Simply delightful!

5 Stars Simply delightful!

from FL on wrote:

I'm usually a little wary of fruity teas because I haven't had much luck with them, but this one looked so intriguing I had to take the chance. I'm really glad I did. It's a fine tea, and very tasty iced.

Celebration Tea - ABSOLUTELY

5 Stars Celebration Tea - ABSOLUTELY

from VA on wrote:

I'm just now getting to enjoy this tea after having it on my shelf for a while. It has a lovely aroma and a light delicious flavor with floral notes.

Lovely flavored black tea

5 Stars Lovely flavored black tea

from MA on wrote:

I drink over 2 L of brewed loose tea every day, and while I tend to favor oolongs and single-source whites, I keep coming back to the sweet comfort of this tea. Given that the flavoring can cover a multitude of sins, I very much wish that you offered this in a decaffeinated tea! I find that the flavor is perfect for the evening, but I'm too sensitive to caffeine to drink it then.

Little slice of heaven

5 Stars Little slice of heaven

from IN on wrote:

I love, love, love this tea. Fragrant on your nose, fragrant on your palate. When I've had a bad day I come home and this is the first thing I reach for. Please never stop making it.

A surprising delight

5 Stars A surprising delight

from OR on wrote:

At first I found this Celebration Tea quite bitter, but when I reduced the water temperature to 200° and brewed less tea in eight ounces of water, what a delight! It's an elegant, exotic, sophisticated flavor reminiscent of an eighteenth-century ballroom with candles and chandeliers. A Mozart of black teas.

Limiting package sizes

4 Stars Limiting package sizes

from AL on wrote:

I really like this tea. What happened to the 3.5 oz refill? I don't want to pay for another tin and don't want the huge bulk package. Guess I'll go over to Teavana to see what they have. Very disappointing.

Best tea ever

5 Stars Best tea ever

from MI on wrote:

This was the best tea ever. Had to reorder the larger size, can't get enough of this flavor. Once you open the tin you can tell this is going to be wonderful.


5 Stars Amazing!

from OH on wrote:

When steeped correctly, this is a lovely black tea, with no bitterness, and just a hint of sweet already built in. The scent is also wonderful. It's a personal favorite of mine.

Worth the effort of looking hard for it

5 Stars Worth the effort of looking hard for it

from TX on wrote:

Love the taste, and you can taste the floral hints, only enough to please the palate, and not overwhelm. I thought myself very elegant when I first bought it, (it was actually for a celebration), brought it to work, and everyone loved it. They stopped selling it at my local specialty store, but I'm glad I found it online.

Best tea ever

5 Stars Best tea ever

from IN on wrote:

please make this forever it always gets rave reviews when served to guests. Wonderful iced or hot !!

Lovely alternative to your usual brew

5 Stars Lovely alternative to your usual brew

from NJ on wrote:

A nice surprise. This tea is light but flavorful, and not at all fruity or artificial, despite the grape and floral influences.

Celebratory Taste

5 Stars Celebratory Taste

from CA on wrote:

This is one of my first into the foray of tea drinking. Having been a heavy coffee consumer I wanted to branch out and explore the loose leaf teas that were available. I was also impressed by how the descriptor of the tea actually matched how I perceived the taste. Cheers to New Beginnings.

Very tasty!

5 Stars Very tasty!

from UT on wrote:

This tea is very enjoyable. I bought it as a sample and made it hot this morning. Love the subtle notes of white grape and vanilla, and the ceylon rounds it all out. Initially wasn't sure because I'm sensitive to the caffeine in black tea, but I'm glad I decided to try. Will buy again!

celebrate tea time

5 Stars celebrate tea time

from NC on wrote:

This is a beautiful tea perfect for afternoon. Complex flavors of fruit & flowers make it very similar to European teas. The vanilla makes it aromatic and helps ease my headaches. I hope this will be available forever because it is my favorite Celebration tea!

