Tea Leaf Readings

5 Stars

HugoPhila November 15, 2014

Kimberly Hugo

Philadelphia, PA

Refreshing and calorie limited.

5 Stars

Simply Fresh Strawberry August 24, 2014


Rosemount, MN

If you like strawberries then this is a tea you want to try. I will be buying this one again and again.

5 Stars

Strawberry lovers dream July 19, 2014


Chicago, IL

Nice amount of strawberry, do not need to add to much sweetener, very good tea, the flavor is not overwhelming.

5 Stars

Great Tasting Tea May 25, 2014


Albuquerque, NM

The combination of hibiscus and strawberry flavors make this a great tasting tea that is also healthy. It is an excellent replacement for soft drinks that contain artificial sweeteners or filled with sugar. I highly recommend this tea. Please continue to make this tea available well into the future. Thank you.

5 Stars

Hibiscus Garden May 02, 2014


South Pasadena, CA

I grow a few Hibiscus blossoms in my pots (I live in an apartment building), and I always enjoy their fragrance at the end of a hot day. This tea is a wonderful combination of Hisbiscus and Strawberry - a Delightful blend that caresses the senses and calms the weary soul. Absolute Delight!

5 Stars

Wonderfully refreshing! April 29, 2014


Lakeland, FL

This tea is a wonderfully refreshing iced drink with no sugar necessary. The strawberry infusion takes hibiscus tea to the highest level.

5 Stars

Great Guilt-Free Iced Beverage April 23, 2014


Indialantic, FL

I love this as a strawberry flavored iced tea. I add a little stevia to bring out the fruitiness and have a zero calorie beverage-guilt free.

5 Stars

Great for relaxing! April 03, 2014

Patricia Whittington

Florien, LA

This tea was very smooth, not overwhelming. It made me relax. Good to drink in the evening.

5 Stars

love this tea! March 31, 2014


Trenton, NJ

This is one of my favorite hibiscus teas ever! I sip several cups of it a day -- hot in the winter and cold in the summer. There are supposed to be many health benefits from Hibiscus tea. It is so much better than drinking soda or artificial beverages!

5 Stars

Love this tea March 01, 2014

Joyce Stanley

Sanford, NC

I absolutely love this tea. It really doesn't require any sweetener. The taste is fruity and refreshing and I just can't get enough of it.

5 Stars

Amazing flavor, not sweetened, doesn't need it January 16, 2014


Mesa, AZ

I ordered this tea because I've loved every hibiscus tea I've had from Republic of Tea and I wanted to try something I never had before. It didn't disappoint. The strawberry hibiscus tea isn't sweetened with stevia like some of the others I've tried (though also loved), and it doesn't need sweetened at all (I normally don't take my tea sweetened anyway). This is now one of 3 different teas that has become a staple for me in the evenings. It's amazing.

5 Stars

Strawberry Hibiscus Review December 16, 2013


McKay, ON

The first time I bought Strawberry Hibiscus was from Chapters bookstore. I found it very delicious and effective in relieving heartburn. So, I ordered a bulk package of 240 bags. I had my first cup today and it's as tasty as ever. I had heartburn before I drank a cup and now it's gone. Service was fast and very excellent. The only thing--FOR ME--I have to use 2 bags to get a really strong cup. But that's just me. Everyone is different. I'm so happy to have my delicious tea again. Thank you folks... Next time--I'll order my tea before I run out. Nora McKay Kitchener, Ontario

5 Stars

Great tea November 13, 2013


I drink it daily early evening... very refreshing!

5 Stars

strawberry heaven October 25, 2013


irvine, CA

Amazingly delicious smell of strawberry welcomes you with the relaxing taste of hibiscus. It is light enough to drink couple times a day. I haven't tried it cold yet but I am looking forward to it.

5 Stars

Best Strawberry Tea Ever!! May 05, 2013

Linda Brinkerhoff

Amsterdam, NY

I have always loved strawberry tea, but this is the best I have ever tasted. I love the strawberry and hibiscus is a wonderful combination. Please don't ever stop making it :)

5 Stars

Superb if you like hibiscus March 26, 2013


Oklahoma City, OK

If you like the tartness of hibiscus, and like strawberries, you will love this. It really is hibiscus and strawberry. I personally prefer the apple vanilla hibiscus because it makes the tartness smoother, but my husband loves the strawberry much more because of its tartness.

5 Stars

What a marvelous tea! March 03, 2013

Cheryl A. Aaaron

Chicago, IL

I sipped this tea for the first time at work last week. The smoothness of the flavor relaxed me. The aroma attracted a coworker. He added raw honey. He now shares my tea tin with me. Friday, one of our consultants, who loves fruity tea, tasted this tea and I suspect he too is now a Republic of Tea citizen...peace.

5 Stars

WOW!! February 26, 2013



Pretty color; wonderful aroma; fantastic taste! Will be buying another container of this for sure!

5 Stars

Surprisingly Delicious February 13, 2013


Richmond, VA

I purchased this tea on a whim when I bought a tin of my Republic Chai. It was my first Hibiscus tea and I bought it, not for the proposed health benefites, but because the reviews for this were all positive. Everyone was right. This truly is a delicious tea. I've had it both hot and cold and this is truly delicious either way. You can taste the strawberry with each sip and it tastes of a fresh strawberry, not artificial flavoring I've had in other tea brands.

