Tea Leaf Readings

5 Stars

Perfection December 11, 2013


Blair, NE

I drink a lot of flavored teas, but occasionally am just in the mood for a plain black tea. I've tried several and this one is IT!! So smooth and flavorful - without being overpowering. I brew mine for 4 minutes and it is just perfection in a cup. Will definitely be a staple in my pantry!

5 Stars

WOW November 30, 2013

Susan Hamant

Columbus, NM

I'm not understanding the "note" thing. This is just a satisfying cup of tea. Every tea I've ordered from you has just been a pleasant experience. The tea you send with each cataloge is such a delight to try. Thank you!

5 Stars

Wow! February 12, 2013

Jean Murphy

Sebring, FL

This tea is amazing! There is a big difference between "tea" and this premium organic darjeeling. Definitely worth the price. This will be in my next order for sure.

5 Stars

perfect January 26, 2013


Nashville, TN

Darjeeling is my absolute favorite of many favorite teas. This tea is just right.

5 Stars

The Best Tea Ever! December 26, 2012


Millington, TN

I love this black tea in the bottle!!!! I have received the tea bags, but I am still trying to reach the same taste as I have found in the bottled tea, and have not quite perfected it yet. I do like the tea bags, but not quite as much as the bottled.

5 Stars

Delightfully Delicate Darjeeling December 04, 2012

Annie Williams

Columbus, GA

Nothing's better during the day than a cup of this tea. Pleasant to the tastebuds, soothing and calming, but never overwhelming.

5 Stars

Magical Iced Tea October 25, 2012


Arlington, TX

I love this tea...it makes the perfect iced tea for any occasion.

5 Stars

My latest favorite September 12, 2012


Houston, TX

I have been going to the British Store in the Village for imported Darjeeling. No more. This is great, cup to cup, whether hot, iced or made as kombucha with honey. Definitely straw colored, like champagne, and smooth to the tongue.

5 Stars

Finally! March 11, 2012



Thank you for a Darjeeling tea in a bag! My husband and I have just had our first cup and we are both delighted. This will become a staple in our tea cupboard.

5 Stars

Best Black Tea Ever March 07, 2012


Chicago, IL

I like the idea of plain (but tasty) black tea but I find most either too flavorless or too strong and malty. The Republic Darjeeling tea is absolutely right - so balanced and absolutely delicious!