Delish <3

5 Stars Delish <3

from FL on wrote:

I actually really, really enjoy this tea. I got the sample deal so I can try a few different teas to see what I like, and Celebration was the first I've tried. I rather like the bouquet this tea has, and I live that grape flavor. I will definitely be ordering this really, really soon.

very tasty tea

5 Stars very tasty tea

from PA on wrote:

Just perfectly yummy.

Great for ice tea

4 Stars Great for ice tea

from MN on wrote:

I drink mostly red teas. Thought this celebration tea would be fun with the flowers and all--but a bit too much bouquet. I drink most of my tea as room temperature "ice" tea. And when I let this tea go cold--it has great flavor and quite a bit less flowery scent. A great ice tea and a good hot tea.


5 Stars Aromalicious!

from CA on wrote:

Love everything about this tea. Whenever I need a warm hug inside this is the one for me


5 Stars LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!!!

from FL on wrote:

I first ordered this to try because the colors in it were beautiful and your description sounded very enticing. My love affair with it began even before the first sip when I sniffed the wonderful aroma. The first sip (and each of many, many sips thereafter) have convinced me that I want this tea in my life to stay. I only allow myself to drink it a couple or three times a week because it has become my special treat to relax in the evening with a cup (or two or three) and a good book. I certainly hope you never discontinue this one!

Tastes like a celebration!

5 Stars Tastes like a celebration!

from WI on wrote:

I received this tea as a gift last year & since have made many pots on a cold winter afternoon. I used my coffee press to brew the tea. This is a "beautiful"tea - in the fresh flavor & the graceful colors of petals & tea leaves dancing in the pot. It truly does taste like champagne & is a celebration of flavor. I'm so glad this tea is still available - don't want to run out again!

20th Anniversary Tea Review

5 Stars 20th Anniversary Tea Review

from IA on wrote:

I love the aroma of this tea, however, I believe it is an acquired taste and not just one or two cups would a person be able to decide for or against it - I am not a tea connoisseur and I don't drink this every day - I save it for when I have Greengage Jam from England on my English muffins.

My Favorite Tea

5 Stars My Favorite Tea

from ID on wrote:

This is my favorite tea, perfect combination of flavors. I enjoy it morning, afternoon or evening. Please keep it as a regular tea offering.


5 Stars Delicious

from AZ on wrote:

Celebration tea has a full flavor profile, a pleasant combination between fruity, sweet, and robust. A true treat.


1 Star disapointed

from OR on wrote:

this tea was too flowerly for my taste. I gave it a second chance and had the same opinion. I then gave it to my sister and a friend from Japan and they didn't like it either. This is the first tea of yours that I have not liked. I will stick with my favorites.

Good, but not my favorite

3 Stars Good, but not my favorite

from MI on wrote:

This tea is good, but I will likely not reorder it. It definitely has a distinctive floral, almost soapy note. Once you add sweetener, it seems to cut the floral taste a bit. It's VERY strong smelling in the can, almost like grape Kool Aid! It's a nice blend but likely not a reorder for me.

How can you not love this!

5 Stars How can you not love this!

from on wrote:

If you did not like this tea the first time you brewed it, you likely steeped it too long. It's fragile but complex and if you don't oversteep, no more than 3 minutes, it's magnificent in both aroma and flavor. It does, however, get bitter quickly if it's allowed to soak, so don't. I have gone through 3 cans of it and will order more.

5 Stars

from MO on wrote:

A delightful, tasty blend that seems marked for special occasions! I like it brewed strong with a splash of milk.

Not drinkable!

1 Star Not drinkable!

from CA on wrote:

I just brewed up my first cup of this tea and was sorely disappointed. This is the strangest tasting tea I ever had, and I am going to have to throw the rest out.

Unique and Delicious

5 Stars Unique and Delicious

from KY on wrote:

A fruit tea unlike any other fruit tea I've ever had. It seems crude to call it "grape tea" but that's essentially the effect, and it works incredibly well. There's a fantastic and complex balance here of a delicious sweet wine grapiness, a smooth black ceylon base, and light floral notes to balance it all out. I'm glad this is no longer being listed as "limited edition" because my family and I would hate to see it disappear!

