Great probiotic that is self contained to preserve useful Bacteria.

5 Stars Great probiotic that is self contained to preserve useful Bacteria.

from NC on wrote:

I am thoroughly convinced that the health of the stomach is the health of the person. I have been taking probiotics with prebiotics for years. I am thrilled that I can now sip great tea and have a probiotic that can be steeped and still preserve its usefulness. Chatted about the bacteria and how it is preserved. Amazing process! Try it ... you will like it and it will like you!

This tea helps nature do its thing πŸ˜ƒ

5 Stars This tea helps nature do its thing πŸ˜ƒ

from NY on wrote:

I figured probiotics can’t hurt and tea is a nice low cal way to get them

Rev up your metabolism

5 Stars Rev up your metabolism

from MD on wrote:

I drink this tea as part of my daily regimen. It is so important to include probiotics in your meal plan and this is a flavorful way to do just that!

A happy stomach

5 Stars A happy stomach

from WY on wrote:

I love tea in the winter but I have had stomach problems the last two years and have not been able to drink some of the teas I love so much. I can drink as much as I want without problems and I love the taste.

Love This Tea

5 Stars Love This Tea

from KY on wrote:

My first purchase of the probiotic tea. My first use was/is today...I added 2 tea bags to 1/2 carafe of coffee....when I smelled the aroma! I'm hooked! As a terminal cancer patient, I'm on numerous meds, of course, which wreck havoc on my poopchute. And that is miserable. I'm hoping the tea gets things in order but I love cinnamon so much! I'll keep this tea on the counter. Also excited to sip sip this YUM YUM YUM! tasting tea not in my coffee. Thank you for a fabulous tasting tea.

My go-to tea

5 Stars My go-to tea

from MO on wrote:

I absolutely love this tea and I'm thankful I took the risk and tried it out. I have a lot of stomach and digestive issues due to stress, IBS, and sometimes poor food choices and drinking this is comfort in a cup. It tastes like warm morning oatmeal and it is easy on my stomach when it hurts. Thank you ROT, please never discontinue this.

Originally purchased for my wife

5 Stars Originally purchased for my wife

from WA on wrote:

My wife has IBS & there is nor cure only help. I read the reviews about this blend and its probiotics component. I suggested that she try. She is not really "hep" about tea. She found the flavor agreeable and added it to to her regime of things that help Probiotics, Gluten Free, & added fiber. That was 750 bags ago, Sips it usually, all day, likes it cold and it helps. Brew up 4 bags in a little over a quart of just quit boiling filtered tap water. Set the timer for 7 min. Add 1.5 tablespoons of honey. Now me, I'm a tea sipper from a while ago. All Kinds. My wife wants this brew cold, usually adds ice. If I'm lucky I get there just after the honey has been added and obtain a hot cup of this, to me, very tasty tea. YUM I do like this one. Incidentally re: "sips it usually all day" - my wife says this brew aids her control, and relieves some of the symptoms.


4 Stars Works

from WI on wrote:

I stopped using my stomach prescription when I got this tea. I have not taken the medication now for about eight months. Keeps me regular, settles my stomach, and I have not had many bad days! Taste? Didn't like at first but I think it's okay now. Better than taking another pill.

Reminds me of oatmeal

3 Stars Reminds me of oatmeal

from OK on wrote:

All I could think upon first sip and each sip thereafter is that this tea had an earthy taste and reminded me of something hot I used to eat for breakfast. I couldn't pinpoint what it reminded me of, but I think it reminds me of oatmeal. It's not a bad flavor, but it tastes more like the basic taste of cooked oats than it does of say, maple and brown sugar, or apples and cinnamon, for examples. Adding sweetener, and adding sweetener and cream, did not change the taste a bit, so there really isn't any point in adding to it. I usually drink a cup of a fermented yogurt drink every morning, but had this tea today instead. The best advantage is that it doesn't have calories. I've never tasted a tea that tastes like this one, and think it can be an acquired taste. I don't hate it, but at this point I wouldn't be drinking it for the taste alone--only for the probiotic benefits, which are definitely real. I think it said in the ingredient list something about limon. I didn't taste lemon or lime at all, and don't think I really tasted any vanilla. It is not a bad tea at all. Not my favorite.

