So yummy!

5 Stars So yummy!

from TX on wrote:

This is may be my favorite chocolate tea. Just delightful.

Mmm bananas

4 Stars Mmm bananas

from AZ on wrote:

Smells like a cup of banana bread! It’s so delicious smelling and a really delightful tea. The tea tastes less like banana/chocolate but is a really nice tasting tea. I don’t personally put sugar/honey in my tea, but it’s plenty sweet without added sugars

Surprisingly Yummy!

4 Stars Surprisingly Yummy!

from IL on wrote:

The thought of a chocolate banana tea was intriguing. I'm on a very restrictive diet and am not supposed to have much, if any, chocolate. I miss is so much! I gave this a try. It's amazingly good. The taste of the fruit and chocolate are delicate but present, in a wonderful tea. I add a little honey and it satisfies my cravings for chocolate!

Banana Cuppa Chocolate Tea Bags

5 Stars Banana Cuppa Chocolate Tea Bags

from NY on wrote:

Holy this stuff is good. make it one way and banana makes it yummy, make it another way more Chocolately goodness comes out. would be better if I know HOW I did that but love this stuff. and IT"S OUT RIGHT NOW! ahhhh

Delicious sweet scent tea

5 Stars Delicious sweet scent tea

from CA on wrote:

whenever I crave for sweets but do not want to actually have them, I go for this tea, the aroma of chocolate and banana tricks your brain to think that you had something sweet.

Great as a late night treat!

5 Stars Great as a late night treat!

from OH on wrote:

This is fantastic. I thought it sounded just awful before trying it, to be honest. But I am HOOKED now. It's not overpowering, and it really does taste like a treat. I haven't needed to add any milk or sugar to it, but I can see how that would be great as well. Highly recommend if you want to really feel like you're treating yourself at the end of a long day.

Great scent, okay flavor

4 Stars Great scent, okay flavor

from MA on wrote:

The scent is very sweet and aromatic, but the taste isn't that strong to be honest. I think you need at least two tea bags to really get any flavor out of it. That said, it's nice to have a dessert tea around that doesn't contain any caffeine.

Yummy tea

5 Stars Yummy tea

from CT on wrote:

Normally I don't like anything banana flavored. But I really like this tea!

Neat tea twist!

5 Stars Neat tea twist!

from MD on wrote:

I feel all their teas need a splash of cream to really bring the flavors out. This tea is so smooth and has such a nice banana flavor without being overpowering. I make this frequently for myself at night to help curb my sweet tooth!

My all time favorite tea

5 Stars My all time favorite tea

from WA on wrote:

And I don't even really like bananas! LOL! I don't like the texture of bananas so I can drink this tea, get the great flavor, and no weird texture!

Banana Cuppa Chocolate

5 Stars Banana Cuppa Chocolate

from CT on wrote:

Velvety sipping flavors from start to finish.


5 Stars Banana-yum

from WA on wrote:

I enjoy many of the cuppa collections teas and this is my favorite for the chocolate teas. The banana flavor (similar to dried banana chips) is prominent and chocolate is mild. Delicious by itself or made decadent by adding some sugar and milk. I also love the plantain coconut tea and highly suggest giving it a try!

For chocolate and banana lovers

5 Stars For chocolate and banana lovers

from MO on wrote:

This is a great dessert tea or for any time you want something warm, sweet and indulgent, but without the guilt. This tea has just enough chocolate and banana flavors for a perfect balance. I love to brew this tea with a little dash of stevia (needs little to no added sweetener since it really is quite sweet on its own) and a splash of almond or cashew milk on chilly fall afternoons and cold winter evenings for a comforting treat. -No caffeine to interfere with sleep.

Banana cream Pie

5 Stars Banana cream Pie

from PA on wrote:

This tea made it seem like I was drinking a piece of Banana Cream Pie! I used it with some stevia and it is my go to "dessert" for my diet!

My All Time Favorite

5 Stars My All Time Favorite

from CA on wrote:

I discovered this while on a diet. This tea fulfilled a variety of dietary requirements. I wasn't supposed to consume drinks with caffeine or sugar. I add a few drops of stevia to add some sweetness which makes it a treat. I ultimately lost 100 pounds. In maintenance, I continue to drink it throughout the day and into the evening. I enjoy the taste and smell. Yum.