Very Different

4 Stars Very Different

from NJ on wrote:

This teas was definitely different than any other tea i've ever had. It's very fruity and has a pretty heavy grape scent, but the grape flavor is not as strong! It's tasty, but i'll need to be in the mood to enjoy it!

Didn't Last

2 Stars Didn't Last

from UT on wrote:

I loved the complex flavors in this tea from the beginning. Unfortunately the tea went bitter long before it's expiration date. I have lots of tea from ROT and this is the first I've had a problem with going bad before it should. The flavor was wonderful and complex; wished it lasted!

A great way to start the new year!

5 Stars A great way to start the new year!

from AZ on wrote:

I thought this tea was going to taste weird, but I bought it anyway to try it. It is wonderful! Fruity, with the essence of champagne. I love it!

I love English Breakfast and Darjeeling

3 Stars I love English Breakfast and Darjeeling

from CA on wrote:

This is very pleasant, but I don't like it enough to purchase more of it. BUT my family loves it. They are drinking it. I am the ONLY one that has reservations. Based on that, I will say this is a very good flavor for them. It is smooth.

A different taste and a real pleasure

5 Stars A different taste and a real pleasure

from PA on wrote:

This tea is my very favorite, and have re-ordered after I tasted I once. I tried Comfort and Joy tea, Tea of Great Tidings, Spiced Plum, Orange Blossom tea and the Celebration of Tea. All wonderful, but this one and Tidings of great Joy are my favorites. The Orange Blossom tea is a bit too subtle for me, as I like full flavor. Wish these others came in bags, but I do the teapot thing and it is very tasty. I will want this when mine gets all. Should have it all year around. And certainly keep making the 20th Celebration Tea!!!

too grapey and artificial-tasting

1 Star too grapey and artificial-tasting

from PA on wrote:

I ordered 2 tins of this tea based on the rave reviews (and the fact that it was not available in my local stores that carry ROT teas). I was sadly disappointed. I like fruity teas, in general, but this one has an overpowering scent and flavor of grape, and not in a good way. It reminded me of grape-flavored Kool Aid or Jello. I am trying to use it up by diluting it with plain black or green tea, but will not be ordering it again.



from PA on wrote:

This tea is amazing! The aroma, the flavor... I took this to my office... EVERYONE lined up to try a taste. Many wanted to know how to get it! You've GOT to try this excellent black tea!

Love it!

5 Stars Love it!

from NC on wrote:

I usually don't care for floral teas, but I was intrigued by the ingredients. What a delightful surprise. I love this tea and hope that it's kept in stock for many more years.

LOVED this one!

5 Stars LOVED this one!

from TN on wrote:

I love this tea so much, I ordered a dozen tins. Wish it came in larger quantities. It has a very different flavor, very light, but not weak. Excellent!

Not My Cup of Tea

1 Star Not My Cup of Tea

from NC on wrote:

I was expecting layers of balanced flavor as is usual with Republic's flavored teas. All I could taste was the perfume of the flowers, not the tea.

Definitely a celebration

5 Stars Definitely a celebration

from MA on wrote:

From the very beginning upon opening the container you are gifted with the wonderful aroma of the dry tea. Then while it is brewing you inhale the beautiful scents of warming memories of fruit and blossoms and when you finally begin to drink this amazing blend, your taste buds carry you away to a land of wonderful dreams.


5 Stars Magnificent

from MA on wrote:

This tea is unique and delicious. It truly is a celebration when I am enjoying this tea.

keep this one as a regular

5 Stars keep this one as a regular

from WA on wrote:

I ordered a couple of tins earlier this year. Such a pleasure to drink it. I liked it so well that I was pleased to see it still available and hope it will be a regular offering. It's just delicious whether I drink a mug of it in the morning instead of my one mug of...please per day, or I drink it later in the day into the evening. It's fun trying to figure out which of the various flavors in this tea I'm picking up and when it's all done, I just plain like it.


5 Stars Wonderful

from DE on wrote:

Don't usually go for the flavored teas, but a big thumbs up for this one. I hope it is such a big hit that the Ministry decides to keep it in the lineup.


