Tea Leaf Readings

4 Stars

Great to sample the different chocolates January 19, 2015


Hartford, CT

I had been wanting to try Republic of Tea's chocolate flavors, and came across this variety pack. It was a great way to try a number of different chocolate teas and find my favorites. I often find I prefer to compare different types side by side, and this variety box allowed me to do that. I discovered I love the chocolate mint the most, followed by chocolate banana!

3 Stars

Sweet tooth January 12, 2015


Leroy, KS

I was expecting a BIG chocolate taste based off all the reviews, but the chocolate taste is not enough to curb my sweet tooth. The teas are good, just not a replacement for a sugar craving like I hoped.

1 Star

Disappointed January 10, 2015


Atlanta, GA

Tastes like slightly flavored water...completely disappointed as I really wanted to like these teas. Perhaps I need to add milk to receive the great taste that others note, which unfortunately is not how I like my tea.

5 Stars

Surprisingly Good! January 03, 2015


Sunny, CA

I really didn't think I would like these, but after reading reviews I had to try! These teas are so delicious! I was pleasantly surprised!

5 Stars

LOVE THIS TEA January 02, 2015


Verndale, MN

I love this tea. The banana is not my favorite, but it is okay. The coconut is my favorite. I add just a little bit of cream and it is like drinking hot chocolate!!!!

5 Stars

For the chocolate lover!!! December 06, 2014


Glen Oaks, NY

I love all of the flavors in this package. Not one stands out more than the others. This pack only gets bought for gifts now to share with others as I buy the flavors on their own to have on hand at all times.

5 Stars

Treat in a cup October 17, 2014


The Dalles, OR

Some I liked more than others, but every flavor is delicious! I was so surprised and delighted. I plan to give this perfect assortment as gifts -- and it'll be a winner!

5 Stars

Fantastic Tea October 07, 2014


Sabina, OH

I received a gift pack of the chocolate varieties. The Chocolate Covered Strawberries was heavenly. I got 8 cups out of 1 bag. I'm brewing up the Coconut Cocoa now. It smells like the tropics in my apt. :)

4 Stars

Great Flavors October 02, 2014

Patricia Spano

Winder, GA

Loved all the flavors except Banana,Which I simply didn't like the flavor. .

5 Stars

LOVE! August 09, 2014


Raleigh, NC

Great Chocolate flavor! Wonderful calorie-free chocolate treat as hot tea or cold. Love it!

5 Stars

Each one is FANTASTIC June 05, 2014


Somerville, MA

I never thought I liked chocolate teas until I tried these. I got hooked on the Strawberry Chocolate first, and then had to try the rest. The Coconut smells particularly amazing.

5 Stars

Like dessert June 01, 2014


Riverside, CA

I tried the chocolate sampler and was surprised that it really was like an after dinner dessert. I put a splash of milk in as suggested, but found on a later cup that a tiny bit of coffee creamer made it the perfect treat at the end of the day. If you love chocolate, you will love these teas. Yum!

5 Stars

teas May 26, 2014


Millvales, PA

just love the flavor an smell and test.

5 Stars

Coconut cocoa rocks!! May 24, 2014

Christine Hollis

Elk Falls, KS

This is the first flavor I've tried in the Cuppa Chocolate Assortment. Oh my goodness! Where has this tea been all my life? I can't wait to try the others. The taste was perfect to me.

5 Stars

Ms. May 16, 2014


Seattle, WA

I bought the chocolate sample teas for my sister for her birthday, but I bought the Acai Green Tea for myself and like it very much. Shipping was very fast.

4 Stars

Great Treat May 14, 2014


Bend, OR

I bought this tea as a late night treat to help me avoid eating before bed. It's a very pleasant treat. I gave it 4 stars only because I like some flavors more than others. They definitely have a mild chocolate taste to them, even the red velvet one.

4 Stars

Great flavor dessert tea April 25, 2014



This is a perfect sampler box to try the chocolate dessert teas. The flavors are delicious and it satisfies a craving without the calories.

5 Stars

Yummy April 12, 2014


New York, NY

My son bought me a box for Valentines Day. The teas are so delicious I bought them for Easter gifts! So delicious!