Great Tea

5 Stars Great Tea

from CO on wrote:

I really like this tea. It really soothes and balances out my digestive system. I take it with me when I travel.

A good non-caffeine tea

4 Stars A good non-caffeine tea

from CA on wrote:

I was looking for another non-caffeinated tea for bed plus at the time my stomach seemed to be acting funny. And since I like vanilla almond, the ingredient list seemed to match well. I tried the "Get Clean" before because that had vanilla and almonds, but I really didn't like its strong chicory root taste. It's not currently listed on the ingredient list, but my canister lists chicory root as the 4th ingredient on "Get Probiotic" so at first I was surprised at the chicory taste, but it's not as strong so I was able to get used to it. Otherwise it tastes pretty good: nice and mellow with its light vanilla and cinnamon flavors.


5 Stars WORKS!

from MN on wrote:

This tea is AMAZING! I always bring with me when I travel! I now use it when I am not traveling and the results are great! Works better then any pill probiotic I have ever taken. It keeps your body feeling light and clean.

Get Probiotic

5 Stars Get Probiotic

from IL on wrote:

Excellent tea really works for my digestive issues

feeling better

5 Stars feeling better

from CA on wrote:

I was feeling bloated and was having stomach issues, I've tried Get Some Zzz, and Get Wellness, so I decided to give Get Probotic a try. I'm glad I did, my stomach feels better, and the bloated sensation is gone. Not bad tasting either as reviews I had read were mixed about the taste.

Tea helps with my digestion

4 Stars Tea helps with my digestion

from PA on wrote:

This tea helps with digestive woes I've had all my life. I like it!

Great probiotic

5 Stars Great probiotic

from MO on wrote:

This tea has helped to correct my daughter's digestive issues. She is 21 and has had issues most of her life. Of course, it isn't the cure, but it certainly helps.

This contains Soy

This contains Soy

from MA on wrote:

I was prepared to try this in spite of the comments regarding taste until I looked at the ingredients and saw that it contains Soy. Soy is toxic to a lot of people. It makes you lethargic, headachy and otherwise miserable. I won't be using this product

get Probiotic tea

1 Star get Probiotic tea

from NL on wrote:

Mmmm I just absolutely Love this tea and it works like a charm.

LOVE this tea - helped with my digestion

5 Stars LOVE this tea - helped with my digestion

from CA on wrote:

I am always looking for an opportunity to increase my probiotic intake. I take them 2x daily via a pill and now I drink this tea every night. This really helps with my digestion issues - IBS, bloating, food reactions, etc. I order this tea by the big bag - I'm a HUGE fan!

I cannot imagine that anyone could like this taste

1 Star I cannot imagine that anyone could like this taste

from KY on wrote:

This tea tasted so badly that I could not finish a cup. I don't know what that musty taste is, but it is not something I can tolerate.

4 Stars

from on wrote:

it is good

This Tea Saved Me!

This Tea Saved Me!

from MO on wrote:

I have had chronic constipation for years, and it has been especially bad the last 2 years. I hate taking things to force the digestive process but had to do so at least every 2 weeks or so, and it always resulted in painful discomfort to seriously affecting my ability to function for several days (from the stool softeners/laxatives etc.) I decided to try this tea on a lark. I had tried probiotic yogurt with slight but not reliable results. Because of this tea, I have not had to resort to any of these medications in 2 months. I have never been more regular, and I feel so much better. I experience no discomfort any more. THIS TEA SAVED ME! The taste is really nice, and IT WORKS!!!!



from CA on wrote:

This tea had a great flavor! I did not sweeten it at all yet it had its own slightly sweet, slightly spicy, slightly citrusy flavor. It helped alot with my tummy troubles too, I felt results almost instantly. I will definitely be ordering alot more of this tea!