5 Stars Amazing

from FL on wrote:

This tea smells and tastes wonderful. It's heady, rich, and really just gets the job done. I'm now on my 4th tin, and each time I see it in the store I panic a little that it's may only be available for a limited time. It's the my favorite of all the teas I've ever tasted. Very special.

2 Stars

from OH on wrote:

Tea is smooth, but added essence is unsavory, it almost seems to taste of rubber. I would strongly recommend the Earl Greyer or All Day Breakfast, but this tea doesn't suit my tastes at all.

5 Stars

from on wrote:

Love this blend. Hope you keep it.

Vexing, but good

4 Stars Vexing, but good

from OK on wrote:

A good tea with a natural creaminess. Very smooth, even for a black tea. I find it really is a celebration tea, and while it's enjoyable, I can't drink more than a cup at a time, and usually not in the same week. That's not to say it's a bad tea, it's just very different.

So good!

5 Stars So good!

from TN on wrote:

Just received this tea in the mail about 15 minutes ago, along with the Wild Blueberry and the Goji Raspberry Green Tea.. The Celebration is my favorite of all of the teas i've tried so far. I'm a new tea lover, and this is perfect! I am excited about trying the Blueberry!! Will buy more.. hope they keep this one for good!!


5 Stars Mmmmm...

from VT on wrote:

this is my favorite of all teas...and that's saying something! Not only does it have a very delicate, mouth-pleasing flavor, but it smells wonderful too. So if you don't want to actually drink a cup, one sniff of its delicious scents is like aromatherapy - good for your soul! I highly recommend this tea.

I would give his one more than a 5!

5 Stars I would give his one more than a 5!

from TN on wrote:

This is one of the best teas I have ever tasted! It is significantly different from other teas. Light and refreshing, but with substance. It should be offered in bags as well as loose.

OMG This tea is amazing!!!!

5 Stars OMG This tea is amazing!!!!

from CA on wrote:

I'm in crazy about this tea! I love it! The flavor is just absolutely perfect. Floral and fruity. Please please please please make this a staple product!

20th Anniversary Tea

5 Stars 20th Anniversary Tea

from IA on wrote:

This tea has a lovely bouquet and taste and goes every so well with toasted English muffins spread with Greengage jam from England. Makes a lovely breakfast, mid-afternoon or bedtime snack. I enjoyed my first tin so well, I have ordered two more, even though I have quite a number of tins from The Republic of Tea. I hope this continues to be a favorite of customers and will continue to be made available on a regular basis. The people who developed this did an amazing job. Thanks again! Mikki

One of the best

5 Stars One of the best

from NM on wrote:

I'm the president of New Mexico Tech's very own Tea club. The biggest club here on campus. This tea has been one of our best editions. People love it, and always come back for more. We hope it becomes a permanent edition, so we can keep it in stalk.

My new favorite!!

5 Stars My new favorite!!

from NY on wrote:

This was delivered this morning and I'm just finishing my second large mug. This tea is absolutely divine! When I opened the tin I knew I was in love. It smells very strong of the grapes when opened and while brewing, but once brewed, the grape taste is not overpowering. It is a pleasant, fruity cup, with subtle floral undertones. Not overly floral, just perfect. I personally love fruit teas and this is now my new favorite! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE make this a regular offering!!! It is much too wonderful to only make it once!! :)

Definite winner

5 Stars Definite winner

from NM on wrote:

Had this ordered for tea club, wonderful complex tea, hope it becomes a permanent edition to RoT's catalogue.

Best tea ever!

5 Stars Best tea ever!

from MI on wrote:

This is the most amazing tea I have ever tasted! What a unique blend of flavors and aromas! Just sipping it is a vacation in itself. I do hope that you will keep offering this, it is just too good to limit. What will we do when it's gone? You must keep such a good tea as I am sure it is a creation of "tea art".

One of the Best!

5 Stars One of the Best!

from WA on wrote:

This is a wonderful tea! Very rich and smooth and fabulous! I served it at a birthday party pairing it with a raspberry peach coconut layered sorbet dessert with fresh fruit. It was very tasty with the sweet fruit. I highly recommend this tea!

