fully. It fits my smaller tea mugs just right and is easy enough to clean.

Polymesh Nylon is the Best

5 Stars Polymesh Nylon is the Best

from FL on wrote:

I'd first purchased the stainless version of this, which surprisingly rusted on first use, and got worse with each subsequent use. I ordered the polymesh nylon hoping it would be usable, as I liked the overall concept. It's GREAT. Should have ordered this version the first time around. Easy to clean, and the mesh is pourous enough to let the great tea flavor through, but keeps the leaves in their place. Very happy with this version.

Rusted with 1st use

1 Star Rusted with 1st use

from FL on wrote:

I purchased the stainless steel version of this for my husband. The first use and washing it rusted. I'm ordering the polymesh this time, hoping for better quality.

Great Brew Basket

4 Stars Great Brew Basket

from MI on wrote:

This brew basket is very well constructed, however, it didn't fit my teapot.

Falls in

1 Star Falls in

from CO on wrote:

This nylon brew basket is a great concept poorly executed. There are no tabs on the narrow rim so if you have a cup that happens to be the right size, great. Otherwise it just falls in. I love a generous mug of tea, and don't even own a cup small enough to work with this brew basket.

This is my second People's Brew Basket

5 Stars This is my second People's Brew Basket

from MI on wrote:

I had forgotten that I bought my first Brew Basket at Republic of Tea. I was so excited to see it on the website when I placed my last tea order. This is the best tea infuser on the market as far as I am concerned. It doesn't alter the taste like metal, it let's the tea flow freely. The mesh is nice and tight, so nothing escapes it. It also cleans up like a dream. Easy to pop one in the suitcase or purse for your loose tea brewing on the run. I will buy these as gifts this Christmas for my many tea lovers.

Excellent infuser

5 Stars Excellent infuser

from NE on wrote:

This infuser works great. Even with very fine teas I only see a couple of tiny specks in the bottom of the cup.

4 Stars

from MT on wrote:

I have both wire and mesh. I prefer the nylon for the finer loose leaf teas. It keeps more of the fine particles out. I like the wire one for my larger leaf teas.

Needs a wider rim

4 Stars Needs a wider rim

from NM on wrote:

Very nice. I got the metal mesh version. I don't detect a big difference in flavor using this brew basket with loose tea as opposed to infusers..but a big difference in aroma! Wonderful! I wish the rim were wider so it would set on top of my mugs rather than fall into them.


5 Stars wonderful!

from NJ on wrote:

Keeps all of the finer leaves out of your cup.

For SMALL cups only~

3 Stars For SMALL cups only~

from OH on wrote:

Wonderful for small 6-10oz traditional tea cups - just fill, steep, dump and rinse! Unfortunately completely unusable in everyday size(coffee) 12-14oz cups...falls into the bottom and doesn't rise with the water level, also will not float on top after pouring cup full, I tried everything I could think of. And I love me some ZZZZZ's tea at bedtime-a full mug!

Finally found it!

5 Stars Finally found it!

from WA on wrote:

Bought one of these (nylon version) locally many years ago. When it finally started to fall apart, I started looking for a replacement. After much searching, this is it! It's the perfect tea brewing basket. I got 2 (I'll probably leave one to my kids).

too small

3 Stars too small

from OH on wrote:

I just got this and it is very small -- It doesn't fit my tea mugs -- I have tried to use it and just brew with not a lot of water and the plastic is hard to get out when it is done brewing -- it is very hot -- I would get a bigger size to fit a mug --

Nice Quality, Too Small

2 Stars Nice Quality, Too Small

from IL on wrote:

The quality of the mesh is wonderful, however this basket is too small to fit even my smallest mug or tea cup. Unless you are using tiny tea cups, I would recommend going for the wide-mouth version of this, it is much more universal.

The Best!

5 Stars The Best!

from TX on wrote:

I have used The People's Brew Basket for years. It is my favorite way to make a cup of tea. Fits my cup perfectly and never disappoints.

Easy to use

4 Stars Easy to use

from MI on wrote:

This was my first time using a full leaf tea and this Brew Basket was easy to use ( especially for first timers like me), left no metal taste. A couple little leaves came through but nothing major. It fit almost all my cups no problem!

Perfect tea time companion

5 Stars Perfect tea time companion

from TX on wrote:

I used my newly purchased tea basket this evening for my pot of tea and I'm so glad I decided to buy this particular style. It's flexible, light weight, attractive and it isn't going to leave an aftertaste.