Tea Leaf Readings

3 Stars

Nice size, just okay features

Ellensburg, WA

This pot is a handy size and looks good. The infuser, however, doesn't strain well and is a real pain to rinse - tea leaves get stuck in the holes. The metal ring also started rusting almost immediately, though I dry the pot as soon as I'm finished with it. A good start on the design, but needs some work.

5 Stars

Great for 2 or 12

Ocala, FL

Perfect for the 2 of us, or for a whole pot to make into iced tea. I use it with loose or tea bags.

3 Stars

Good looks & brew, OK pour

Los Angeles, CA

This is a very elegant and modern looking teapot. It has excellent brewing. The infuser is OK+. It does a good job, but does not strain as well as a fine mesh infuser. Lid has to be carfully put on to orient correctly. Unless you pour slowly it drobbles.

4 Stars

Very nice teapot

Nederland, TX

Very nice and nice capacity.