Stevia is not my cup of tea

1 Star Stevia is not my cup of tea

from AZ on wrote:

I love the tea, but I didn't read the label close enough it contains Stevia which leaves an after taste in my mouth. When I sweeten a tea I will use honey or agave. I have been drinking Republic of Tea for over 6 years and enjoy it. I buy tin rounds, tin's and also the big bags when I find one special tea I can't do without.

I actually like the flavor.

I actually like the flavor.

from GA on wrote:

Near by coffee shop, Rev, serves this. This tea got me interested in Republic of Tea.


5 Stars Flavor

from TN on wrote:

I can't say I've noticed a significant change from drinking this tea, but this is definitely my daily sip. I love the flavor and it does provide some relief when I've overindulged.

1 Star

from on wrote:

I was very excited to try this tea because I have IBS, but I cannot stand the taste of the tea to even finish a cup. The tea is slightly sweet and leaves a weird after taste. I love all of the other teas made especially Plum Berry Green Tea, but this one is just not my cup of tea.

I personally love the taste

5 Stars I personally love the taste

from TN on wrote:

I don't like to add sugar or anything to my teas, so the slight naturally sweet flavor in this is perfect for me. I personally haven't noticed any difference in my digestion (didn't have problems prior. But as a person that drinks tea all day long, so I am enjoying adding this caffeine free probiotic tea to my collection.

Does the trick but tastes awful

2 Stars Does the trick but tastes awful

from on wrote:

Ok so, after loving the get georgious and the smart teas I was keen to try this one. The good news: Made my tummy feel very happy. The bad news: I couldn't stand the taste.

Maybe for some

3 Stars Maybe for some

from CA on wrote:

I have IBS and was hoping this tea would be my savior. It did actually help a bit but the taste is weird and it made my stomach hurt while drinking it. I don't think I'll be ordering more of it.


5 Stars LOVE

from NH on wrote:

So I am a huge skeptic, and heard all these amazing things about probiotics and never jumped on the craze. So when I bought this it was because a friend recommended it and said it tastes amazing. With that said I ABSOLUTELY love this tea, it tastes amazing and I feel it helps balance my digestive system. I have IBS and acid reflux and havent had any issues since I started drinking the tea last week. THANK YOU Republic of Tea!

I Can't Say Enough Great Things About This Tea. It Works!

5 Stars I Can't Say Enough Great Things About This Tea. It Works!

from TX on wrote:

I admit I was skeptical of this tea at first. I have Gerd and Irritable Bowel Syndrome have suffered for years from these two diseases. For several years my Doctors placed me on Nexium and I took the Nexium for years until it stopped working and plus I was tired of taking it. I became determined to try and reverse my problems on my own and was largely able to do that through diet changes, exercises, etc. However, my stomach still gave me problems although not as many as before. So I took this tea. And WOW! The first night I drank the tea it not only calmed my stomach, it seemed to calm my muscles and was a great stress reliever. I slept like a baby that night. I sleep like a baby every night I take the tea and my stomach problems have gone away. This is a very effective product.

Great Stuff!

5 Stars Great Stuff!

from on wrote:

After drinking this tea, my digestive system is now regular. It seems like a little miracle in a cup that I never knew existed. The taste of the tea is comforting and I usually add a little honey for sweetness.

It reminds me of Cider

5 Stars It reminds me of Cider

from FL on wrote:

This tea reminds me a lot of Cider. At first I wasn't too sure if I liked it or not, but once I added some honey to sweeten it I loved it!

Peace at last!

5 Stars Peace at last!

from CA on wrote:

Pleasant enough tasting to serve to company, and strong enough medicine to have stopped my IBS (caused by necessary medication)...without the dairy factor in most other OTC remedies...I'm delighted!