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Another terrific tea

5 Stars Another terrific tea

from VA on wrote:

I've had difficulty finding good quality teas that are decaf and flavored, that I like. This is a winner. The ginger enhances the peach flavor perfectly. I drink gallons of brewed iced tea so when I toss a couple bags in with some decaf green tea this one is tough to beat.


5 Stars LOVE!!

from WI on wrote:

I have always told people that I am not a tea drinker and have in fact believed what I was telling them. That is until I really wanted the health benefits and found this tea. Due to health issues I cannot have caffeine and have always found that the decaffeinated teas sold in most stores were, for lack of a better word, just plain yucky, and so processed that I didn't feel any better after choking them down. This tea is delicious! Between this and the Get Clean that I ordered, I am pleasantly surprised that both are very flavorful and I am already feeling the benefits of both! I am now a tea drinker!

Ginger Peach Tea

5 Stars Ginger Peach Tea

from TX on wrote:

Just love the Ginger Peach Tea... It is my favorite. Have it every single day... I have enjoyed all the flavors I have bought from The Republic of Tea... My newest one is Blackberry with Sage. Thank you

Great product

4 Stars Great product

from CO on wrote:

This is a great-tasting tea that makes it possible for me to cut down on caffeine when I combine it with the regular ginger peach tea. Thanks!

I never liked Favoured Tea

5 Stars I never liked Favoured Tea

from NY on wrote:

I was not a person to try Flavored tea.Now I love them especially the Ginger Peach. I was so disappointed because Couldn't have a fortnight..too much caffeine...Now I have the decaffeinated and I can enjoy a grateful of tea at night....mmmmmmmmmm

One of My Favorites

5 Stars One of My Favorites

from CT on wrote:

I was turned on to Republic of Tea because of this tea, I tasted it at a friend's house and decided to get my own. It has a wonderful aroma, it tastes just like peaches and the ginger gives it just the kick it needs so it is not too sweet. Perfect for drinking any time.

Great tea

5 Stars Great tea

from WI on wrote:

It makes my day. I start every day with a cup of tea...and more throughout the day.

Green tea made delicious

4 Stars Green tea made delicious

from IL on wrote:

I love the black ginger peach tea that I've used since discovering in last summer. I tried the green tea version because of all the articles I've seen about the benefits of green tea. Green tea is not my favorite flavor, but this tea makes it a lot more delicious. However, I wish the peach flavor were more pronounced.

Great tasting

5 Stars Great tasting

from TX on wrote:

Love the ginger peach...the peach flavor softens the ginger... This is my favorite so far from Republic tea!

Great taste

5 Stars Great taste

from NJ on wrote:

This is my all time favorite. I love it's subtle sweet taste. It is very soothing. Love it!!

Go-to favorite

5 Stars Go-to favorite

from CA on wrote:

My daughter bought me some years ago, and it immediately became my favorite. I'll occasionally have another drink in the morning, but this is THE ONE I return to.

More Ginger Pease

More Ginger Pease

from CA on wrote:

I love this tea. I don't like peaches and yet I love this tea! It has a light flavor and would make a lovely iced tea.

Soothing flavor

5 Stars Soothing flavor

from CA on wrote:

Soothing flavor. I enjoy at least two cups a day. Very relaxing and enjoyable.

Awesome Gr. Ginger Peach

5 Stars Awesome Gr. Ginger Peach

from VT on wrote:

We have not had this tea in quite a long time. I have missed this flavor. It continues to be an awesome flavored tea. The flavor is subtle and the aroma is warming. It reminds you of past pleasant times.

Soothing & Gentle

5 Stars Soothing & Gentle

from FL on wrote:

Enjoy a cup or two a day of this delightful ginger peach flavor. Really sooths my vocal cords while it gives me a few peaceful moments. Thank you!

Excellent for soothing my vocal cords and esophagus.

5 Stars Excellent for soothing my vocal cords and esophagus.

from FL on wrote:

Love the taste. Hope to soon see that you have it available in full-leaf.

Great tea, quick shipping!

5 Stars Great tea, quick shipping!

from MI on wrote:

This tea is my favorite. The peach flavor is the best that I have tasted. I use it to make "sun tea" in the Summer months and my friends rave about it! It's a bit costly, but it's a special treat.

Great Pick-Me-Up Tea

5 Stars Great Pick-Me-Up Tea

from PA on wrote:

The peach adds just a touch of sweetness. Perfect for a lazy morning or an afternoon tea break.


5 Stars Refreshing!

from IL on wrote:

This is my first experience with Republic of Teas. Not my last to be sure. Love this refreshing tea.