5 Stars

A Sceptic April 07, 2014


Quincy, IL

I tried the Coconut Cocoa first. I was just not sure how good chocolate tea could be despite the reviews. Wow. I like it! I have to say it's not creamy, but just as chocolaty. can't wait to get the other ones in my cup when I have a moment to enjoy them because I don't want to just rush through the experience! I want it to be special.

5 Stars

Wonderful assortment of chocolate teas April 07, 2014


Babylon, NY

This assortment of chocolate teas is such a treat. The flavors, aromas, and taste offer up a true culinary experience. This is definitely a girl's best friend, to be enjoyed with dessert or by itself. The bonus is that one does not need to add sugar, in fact sugar detracts from the honest to goodness flavor. Wonderful tea company that takes its product very seriously. Keep up the good work!

5 Stars

Exquisite Sampler April 02, 2014


Fleetwood, PA

Excellent way to enjoy ALL the chocolate teas - add a little sweetener and cream and you're in Chocolate Heaven!

4 Stars

Chocolate Sampler March 31, 2014

Roberta Van Dyke

McMinnville, OR

I love chocolate and this assortment gives a person the chance to savor the flavor without ruining one's waistline. The choice of flavors is delightful. Wasn't so sure at first if I'd like the coconut cocoa, but found it smooth and tasty. Really liked the strawberry chocolate the best. Can't miss with this assortment!

5 Stars

Cuppa Chocolate Tea Assortment March 26, 2014


California, MO

I wanted to try chocolate teas, and this assortment box is a great way to get a sampling of chocolate tea! The chocolate strawberry is my favorite.

5 Stars

5 full teapots! March 19, 2014

shelby connelly

colton , NY

For anyone who wants to lose weight and stay healthy can now enjoy their small bit of chocolate heaven. Whether I drink any of them all by them selves or add a small bit of almond milk, I feel like I'm indulging in a chocolate treat!

5 Stars

Sooooo Delicious! March 17, 2014

Katie Rogers

Tampa, FL

This is the most well made tea I have ever had the absolute pleasure of enjoying. This is now a staple at my desk at work and at home. Looooove this! Its like drinking chocolate and never worrying about the calories!

5 Stars

Great way to try all the flavors! March 12, 2014

Terresa Abdella

Fresno , CA

We are tea drinkers in our house, and wanted to buy something chocolate but couldn't narrow it down. Then we saw the sampler, and it was perfect. We have all got to sample the different flavors and decide on our favorites. It has been alot of fun to try them. I am definitely going to buy some for gifts.

5 Stars

cuppa chocolate tea assortment March 08, 2014

April Benson

Centereach, NY

Great flavor my favorite is red velvet

5 Stars

LOVE IT March 06, 2014


Levittown, NY

What a great way to experience chocolate in a non-fat healthy way! It satisfies those after dinner cravings and the flavors are delicious.

5 Stars

Love these teas March 01, 2014


West Jordan, UT

I was hesitating to buy these chocolate teas because I bought another brand and I was disappointed. Yours taste like the flavors it is. I enjoy it so much.

5 Stars

Love This Tea! February 28, 2014

Maggie Soukeras

Merrick, NY

Ordered this tea for myself and my mom after tasting it at a yoga studio. We both love it! My mom hates tea but she likes this selection of Chocolate tea. I ordered her the Hibiscus too for when the weather gets a little nicer. Great product!!!

5 Stars

Excellent February 26, 2014


Glendora, CA

These tasted amazing, I was so happy that both the chocolate and the additional flavor blended perfectly and were equally strong. A great way to add a little treat to your day!

5 Stars

Amazing February 19, 2014


The Dalles, OR

This tea is amazing! I'm dieting, and need a special treat to help me stay on track. A cuppa tea is just the trick. The flavors are surprising -- they actually taste like what they claim to taste like! I will definitely be back for more -- my box is almost empty -- and I highly recommend this yummy tea!

5 Stars

Excellent flavor January 20, 2014

Pam Durr

Carlsbad, NM

Excellent flavor in the teas that last through each cupful. The flavor of your first sip with be the flavor of your last sip!