Delicious creamy banana chocolate flavor

5 Stars Delicious creamy banana chocolate flavor

from CT on wrote:

I tried many of the chocolate tea flavors by purchasing the variety pack, and this was definitely one of my favorites. Since these are chocolate teas, they are not going to be as thick and rich as actual hot chocolate. However, the banana flavor added a smoothness that made it seem creamier and richer than the others, and brought out the chocolate a bit more. I found that I liked to drink this mixed with some warmed-up milk and just a tiny bit of sweeter (I use 2 drops of liquid stevia).

Banana Please

5 Stars Banana Please

from DC on wrote:

I don't particularly taste any chocolate but I do taste banana, and it's good! Thanks for the unique enjoyable tea.


5 Stars Heaven

from PA on wrote:

This was the first of the chocolate teas I tried. I was skeptical at first but the aroma from the can was wonderful. The flavor was great but something was missing. I put in a little bit of cream and sugar - OH WOW - When I say heaven I mean HEAVEN. It turned into the flavor of Banana Cream Pie. With this and the Yerba Mate Latte I don't need a candy bar.

A cup of heavean

5 Stars A cup of heavean

from AK on wrote:

This tea is amazing. I cant believe the intense flavors, it is literally my go to when I want to eat something sweet, instead I brew a cup of


5 Stars Outstanding!

from MO on wrote:

This tea is exquisite! The blend of banana and chocolate is surprisingly wonderful. It's so good it makes me think I should be getting calories, and, with the splash of half-and-half I put in it, I guess I am.


5 Stars Amazing

from PA on wrote:

Love this tea! I'm not really a tea person but this really hits the spot. I have it at work at least once a day. I just put one splenda in it and it's perfect. I like things super sweet!

It surprised me, it was very good!

5 Stars It surprised me, it was very good!

from OR on wrote:

I love all kinds of flavored teas, but was hesitant at this combo. I was pleasantly surprised at how nice it was. The banana is not too overwhelming, just right, with that hint of chocolate. My favorite is to make this hot, with just a touch of stevia and cream. But my husband actually loves it cold, with just stevia. He makes it by the gallon! We have many many different teas from Republic of Tea, and use stevia in them all. The best non-bitter kind we found is from NOW brand called Better Stevia Extract Powder. No additives, only takes the tiniest bit.

My favorite Nite Cup

5 Stars My favorite Nite Cup

from WV on wrote:

I find this tea very comforting and relaxing right before bed...I enjoy a bit of milk in mine!

Loved this tea

5 Stars Loved this tea

from MO on wrote:

Loved this tea, I only wish there was more of it!!!!

Definitely worth it!

4 Stars Definitely worth it!

from MD on wrote:

This banana/chocolate combination is quite tasty. If there is anything missing, I would say that I get more of the chocolate flavor than banana. In any event, enjoy!


4 Stars Tasty

from AZ on wrote:

I was really surprised because this does taste just like chocolate bananas. While it's not a flavor I want all the time, it's a great desert tea, nice to sip after supper, relaxing from a hard day.

Going Banana's!

5 Stars Going Banana's!

from KS on wrote:

WOW! I love this flavor of tea! I drink it in the evening because it's Caffeine free. The flavors are blended nicely and not overpowering.

perfection in a cup

5 Stars perfection in a cup

from UT on wrote:

I was hesitant about this one, but the reviews were all very positive. I am not super fond of banana flavor, but I decided to try anyhow (bc I LOVE chocolate). This tea is perfection. It's not too banana-y but just right. The chocolate hints are amazing. I love this!

Great cup of tea

5 Stars Great cup of tea

from NY on wrote:

My husband and I are tea lovers so I bought 15 canisters as a Christmas gift. So far this one is my favorite. My husband is a tea purist and prefers a blend that is not too fussy but he found the banana chocolate tea to be delightful. This is a keeper for our home.

Banana Chocolate

5 Stars Banana Chocolate

from KY on wrote:

Very delicious with a real banana flavor - best part it is caffeine free...thanks for thinking of us who cannot tolerate caffeine.

All of the yummy & none of the guilt

5 Stars All of the yummy & none of the guilt

from NY on wrote:

It's all of the yummy & none of the guilt.

worth drinking to avoid banana chocolate cream pie

5 Stars worth drinking to avoid banana chocolate cream pie

from TX on wrote:

I work an overnight shift and will drink this tea when I want a dessert in the middle of the night.It helps satisfy the craving for banana chocolate cream pie.

