The perfect blend of black teas-delicious!

5 Stars The perfect blend of black teas-delicious!

from CO on wrote:

Three Gardens is a delicious blend of black tea that has a bold enough flavor , but not too much. It’s just right!

My new favorite!

5 Stars My new favorite!

from SC on wrote:

This full flavored, smooth tasting black tea is what I think is a perfect blend! In desperation to replenish my depleted supply I have come to the Republic of Tea's website to order as I have been unable to find it locally. You will not be disappointed in this one!

Still my morning brew!

5 Stars Still my morning brew!

from WA on wrote:

I have been buying this tea in bulk for years. Rich, smooth, never bitter, dark cup of tea for that early morning wake-up. I have also made sun tea with it all summer.

Another great black tea

5 Stars Another great black tea

from CO on wrote:

I was heartbroken when ROT stopped making the unflavored ceylon tea, as it had been my go-to black tea for many, many years. When a friend gave me a tin of this Three Gardens tea, I immediately knew I had a lovely replacement. This is a wonderful tea!

My #1 breakfast black!

5 Stars My #1 breakfast black!

from WA on wrote:

Smooth, rich, never bitter! I buy in bulk.

A new favorite

5 Stars A new favorite

from VA on wrote:

A few favorite. Crisp, clean and hearty no-nonsense taste. This one really clears your head! Wish I had ordered more

Support Rain Forest Alliance

5 Stars Support Rain Forest Alliance

from OH on wrote:

I like this tea anytime. It is a nice break from my usual breakfast teas. I usually drink British or Irish or even All Day Breakfast. A cuppa with a good read is a good time of day. I use skim milk in most,but no sweeteners.

I really wanted to like this one, but...

2 Stars I really wanted to like this one, but...

from FL on wrote:

I was predisposed to liking this newer blend, but it just doesn't work for me. I am not experienced enough to identify exactly what I don't like, but the suggestion of "floral" seems to fit. I guess a lot of people do like this tea. For me, Speedy Motors Breakfast Tea that I ordered at the same time is head and shoulders above this one.

My favorite TEA

4 Stars My favorite TEA

from on wrote:

This tea has a similar tannin aftertaste as a good red wine.

Family Favourite

5 Stars Family Favourite

from IL on wrote:

Three Gardens is crisp, clean and smooth in taste without being too weak or bitter. Finally, a blend everyone in my house can agree upon!

a mellow satisfying wakeup

5 Stars a mellow satisfying wakeup

from CT on wrote:

I bought this on a whim after reading the reviews. It is a very flavorful, mellow, strong tea (depending on steeping). I had a cup, and enjoyed the black tea flavor, with the mellow/smooth aftertaste, it is a leisurely weekend favorite!

3 gardens black tea bags

5 Stars 3 gardens black tea bags

from NV on wrote:

Very smooth, not bitter even tho I use two bags for a big mug. Perfect mid afternoon pick me up to continue. Highly recommend this tea.

One of my favorites!

5 Stars One of my favorites!

from PA on wrote:

Love the blend of these teas. It's smooth and hardly needs sweetening. Nice after dinner or late evening tea.

Excellent morning tea!

5 Stars Excellent morning tea!

from IN on wrote:

I look forward to this beautiful cup of tea in the morning. I had been looking for my perfect bold cup for morning and this is it. Bold, full of tea flavors without being bitter. Very nice find!

5 Stars

from AK on wrote:

Very tasty blend! I've been enjoying it daily.

Too floral, too sharp

2 Stars Too floral, too sharp

from OR on wrote:

I normally bulk order British Breakfast and Irish Breakfast teas. I saw that this was rainforest certified, and someone said it tasted like a combination or my two go-to teas. So I took them at their word, and ordered a 250-bag of this. Does it taste like English/Irish Breakfast Teas? Not really. The flavour is not as full. This is too sharp and floral....edges more toward Lady Grey. I won't say that I hate it, but I'm not a fan and it took some getting used to. I didn't realize how much I was compromising until, a few months into my stock of this, I had a cup of Irish Breakfast again and felt like my mouth was filled with comfort for the first time in ages. If you like your black tea floral, maybe this is for you. But if you're looking for a full-bodied, rich, dark breakfast tea, don't go big on this one!