5 Stars

Aromatic and soothing January 19, 2014


Caseyville, IL

My husband and I both drank the peppermint and banana. The best part is embracing the aroma of the tea blend before sipping. I am not a fan of banana but it reminded me of a banana split. It takes a couple minutes for the flavors to peak but well worth every taste.

4 Stars

Good tea but not a substitute for sweets. January 05, 2014


Oakford, PA

I am a big fan of herbal teas and I really do like these. They are fruity and/or nutty but they do not exactly satisfy a sweet tooth like Dr. Oz or some of the magazine articles suggested.

5 Stars

cuppa chocolate teas December 26, 2013



I really love all the flavors. I'm even thinking of sending my sisters some.

5 Stars

What a great little sampler! December 19, 2013


Sacramento, CA

Love the Red Velvet the best. Yummy!

5 Stars

One of My New Favorites December 17, 2013


Oxford, NC

I was so anxious to try the sampler and taste the various cocoa flavors. Everyone has been a winner in my book! I mostly use honey in my teas and this required nothing but the flavors of the tea to make a warm soothing drink. Just last night I curled up with a good book and sipped a cuppa Peppermint Cocoa ( blog post at theendoftheroad.typepad.com) Will definitely buy again !

5 Stars

Great Choco Assortment December 03, 2013


Windsor Mill, MD

Although several reviews have poo-poo'd the lack of "real" chocolate taste because of the carob, it's because they obviously do not know that carob is an alternative in many foods for many reasons, including some people like me who are sensitive to caffeine. It's like trying a veggie burger and expecting it to taste like ground beef. This was a perfect sampler of fruit/choco combinations and the subtle hints of chocolate coupled with the powerful hits of peppermint or the perfect subtle dance of banana/choco and strawberry/choco are wonderful on the tongue. The coconut and red velvet, not so much. Overall, perfect combo box of flavors to try...just don't expect Hershey's chocolate and instead embrace the distinct flavor of carob instead.

1 Star

Ick November 27, 2013

Tea lady

Indianapolis , IN

I threw it away after two sips. It doesn't fast like chocolate. It is like dirty water. I don't like herbal non tea anyway but this was terrible.

4 Stars

Great sample pack! November 24, 2013


camarillo, CA

I love that this sample has a fair number of each flavor to try. Some of them have to steep a little longer to bring out the flavor, but you can also get several cups of tea out of them. My favorites so far are the Coconut Cocoa and Banana Chocolate

5 Stars

Great way to taste test! November 20, 2013


Puyallup, WA

This is a great way to taste test all the chocolate teas. They are all great, but my personal favorite is the Red Velvet Chocolate--way good!! I'm giving special mugs to family/friends for Christmas, along with some samples of all the flavors--I know they are going to love them!

5 Stars

Delightfully Delicious November 19, 2013

Vanessa R. Thompson

Beckley, WV

All of the flavors are delightful. A major perk is each cup curbs my cravings for chocolate and adds another flavor, so the teas are very satisfying. Another major perk this particular assortment is herbal!

1 Star

November 10, 2013


, CA

Very disappointed. They have no flavor, like drinking warm water. I am surprised, I was so looking forward to them .

5 Stars

My favorite indulgence-chocolate without guilt!!! July 20, 2013

Mary Jo

Crossville, TN

I was curious when I first saw chocolate flavored teas and decided the sampler was the way to go. I thought I would be dissapointed but boy was I wrong!! I didn't think I would like the coconut but it is now one of my favs, thought the bannana was iffy (loved it) and expected to only like the mint and strawberry and was suprised when I loved them all!! This is a light, refreshing take on chocolate and is my go to for a relaxing cup after dinner or in the evening.

5 Stars

yum choc. i love June 01, 2013


costa mesa, CA

i would like to try choc. tea please thank you very much for your time.

Disappointing March 24, 2013


Attleboro , MA

I greatly anticipated these teas but ended up throwing them out. They were awful! The previous negative reviewers hit the nail on the head, the taste is chemical and artificial. Carob IS NOT a substitute for cacao and the final product proves it in taste.

