Tea Leaf Readings

4 Stars

Interesting March 03, 2014

Jorene Wolfe

Los Lunas, NM

Was intrigued by the use of so many herbs and spices. Having fun trying to figure out what each flavor is!! Its much better than plain ole mint tea a treat for the palate!

5 Stars

Amazing flavor February 21, 2014

Diane Lockard

Spirit Lake, IA

One of my favorite teas that you have for overall pleasing flavor. I am so sad that it is being retired.

5 Stars

I can't believe it's being discontinued February 10, 2014


Los Ojos, NM

This is one of the most pleasant teas available (and caffeine free, so it can be enjoyed any time). It's really a shame that it is being discontinued. I'm stocking up, needless to say.

5 Stars

Twenty herbs tea December 08, 2013


Philo, CA

This is a gift for my daughter. I'm sure she likes it.

Love it October 16, 2013


Minneapolis, MN

Enjoy it in the evening. Great mix of tastes.

1 Star

twenty herbs March 05, 2013


florence, KY

The free sample was out of this world great, sooooo I ordered. tried several cups, not the same wow factor...sorry Will try other brewing methods...hope they work. will use up my order, may not reorder if taste doesn't improve.

5 Stars

Beautifully Aromatic February 12, 2013


New York,

Loved loved loved it!

5 Stars

Wonderful & Calming February 04, 2013


Wichita, KS

This is wonderful. It is so smooth and calming that I almost fall asleep in the afternoon when I have a cup. Worth a try by any one.

5 Stars

Love this tea January 22, 2013


, GA

Absolutely love this tea. It is good both hot and iced!

5 Stars

Very good tea December 24, 2012

Karen Rose

Dallas, TX

This is a very tasty tea. I really love it. It has a cinnamon and spice taste. Great tea.

4 Stars

Strangely good December 05, 2012


, SD

I tried this tea as an individual tea bag in the holiday custom overwrap gift because I was unsure of it. It has a lot of individually delicious herbs, but do they all go well together? The answer is surprisingly, yes. This tea starts off like a spiced tea (think cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg,etc)and when it gets to the back of your mouth it finishes as a refreshing minty tea. It's like it heats you up just before cooling you down. It's a very unusual and pleasant sensation.

4 Stars

November 03, 2012


I really liked this tea when I received it as a free sample. It has a very smooth flavor. I just had to order a tin so I could share it with my husband and friends. Receiving free samples is a great idea because I would never try some of these blends without trying them first.

5 Stars

Relaxation in a cup August 05, 2012


Damascus, MD

I am most impressed that with 20 herbs, this tea is not overpowering or bitter in any way. When I received this tea as a sample, I was hesitant to try it because I do not normally like "complex" teas with more than a 2-flavor combo. But this...wow. Very flavorful without aftertaste or *oddness*. I was so impressed with the sample, I immediately ordered it. Oh, it's also better than chamomile for the nighttime sleep aid factor. Keep those samples coming!

5 Stars

August 01, 2012

Laurie Zeiszler

Stafford, VA

Very good as an ice!

5 Stars

Deliciously spicy July 28, 2012

, VA

This is a very comforting tea with a zing. It has an almost licorice scent and a spicy flavor. A great herbal tea.

4 Stars

Mellow Out July 24, 2012

Sandy W.

San Diego, CA

Mild, mellow and smooth; very soothing.

5 Stars

Twenty Herbs Rocks July 11, 2012

Crystal Hunter

Rockland, ME

I really liked this when I got the sample with my catalog. I combined the sample bag with three of the Assam Breakfast tea to make iced tea and it was wonderful. Looking forward to trying it by itself.

I like! July 02, 2012


Love this! Very herb-y, lots of floral, very satisfying.

5 Stars

Truly a tea of many virtues June 15, 2012


Bailey, CO

I do not like herbal teas and I never have. Upon tasting my first cup, I said, "No!" So I tasted again. And again. And then I stared into the emptiness of my cup with longing. I was expecting this blend of 20 herbal ingredients to have strong and weak points, but it is a true *blend* of ingredients. Each ingredient comes through, all of the tastes mingle and segue in the most ideal of ways; nothing is overpowering, there are no sharp or alarming flavors in this cup. This is what all herbal teas should aspire to be.

5 Stars

May 28, 2012


, IN

I received this as a sample, and when I tried it, I was surprised by how much I liked it. I ordered more and shared it with friends, and they have all raved about it. I will always try the samples that come with my catalog now!

5 Stars

Awesome surprise! May 23, 2012


Baltimore, MD

I do not normally love teas made with Rooibos. I'm also not a huge fan of the more herbal blends. And I have always hated mint tea. However, I decided, against my usual inclinations, to try this tea anyway when I received a sample with a recent catalog. I was very happily surprised with the results of my little taste test. I found the tea to be not overly minty at all, but instead a perfectly balanced blend of ALL the herbs in it, where no one ingredient stood out and smacked me in the face. It was soothing, helped me get to sleep that night and made me smile while I sipped it. Overall, I can not recommend this tea highly enough. If you are not normally a fan of the non-black teas, do yourself a favor anyway and give this one a try. I've already raved about it to friends and gotten them drinking it as well. It's very popular with my group now. It's my new favorite tea.

5 Stars

Tasty May 23, 2012


Woodinville, WA

The spicy flavors are similar to Comfort and Joy and make a nice change from black teas.

5 Stars

Super! May 17, 2012

Linda Hagge

Ames, IA

This is the best herbal tea ever! Perfect both hot and cold.

5 Stars

Caught me by surprise! :) May 15, 2012

Vanessa Nicole

Huntington Beach, CA

I received a sample of Twenty Herbs with my Republic of Tea May Catalog and immediately noticed it was a rooibos-based herbal tea. I only drink rooibos and herbal teas, but mainly rooibos tea, and the list of ingredients in this tea looked enchanting! I brewed a cup, added a spoonful of honey, and took a sip...mmmmmmmm...love. I adore this tea, it's spicy, warm, cool, fruity, floral, and enchanting all at the same time. I'm sure this would be delicious iced as well. I am ordering some online! Love!

4 Stars

Spiced Iced Tea Anyone? April 16, 2012


Alexandria, VA

My hubby and I drank this tea hot, and thought it was chai like. So we thought it would be better iced and tried it. We found it makes a delightful, thirst quenching iced tea.

5 Stars

Perfect Herb Tea March 02, 2012


Tucson, AZ

I don't think I've ever tasted an herb blend better than this one. A scant teaspoon of honey, a little lemon and you have an absolutely perfect cup of tea.

3 Stars

It's Ok. February 02, 2012


Delray Beach, FL

Wasn't crazy about this one. Not my "cup-a-tea". Absolutely loved the other teas I purchased from the company though.

3 Stars

It's ok if you like Chai January 23, 2012


Brooklyn Park, MN

I really enjoy the teas that I get, but the new twenty herb just wasn't my taste. I don't care for Chai tea and that's what this tea reminds me of

5 Stars

January 16, 2012

, PA

Good to know I'm getting benefits of all the herbs - and very delicious tasting blend.