Quite Mild

3 Stars Quite Mild

from NY on wrote:

I want to like this tea, since I support Rainforest Alliance and organic products. So far the flavor is just not strong enough. I'll try brewing with two bags, since I usually brew a mug full and maybe one bag is only enough tea for 6 oz.


5 Stars Fantastic!

from CT on wrote:

This is my new favorite breakfast tea! I've already gone through a tin AND almost an entire 250 bag refill! For years I was a British Breakfast gal, but this is very smooth and just the perfect tea for breakfast and all day sipping. I love the fact that it's part of the Rainforest Alliance, too!

Favorite for Iced Tea

5 Stars Favorite for Iced Tea

from on wrote:

My absolute favorite iced tea. I hope it will be offered in full leaf as I make 3 qts at a time and it is such a waste of tea bag paper.

Favorite Morning Tea

5 Stars Favorite Morning Tea

from MA on wrote:

I own many, many teas- but this one has come to be my favorite morning tea. The flavor is full and rich. Be warned, other teas will be less interesting after tasting this one.

A new staple

5 Stars A new staple

from PA on wrote:

My taste prefers black breakfast teas. A morning that doesn't start right off with a steaming mug of British, or Assam, or Ceylon Breakfast Tea -- well, I think seriously about going back to bed. So when I saw the first ad for Three Gardens Black Breakfast tea I couldn't resist. And was I impressed. Not only is it aromatic and flavorful, it has durability: I can't seem to grow tired of the stuff, and find myself brewing a mug of it mid-morning, every morning. Indeed, when the can was still half full, I ordered the 250-count bulk bag. Now that's delicious!

Wonderful breakfast tea

5 Stars Wonderful breakfast tea

from CA on wrote:

I love this lovely breakfast tea. I love that it is Rainforest Alliance certified. I'm trying to get all the shops near me to carry it. I really love to get it in bulk here at the website. Thank you for many wonderful mornings.

tea-lovin' gal

5 Stars tea-lovin' gal

from TX on wrote:

This blend is very dark, smooth, and flavorful. It is particularly good iced.

tea-lovin' gal

tea-lovin' gal

from TX on wrote:

This blend is very dark, smooth, and flavorful. It is particularly good iced.

smooth, blended

5 Stars smooth, blended

from TX on wrote:

Obviously a black tea. I don't think it's as strong as irish breakfast but that's not good. I haven't figured out how much I like it yet, only had a few cups. However, it might replace my irish breakfast.

A good-tasting black tea

3 Stars A good-tasting black tea

from on wrote:

A solid cup of black tea

Good breakfast wakeup

4 Stars Good breakfast wakeup

from KS on wrote:

Fits between English and Irish breakfast teas. Smooth but with a kick of flavor.

5 Stars

from NJ on wrote:

WOW This has just become my favorite non-flavored black tea. Smooth, balanced and great without milk or sweetner.

5 Stars

from TX on wrote:

EXCELLENT breakfast tea, I normally drink green tea. I found this very smooth not bitter and it is very good with milk and stevia, I would recommend it to anyone who likes tea for breakfast or any time for that matter.

New Favorite Breakfast Tea

5 Stars New Favorite Breakfast Tea

from OH on wrote:

I am a big fan of the British and Lucky Irish breakfast tea's. When I saw this new black breakfast tea I had to try and was not disappointed! It has a smooth, full-bodied taste. Its appearance is a little cloudier than the British and Irish tea. This tea is great with a little milk and stevia. It definitely rivals the British and Irish breakfast teas.


5 Stars Excellent!

from IL on wrote:

Just tried this tea and I love it! I usually drink green tea and I was amazed at the smooth clear flavor of this black tea. Absolutely no bitter taste. This tea would go well with everything and would be a pleasant all-day tea.


5 Stars Perfection

from CA on wrote:

This is an excellent blend of teas. Full bodied, very smooth, great for breakfast.

Nice Balance

5 Stars Nice Balance

from CT on wrote:

This is the best tea all day it has a nice balance it's so good