Great Stress Reliever

4 Stars Great Stress Reliever

from NY on wrote:

This is a great tea. When I have a really rough day, I add a bit of Kahlua to this tea instead of sugar and it is amazing. Makes for a great hot toddy.



from on wrote:

Oh my goodness, gracious, sakes alive ... is this ever DIVINE! With THE REPUBLIC OF TEA, you can be assured of true and pleasing flavors in all of their selections. This BANANA CHOCOLATE is no exception! SO WONDERFUL in replacement of desserts! Served hot with a bit of sweetener and milk? WOW! 5 TEAPOT RATING - MOST CERTAINLY !!! TRULY A WONDERFUL, PLEASING, DELECTABLE DESSERT TEA, right along with two of my other ABSOLUTE FAVORITES you must know about ...RED TEA: POMEGRANATE VANILLA and ...COCONUT COCOA. WHOAH - I HIGHLY RECOMMEND! ENJOY!

So very perfect...

5 Stars So very perfect...

from OR on wrote:

A perfect balance...was so excited to see more rooibos options in stores (my health problems make it difficult to drink other teas). I find the chocolate is the first strong taste, but that banana comes in and it just makes me swoon. Perfect with sugar and a little milk. My new favorite dessert tea.

My kids love it

5 Stars My kids love it

from BC on wrote:

I bought this one for my son for his Christmas stocking. He has kept the tin in his room so it won't all disappear. We all like it a lot, usually with a bit of natural sugar and a dash of milk after school, at bed time or while reading on a lazy day.


5 Stars chocolate!

from AL on wrote:

if you love banana's and love chocolate this is wonderful. and this is really good hot or cold!!

Amazing Hot or Cold!

5 Stars Amazing Hot or Cold!

from IN on wrote:

Wonderful aroma - flavor is amazing. I shared it with the girls at work and everyone loves this tea! Great hot or new favorite snack!

it's okay

3 Stars it's okay

from WA on wrote:

I was torn....chocolate banana or chocolate mint. So I got both. Chocolate banana was okay but just didn't get me jazzed. So I will finish the container but probably won't keep buying it. Try might disagree with me.


4 Stars YUMMY!

from CA on wrote:

Tastes and SMELLS like bananas!!!! Add a bit of chocolate stevia and you are set!!!

Full banana flavor

5 Stars Full banana flavor

from OH on wrote:

Nice full banana flavor; very rich and satisfying. AND it's caffeine free! It is one of my absolute favorites. A real taste treat.

Not the best Republic of Tea product

2 Stars Not the best Republic of Tea product

from CA on wrote:

Definitely not one of my favorite teas... I can't taste much chocolate. Carob and banana is more what it tastes like...

Add Milk!

5 Stars Add Milk!

from on wrote:

This really grows on you. Very smooth and yummy. But when it's done steeping, take out the bag and add a splash of milk. That really sends this tea over the edge :) I feel it is a little boring without the milk. I add milk to the strawberry chocolate tea as well.


5 Stars Fantastic

from MO on wrote:

I had already tried the other chocolate teas & loved them. I do, however, believe that this one is my favorite. Normally, I always want something to nibble on with my teas, but not with this one.

No need for cream!!!

4 Stars No need for cream!!!

from on wrote:

You can taste the banana flavor. No need for cream to cover up the taste:)


5 Stars Wonderful!

from AZ on wrote:

I was pleasantly surprised with this tea. Smells great and tastes even better. Highly recommended with milk. It's a wonderful after dinner tea. Very pleasant.



from NJ on wrote:

A wonderful satisfying drink enjoyed by all my guests.

Just OK

3 Stars Just OK

from IL on wrote:

I love anything chocolate and was skeptical in purchasing a "chocolate" flavored tea. I have to say I'm not in love with it, but I don't hate it either. It won't be the first thing I reach for in my cabinet, but it is a nice change once in a while.

Comforting Bedtime Cuppa

4 Stars Comforting Bedtime Cuppa

from WI on wrote:

The flavors are perfectly blended; neither is overpowering. Definitely not too sweet, it has a rich flavor without being heavy. Even without milk there is a "body" to the tea that is satisfying. I love to have a cup before bed. The tea bag sits in a dish on my nightstand, wafting the yummy smell during the night.


