Tea Leaf Readings

3 Stars

Ice Ice Baby

Sunnyvale, CA

I love to drink hot tea at home or at work year round! However, when I'm at a restaurant I always order iced tea. I recently ran out of my "other brand" of black tea and wanted to try something different. So as a first time customer I purchased the Sweet Tea Classic and didn't like the licorice undertone. In general, I don't like black licorice. I would actually rate this 1 teapot if served warm. I wish I had read the ingredients before purchasing this. Luckily, Andrea from Lake Stevens, WA said, "I prefer it cold over ice." I have to say, I also prefer it cold over ice. In fact, it's pretty good cold! Served cold I would give this 5 teapots. Now I just have to get use to drinking iced tea at home!

5 Stars

GREAT Sweet Tea

Lake Stevens, WA

This tea is fabulous. I prefer it cold over ice. It has just enough sweet to be yummy but not too much. I could drink this all day. I am already almost done with the can I ordered ...Time to reorder. If you are looking for a nice black sweet tea you won't be disappointed.

5 Stars

Best Guest at Afternoon Tea

Paradis, LA

Delicious pick-me-up for the afternoon slumps. No bitter undertones. Excellent break from any task.

5 Stars

Great Tea for Combinations

Boulder, CO

Delighted to find this tea. I use a large cup so in general I find using one bag is too little and two bags are too much. However, one bag of the Black Sweet tea combined with one bag of the Lucky Irish tastes great.

4 Stars

Different - yes, but nice

Montreal, VT

The black tea taste is there but of course it is less strong. You cannot expect different from a mix with herbs. The little sweet hint reminds me of ginger green tea. If you like to try new things, this is definitely for you.

4 Stars

Really Enjoyable

Naples, FL

Quite interesting. Fresh, light taste for a black tea with a hint of sweetness. Not a sugar type sweet. More like a hint of honey. Enjoy it - my wife and I do.

5 Stars


Gresham, OR

This is the very best for making iced tea that I have ever had. I just ordered more, I am drinking a lot of it in the heat here in Oregon.

3 Stars

Not my cup of tea

ohio, OH

It wasn't that this tea was horrible, for some folks it might be quite nice. But I found the flavor weak, a bit unusual and it just doesn't taste especially sweet to me, even though I often drink tea black and thought I'd notice a big difference. Just very meh.

4 Stars

enjoyed it

Palos, IL

pretty good - took a little getting used to - but definitely nice for those who like sweet tea but can't deal with calories.

1 Star


Lancaster, PA

It's different from what I expected. It tastes so weird.