Tea Leaf Readings

4 Stars

Refreshing January 21, 2015


Round Hill, VA

Refreshing taste. - only tried it hot. Helps with 'dry throat/mouth" .

5 Stars

My favorite tea August 05, 2014

Dot Robins

San Bruno, CA

Delicious, fruity taste and I do feel like it is rehydrating me. Fabulous combination.

5 Stars

Great rehydtation August 01, 2014


Castleton, VT

This tea is great for hot,humid and dry days. It has a great flavor and kept me hydrated during working hours. I did not feel thirsty the way I do with just water

5 Stars

I am Hydrated March 25, 2014

Lise Lunser

Bath, ME

Get Hydrated tea does exactly that. I am an avid tennis player. Used to be dehydrated between or after matches. Now,I drink a large cup of Get Hydrated about an hour before hitting the court. I don't need to eat a banana between matches for the potassium. Don't wake up at night with leg cramps anymore either. This is more than a tea, it is sports drink in my opinion. Thanks to Get Hydrated, I still lead a healthy and active life style. Lise

5 Stars

Sport Players' Tea December 10, 2013

Lise Lunser

Bath, ME

I am a tennis player. After the matches or long workouts practicing, I would often feel dehydrated and need to eat a banana for potassium and leg cramps. After trying "Get Hydrated" There are no more leg cramps. When other players are drinking lots of water or energy drinks, I'm fine because of a 10 oz. cup of hot "Get Hydrated" tea. Everyone in any sport should try this. You will be very glad and probably order it all the time.

5 Stars

Great Tea December 12, 2012


Anchorage, AK

Kept me hydrated while working a 10 hour shift one day. Felt motivated to keep going.

3 Stars

just okay October 18, 2012



it has hues of black current and you can for sure taste the limon, so if you are not a citrus fan, stray away. it is alright-kind of bland.

5 Stars

Black currant, yum! August 04, 2012

Dee Ann

Mount Vernon, WA

The black currant is the dominant flavor. I like plain green rooibos as well as plain hibiscus. This combo is just right. Not too tangy or too sweet. No caffeineMakes for a great afternoon or evening tea!