5 Stars FANTASTIC tea!!!

from WA on wrote:

I saw this tea and it immediately reminded me of the banana hot chocolate I could get from the vending machines in Japan. Hmmm ... I thought. I wonder if it would taste the same ... I'm hear to tell ya that it does have the same FANTASTIC taste! The first taste to hit the taste buds is the banana followed immediately after by the taste of sweet chocolate. What makes it all the better is that it is calorie free rooibos tea with all the benefits of anxioxidants. I definitely give this tea a 5 teapots rating!

I've died and gone to banana chocolate heaven

5 Stars I've died and gone to banana chocolate heaven

from CA on wrote:

Now I don't consider myself much of a tea connoisseur, but I can say with absolute confidence that this is the best guilt-free guilty pleasure I've ever had the pleasure to drink. The decadent flavors are so good, it's almost like drinking a banana chocolate milkshake without the ice cream. I add a little bit of chocolate stevia to this tea and who'd know this taste-laden drink could be so flavor-filled, yet calorie-free. I also use the steeped tea as a liquid replacement in dessert recipes such as muffins and have even more guilt-free deliciousness. But you probably won't like it, so don't buy it and leave more for me!

Really smells like banana

4 Stars Really smells like banana

from CA on wrote:

We are fans of most things banana in our house. I love the Strawberry Chocolate so I thought we would enjoy this as well. This really smells like banana and is a very unique rooibos blend. I still prefer the Strawberry Chocolate or the Caramel Apple over this one.

Not sure... will try a few more times

3 Stars Not sure... will try a few more times

from CA on wrote:

The banana scent is strong, similar to banana flavored candy. The flavor is more of a tea flavor. Hint of chocolate is very subtle. I'm not sure that I'm sold on the banana, but I've only tried it once. I'll try it a couple more times to see if it grows on me.

interesting and nice

4 Stars interesting and nice

from NC on wrote:

I like this tea. It's a really unique flavor, not overpowering at all. The aroma is amazing. I love it with a splash of whole milk. I do wish it was a little more chocolatey though :)


5 Stars Delectable!!!

from PA on wrote:

Love this one! The aroma and taste makes me feel so peaceful like I am in the tropics. Such a family favorite that I buy the large bulk replacements.

Love it

5 Stars Love it

from on wrote:

I love the tea, but I step it up a notch by combining it with Republic's Coconut Cocoa and a dash of Nestle's Pure Vanilla...awesome after dinner treat or for craving fix.

1 word...

5 Stars 1 word...

from CA on wrote:

AMAZING!!!! I had my doubts, but this tea is SO great...tastes like desert, especially with a little stevia!

Way too good to be guilt free

5 Stars Way too good to be guilt free

from MO on wrote:

This is what keeps me on track for my diet. I love this tea straight up and also love it with a tiny bit of skim milk. It smells like a banana split and gives you just enough of the flavor to be satisfied when that sweet craving hits. I took a tin to work and now have three co-workers hooked


4 Stars Banana!!

from on wrote:

That's very great tea. After I sipped it's spread banana flavor in my mouse. But it's a little weak chocolate flavor than I thought.

Good stuff!

5 Stars Good stuff!

from WV on wrote:

This is good tea, I decided to try it tonight with a "splash" of milk, and liked it even better. I have to say though that I would like more chocolate flavor and less raspberry flavor.


5 Stars Yum!

from TX on wrote:

I was a little nervous about this one, but it is so good! I can see needing another tin soon!


5 Stars Excellent

from GA on wrote:

Very balanced flavor of chocolate and banana. Very good... a great way to start off the morning (without a caffeine boost).

5 Stars

from OR on wrote:

I have loved all of the chocolate teas, and this one is super.

Good if you like bananas

3 Stars Good if you like bananas

from CA on wrote:

This one is yummy especially with some honey, but I made a banana chocolate smoothie by steeping 3 tea bags then putting it in the blender, adding ice and almond milk and it was yummy!


5 Stars Banana?

from CA on wrote:

Who'd have thought that banana would make such a lovely flavoring for tea. Sweet(but not too sweet)and rich. Hope this will not be a limited edition offering.