5 Stars

Superb! February 11, 2013

Marc Bailey

San Pedro, CA

The headline says it all!

cuppa chocolate teas February 04, 2013


Grand Rapids, MI

I am pleased with this purchase have not tasted they all but so far but my fav is red velvet

4 Stars

Great way to try them all! January 24, 2013

Joyce S.

Dagsboro, DE

I especially like the Peppermint Chocolate and the Red Velvet Chocolate...mmmm!

Cuppa Heaven January 24, 2013


Mauldin, SC

The Peppermint chocolate is my new favorite treat! These are great brewed in almond milk-with a little sweetener and whipped cream topped with shaved dark chocolate. Beats the pants off anything from a coffee shop, ever.

4 Stars

Nice Variety, but No Chocolate Taste January 23, 2013



The flavors that come through are the Rooibos and strawberry, coconut, banana, etc, but not so much chocolate. I actually don't get any hint of chocolate at all, but its still a nice change to other flavored teas that taste artificial. I would get this again just to have the variety.

5 Stars

Satisfy your chocolate cravings! January 17, 2013

Lise Smith

Camdenton, MO

These marvelously chocolate teas have wonderful satisfying flavor, and tastes great without adding any sweetener. Soothing your sweet (chocolate) tooth with luscious teas... YUM!

Peppermint Chocolate is the best January 14, 2013


Tampa, FL

I got this for my mother and son and they like the tea well enough. Peppermint Chocolate is the favorite and the Red Velvet the least favorite. I am planning on buying a whole tin of the Peppermint, you gotta go with what works

5 Stars

Is it possible? January 12, 2013


Memphis, TN

Yes, it's possible for tea to taste like you are indulging in chocolate. All the flavors in this assortment are so good nobody can pick just one favorite. A real sampler of treats!

5 Stars

December 26, 2012


I love the chocolate taste!!

1 Star

Tastes Like Chemical Imitation Chocolate December 24, 2012

Tim Koelkebeck

San Francisco, CA

I left a similar review for the Double Dark Chocolate Mate. I tried these teas for the first time recently with three other people and no one liked any of the ones we tried so far (peppermint, red velvet, and one other one; we also tried the double dark chocolate which you have to buy separately and it was equally bad). Three of us are not very picky, but we couldn't even finish our cups! My girlfriend -- who I would say is a little picky in taste -- nailed it. She said she could tell they weren't using real chocolate. I looked at the ingredients and sure enough, the main ingredient in most of them was "carob", a chocolate substitute that doesn't actually taste like chocolate, and is much less flavorful (read more about it here: http://recipes.howstuffworks.com/what-is-carob.htm). Bottom line, it tastes like some chemical imitation flavor, the way watered down cherry kool aid might resemble the flavor of actual cherries. Some people like drinks like that. I don't. Don't get me wrong, I don't expect a ch

2 Stars

December 17, 2012

, CO

I tasted all five flavors, and none of them stood out. I could get a hint of a flavor, but, never the flavor of chocolate. I was disappointed, for I was so hoping to taste a good cup of tea.

3 Stars

Not Impressed December 15, 2012


, VA

I really wanted to like all the chocolate teas. Red Velvet, Coconut, and Peppermint lacked any interesting flavor. Banana Chocolate tasted bitter and VERY off to me. My whole family loved the Strawberry Chocolate and I will be ordering a full tin. I gave away all the individually wrapped tea bags I didn't care for and got similar reviews from others. If you plan to order a chocolate sampler, I'd suggest ordering a smaller number of each.

5 Stars

Absolutely amazing! December 13, 2012


Memphis, TN

I couldn't believe how much chocolate flavor I could get from a tea bag. Absolutely amazing! The flavor notes are full enough to be tasted and yet not overpower the chocolate. My granddaughter and I both love all the flavors. What a great product.

5 Stars

Can't decide which is favorite! December 05, 2012


Aptos, CA

Which to choose??? They are all my favorites. Can't believe that they are NOT fatening. Boy, you realy did us chubby chocoholics a favor. Bless you!

5 Stars

Chocoholic's Delight November 25, 2012

Vicki Broughton

Escondido, CA, CA

They are all so delicious I haven't decided which is my favorite. I got hooked when a free sample of Coconut Cocoa was in my recent order. So I ordered 3 of those and then this sampler so I could see what else was good. I love the Banana and the Strawberry. My least favorite is the Peppermint. The service was fantastic. I ordered on a Wednesday and had my teas by Saturday!!