Lovely Cuppa

5 Stars Lovely Cuppa

from IA on wrote:

Lovely tea. The aroma of floral and white grapes is strong at first, while steeping. I can get a slight whiff even a few feet away. It does not linger once the tea leaves have been removed from steeping. It is light, clear, fresh taste and I would hope that this tea is going to be available as a regular item to buy. I have a large selection of teas from Republic of Tea and enjoy all of them, depending upon my mood. I would like to see a blackberry tea without any sage! While I like the combination, I would like to be able to choose just blackberry.

Lovely tea

5 Stars Lovely tea

from TN on wrote:

This tea is a feast for the eyes and the palate. It has a light, delicate flavor that is unlike any other tea I have tried. Personally I get multiple brews from a single basket.

My New Favorite!

5 Stars My New Favorite!

from OH on wrote:

This is my new favorite! Just fabulous, and I hope it becomes available all the time. I've already made two orders.

One of the best black teas!

5 Stars One of the best black teas!

from OH on wrote:

This tea is amazing!! It has a very nice and slightly floral taste! I love the wine grape taste.

Light and interesting

4 Stars Light and interesting

from OH on wrote:

I was interested in trying this tea when I saw it in the catalog. I think it is a really complex blend. The grape flavor is not overpowering and the floral notes compliment the ceylon flavor. If you do not like floral teas, this may not be up your alley. The after-taste has just a hint of champagne. I love this blend and will definitely order more.

Can't be without this!!!

5 Stars Can't be without this!!!

from MO on wrote:

This is by far the best tea I have ever tried. For years I have been making a cup of Republic Tea before bedtime. I have a whole cabinet in my kitchen of about 20 different flavors. Now, this is the only one that I reach for. A very complex tasting tea. It really does taste like a mixture of tea, wine, champagne, fruit and flowers. Perfect cup of tea. Must order more to last me thru the rest of the year!!

It's not you, it's me

2 Stars It's not you, it's me

from IN on wrote:

I really, really, really wanted to like this tea. I opened the tin and was met with a very 'grapey' aroma, almost like white grape juice concentrate. When brewed, the liquor is very light in color (again, reminiscent of white grape juice), and the taste was just too much like grape juice and flowers. I do not detect any black tea flavor, which is disappointing, since I found this in the black tea category. It's just not to my taste.

To floral for me

1 Star To floral for me

from CA on wrote:

It is exactly what they say it is, fruity and floral. Not sure what I was thinking when I ordered. I like basic tea flavors, 20 year Celebration I guess caught my attention.

Exquisite flavor !

5 Stars Exquisite flavor !

from WI on wrote:

I can't believe how delightful this celebration tea is. I have been sipping cup after cup. It is such a uniquely beautiful fragrance and flavor. It is truly worthy of selecting this tea blend to celebrate 20 years of bringing us 1 wonderful tea after another. I must order more immediately.


5 Stars Divine!

from NC on wrote:

I have a small shop No Worries Be Happy in the Blue Moon Gift Shops here. I like to taste the tea I am selling. I tend to personally like floral and fruitty teas. This tea to me is truly wonderful! The sweet, fruitty and floral fragrance is amazing. I like seeing the champaigne grapes and camellia tea flowers among the leaves and petals, too. Many thanks! ~Julie


5 Stars Divine!

from NC on wrote:

I have a small shop No Worries Be Happy in the Blue Moon Gift Shops here. I like to taste the tea I am selling. I tend to personally like floral and fruitty teas. This tea to me is truly wonderful! The sweet, fruitty and floral fragrance is amazing. I like seeing the champaigne grapes and camellia tea flowers among the leaves and petals, too. Many thanks! ~Julie

INCREDIBLE tea!!! :)

5 Stars INCREDIBLE tea!!! :)

from KY on wrote:

This is by far, the BEST tea I've ever had! I thought it sounded interesting, so I ordered some to try, and I sure am glad! Hopefully, this will stay around for a long time!!! :)