5 Stars

AWESOME February 04, 2013


Clarkston, MI

I bought this on a whim. I wasnt sure that these flavors and my desire for a hot cup of tea would meld, however I was in for a surprise!!! I have to hide this tea now as it is the number one go to after dinner for anyone around. It is delightfully refreshing with the strawberry notes, and not overpowering all all. The perfect blend. Everyone on this end that has tasted it likens it to strawberry shortcake, but not just any strawberry shortcake, but the kind where you pick the berries fresh from the garden and pair them with fresh cream etc. etc.

4 Stars

It was good February 01, 2013


Dallas, TX

Would order again

5 Stars

"Love this Tea" January 30, 2013


Clarksville, TN

One of my co-workers had brought a tin of the strawberry hibiscus tea. I have always been more of a coffee drinker than a tea drinker. After tasting this tea, I was hooked. I love the smoothness of this tea and the sweetness of the strawberry flavor. I would highly recommend this tea to anyone who loves the taste of strawberries.

5 Stars

Hibiscus and Relaxation! January 14, 2013

Gary W Norman

Titusville, FL

I love Hibiscus! Many folks here eat the flowers right off of the bushes, including the Squirrels! Hibiscus is known to help lower Blood Pressure and this is such a wonderfully tasting tea! Sit back, truly relax, and enjoy!

5 Stars

Hibiscus and Strawberry - Yummmm !!! December 11, 2012

Clifford Riker

Montgomery, AL

Strawberry and Hibiscus is now one of my favorites. Smoothe and delicious. I love Hibiscus tea, so anything mixed with it has to be good and strawberry is one of my absolute favorite flavors.

5 Stars

Wonderful strawberry flavor! December 11, 2012


appomattox, VA

This is a wonderful sweet tea. I recently served it at a tea party and so many raved about its rich aroma and sweet flavor. I love it with a bit of lemon.

5 Stars

A tasty brew November 23, 2012


Cross Junction, VA

Sweet stawberry and mellow hibiscus, what a winner combination. Needs no sweetner so it is a perfect drink for those of us who want to loose weight without drinking a ton of sugar. I highly recommend it. Children would love it too. Sweet taste without the sugar "after hyperness" they get with sodas.

5 Stars

September 17, 2012


Oviedo, FL

enjoyed the scent and the taste of this tea hot. haven't tried it iced. I will be buying this again.

5 Stars

so so good August 27, 2012


Salt Lake City,

I love this tea iced. I took it with me to a reunion and served it to my family hot and mostly everyone loved it and asked for more. My grandma has never been a fan of tea and she is now because of this one. The kids really loved it too. I could drink it all day long. It has a wonderful balance of sweetness and tartness.

5 Stars

My favorite after dinner tea August 06, 2012


Olean, NY

This tea has a wonderful color AND taste. I drink it with 2 cubes of sugar and it makes a wonderful low-calorie dessert! Nice that it's also caffeine-free.

5 Stars

Refreshing March 20, 2012


Riverside, CT

Thoroughly enjoy this tea iced. With all the Hibiscus there's no need to add anything to enhance the flavor. The brewed aroma reminds me of strawberry season!

5 Stars

Strawberry WOW!!!!!!! February 29, 2012


, NJ

Outstanding strawberry taste mingled with the floral hibiscus flavor. This is the tea everyone in our house chooses, even at night, as it has no caffeine!! The aroma it creates is wonderful, and not a bad way at all to donate to Susan G Komen for the Cure!!

2 Stars

not a fan January 27, 2012


sour and not very pleasant. hibiscus does not blend well with this if drinking hot. when it cools down and you ADD SUGAR it tastes better, but on its own it is sour and gross.

5 Stars

Wish I could give it more teapots! December 08, 2011


Leominster, MA

Beyond fabulous - incredible fragrance and color. Love, love, love the taste!

5 Stars

Tasty Fragrant Tea! October 28, 2011


Plano, TX

Absolutely love this tea! The color is wild-the fragrance divine...but wait till you taste it! The strawberry is not over-powering and this tea is somewhat sweet by itself. I add a little honey to it and it's just a sip of heaven!

5 Stars

delicious October 24, 2011


Chicago, IL

It has a refreshing, utterly delicious fresh strawberry flavor, and a beautiful red hue when brewed. Well worth having to order it online (because I couldn't find any in my local Whole Foods).

5 Stars

Exceptionally Good! October 12, 2011


Ellijay, GA

This may be the best tea yet! Indescribably...mmmm.. PERFECT! Way to go, Republic! In a troubled world, there can be so much comfort and pleasure in a sip like this. I thank all your ministers, ambassadors, and your entire tasting cabinet.

5 Stars

My New Favorite October 03, 2011


Winter Park, FL

This is my new favorite tea. It bumped Pomegranate green tea aside--at least until I ran out! I'll be ordering a jumbo bag of this one for sure . . . Please keep it in your catalog!

5 Stars

EXCELLENT! September 19, 2011


Logan, UT

WOW! This is a great tea. I love fruity teas and I was worried about getting a cooked strawberry flavor. This is fresh, tart and delightful. It rings true of a fresh strawberry. The color is even cheerful! I highly recommend this to anyone who likes fruit teas or hibiscus teas. YUM!!!