5 Stars

SO Good What a Treat! November 25, 2012


These are all so yummy & smell amazing. They taste like they smell, w/o adding anything. Coconut Cocoa is my fav! Peppermint Chocolate is so good, better than those mocha coffee drinks!

5 Stars

Yummy!! November 03, 2012


Columbia, MD

If you're looking for a cup of hot chocolate, then this sampler cube is not for you. As my boyfriend put it "The flavor is very subtle and light". Compared to other flavored teas that I've had, this one you can actually taste the individual flavors. Banana chocolate actually tastes and smells like banana. My favorite is the peppermint, but I thoroughly enjoy all the flavors. I'm surprised with how sweet the tea is, I only need a tiny dollop of honey and then I'm in for a delicious cup of tea. 100% recommend :)

4 Stars

Great assortment October 30, 2012


Cape Cod, MA

I liked this assortment...........Red Velvet is BORING!!!! Loved the fact that I got to try several flavors. Thank you for the sampler

5 Stars

Let the Fun Begin! October 29, 2012


Toledo, OH

What a great way to sample all the delicious chocolate teas! I fell in love with the Peppermint Chocolate, then ordered the sampler cube to try the others. Love them all! I particularly enjoy them after dinner along with two cubes of dark chocolate. A most delicious (and healthy) dessert!

5 Stars

October 21, 2012


, PA

I received my order very quickly. Ordered very late on a Tuesday and had everything by Friday. I absolutely love the peppermint tea, coconut was good and the strawberry was ok. I must add I typically do not like strawberry flavored products. What a terrific way to try this product. I will definately order the peppermint by itself and I look forward to trying the other flavors.

5 Stars

Chocolate Delight October 17, 2012

Beverly Sobotta

Bloomer, WI

Smooth,sweet and delicious.

3 Stars

It's OK October 06, 2012

Nashville, TN

Bought this sampler out of curiosity because I'm a chocolate lover. The teas taste ok, but I'd prefer a piece of chocolate, a hot chocolate, or a cup of Ginger Peach tea. Will work my way through this box, but won't reorder.

5 Stars

Pure enjoyment September 24, 2012


South Haven, MN

Very fast turn around time from the order to receiving my package. The flavors & aroma in the Cuppa Chocolate Teas is wonderful. So far I've had the pleasure of tasting Peppermint Chocolate & Red Velvet Chocolate. I'm looking forward to tasting the other 3. MMM! Definitely a great gift idea! Will be ordering again, for sure. Thank you The Republic of Tea for a fantastic product!

1 Star

Poor Shipping & Handling September 17, 2012

From Seattle

Seattle, WA

While this review space is mainly for the product, it needs to be mentioned somewhere that the shipping and handling policy of RoT is poor. I put in my order for this chocolate tea sampler cube on 9/6, they shipped it out only on 9/14, and as of 9/18, it's still out on a truck somewhere in the Midwest, according to tracking information.

5 Stars

August 28, 2012

, CA

Very delicious teas; they taste exactly what they smell like! So good and they satisfy my sweet tooth :)

5 Stars

YUMMY!!! August 25, 2012


Tampa, FL

This assortment of teas are VERY YUMMY and I really enjoy all of them!!!! I got a sample of the strawberry chocolate tea in my brochure that came awhile back ago and LOVED it, so I saw this assortment of chocolate teas and SO GLAD I got it to try them all! They are all YUMMY..my favorites if I had to pick are strawberry and peppermint. I will Definitely purchase again!

5 Stars

Oh Yummmmmm July 02, 2012


Gresham, OR

I am in love! A great way to stop a sweet tooth craving!

5 Stars

Great gift! February 22, 2012


Minneapolis, MN

I received this as a gift from a student this past Christmas. I have indulged myself with having a cup everyday for the past couple of weeks and now I need to purchase more. The Peppermint Chocolate is my favorite. Just yesterday in a meeting someone demanded to know what was the wonderful aroma. I smiled and said my chocolate tea. Great for tea and chocolate lovers.