Tea Leaf Readings

5 Stars

Bodum Assam teapot, red December 11, 2013


Manhattan, KS

Very pretty and simple (all zen :) ) affordable teapot. Purs without spilling, unlike the tinier version of the same design. I used the tinier version for the past 15 years but now my triplets want to drink tea too and I end up short of tea :). Totally love this teapot, and I have 4-5 teapots altogether, including a Japanese cast iron one, a Japanese clay one, the tiny version of this one, and an art deco stoneware antique. I love that it is a press, this makes the nicest tea. Except the antique all have sieves, put only my Bodums are presses. Among glass teapots I picked this one for shape and color. Price is a bonus!

4 Stars

Perfect for beginners October 21, 2012


Boonton, NJ

This was purchased for my office. We are just learning about teas and loose leaf teas. This makes 3 cups at a time and works well for us in the office. The only down side is getting all of the tea leaves out of the infuser. We all love it!