Tea Leaf Readings

5 Stars

Great Flavor & Perks Me Up February 20, 2015


Englewood, OH

The tea has great flavor. The cinnamon is not overbearing. I've been cutting back on coffee and I am enjoying a pot of this at work in the afternoon. Might be my imagination, but I do feel energized and less likely to slip into the post-lunch coma. No issue though later with sleep like I had with caffeinated beverages.

5 Stars

I Love It!! February 09, 2015


Washington, DC

I was very hesitant in buying a specialized tea. But I gave up coffee and I needed a kick. After reading the ingredients, I thought I would give it a whirl...I'm awake! The flavors blend well with each other, oh no need to add sweetener.

4 Stars

Wonderful cup of tea December 08, 2014


Spiritwood, ND

Love the taste of it. Some of the best tasting tea I have ever had.

1 Star

Yikes! This tastes terrible November 23, 2014


Franklin, TN

I bought this tea after reading all the glowing reviews. I can't stand the taste or the smell even though I typically enjoy spicy food and drink. The combination of spices doesn't work for me.

5 Stars

yummy flavor August 21, 2014


Park Ridge, IL

don't know how much of a boost my metablism gets from this tea… but i LOVE the flavor! it's essentially my "go to" tea at any time of the day. the fact that i've repeatedly ordered this tea almost from it's inception speaks for how much i like it!

5 Stars

Sparks of flavor! August 08, 2014


Bedford, IN

Wow, this tea so lively and dee-lish! It has wonderful natural sweetness, great cold or warm! I love to share it, it's just soo tasty!

4 Stars

great taste July 24, 2014

J. Harper

des moines, WA

My wife and I both like the strong cinnamon taste. We both take it with Get Lost and have both noticed a positive result in loss of appetite, and increased metabolism

5 Stars

Tasty! July 21, 2014

M Ueno


Refreshing! A little sweet, a little spicy...wakes up your tastebuds. No need to add sweetener.

5 Stars

Great Flavor Great for Morning July 18, 2014


Leonardtown, MD

Flavor is wonderful.

4 Stars

Get Burning Review July 11, 2014



Had my first cup this morning. Gave it a very good rating. I think I will like it better when I make it as a sun tea and drink it cold. It is sweet enough so it does not needed added sugar or honey. Very nice cup of tea.

5 Stars

Energized!! June 20, 2014


Kent, WA

Wonderfully good tasteing. I really do feel more engergized after drinking this wonderful tea. The tea has a great taste - I thought it might be to spicy for me with all the pepper in it - but it's not. Great Tea.Will buy again!!

4 Stars

Unique flavor June 02, 2014


Rio Rancho, NM

Cinnamon had a slightly spicy taste - very unique!

5 Stars

Perks you up! June 02, 2014


San Jose, CA

Bought this on recommendation from a friend. Love it. It is really good for a mid morning/late afternoon perk up! the cinnamon is not overpowering at all.

5 Stars

Afternoon pick me up June 01, 2014


Manitowoc, WI

I was looking for something for that afternoon slump. This tea does the trick. Good cinnamon taste with a chili kicker. Satisfying and flavorful.

5 Stars

Certainly gets you going! June 01, 2014


Indianapolis, IN

Very different and it definitely makes you feel energized. I like it! ghtedBah

5 Stars

Gets me going! May 28, 2014


Traverse City, MI

I live the taste and it seems to have made a positive contribution to my energy level. This is my second purchase.

5 Stars

Spicy May 20, 2014


Sunnyvale, CA

Great either hot or iced.

5 Stars

Love it! April 21, 2014


Bellevue, WA

It is certainly cinnamon with a kick! After going through my first can I can say I've noticed a difference in my energy level. I love the taste so much I bought 2 more refills. : )

5 Stars

Great Zing to start the day. April 20, 2014


Atlanta, GA

I don't know if the tea helps with metabolism, but it is a great way to start the day. Great taste and bit of pep in the flavor. Love it!

5 Stars

My Favorite of all the teas I have bought March 30, 2014



I just love this tea, and I have everyone drinking it, and wanting too order the tea. I love drinking it on break at work, it warms you up and gives you some energy I have told lots of people about where I buy the tea, and about other teas I have bought through your company.

5 Stars

Spicy but nice! March 30, 2014

Don Helms

Brewster, MA

Love it! I have about 3 cups a day. Great taste. You have to like the spicy kick, if you do its great.

5 Stars

Awesome March 29, 2014


Orlando, FL

Wonderful cinnamon with a bite.

4 Stars

Needed Metabolism Boost! March 24, 2014

Carol Wetzel

Traverse City, MI

I needed a boost, especially in the afternoon. I have used the tea daily for a week and have noticed a difference in my energy level! I love the taste as well.

5 Stars

Spicy & bright March 24, 2014

April Evolve

Minneapolis, MN

Spicy cinnamon taste with a bright ginger after taste. It tastes very similar to the get lost tea which I also love!

5 Stars

delicious tea March 23, 2014

karen wolf

reading, PA

This tea is one of the best tasting teas I've had, I don't need any sweetener to drink it, don't know yet if my metabolism is speeded up or not, but I enjoy drinking it.

5 Stars

Get Burning March 23, 2014


Bridgeport, AL

I love this tea I love the cinnamon taste plus the kick of the chili pepper. I love this tea better warm. I can say it does help on my hunger that has slowed down a lot with this tea. I drink it all during the day and it hits the spot.

5 Stars

Delicious and flavorful! March 11, 2014

Susan Skrobacz

Howell, NJ

I love cinnamon and this has the perfect amount of cinnamon taste which lasts throughout the whole cup! One of my favorites!

5 Stars

Christmas in a cup! February 26, 2014


Lafayette, LA

As a coworker who smelled this tea and had to try it said "It smells and tastes like Christmas in a cup! I love it!" It is perfect to drink in the afternoon, especially if it has been a stressful day. The cinnamon and cloves have a homey, comforting taste that relaxes away the stress (the smell is especially good for relaxing!), while the ginger and chilies leave a nice warm finish that gets you ready to jump back in the ring. It has become a new favorite on my 12 hr shifts!

5 Stars

Great TEA February 22, 2014


Pittsgrove , NJ

I am a true coffee lover 2 to 3 pots everyday ! Your tea is amazing,full off flavor and zest. You taste the spices each day has the blends are hands down the best I have tatsted, This is on my purchase again list.

5 Stars

Great February 16, 2014

Jose Peña

Bronx, NY

A big fan of the mixtures used for this tea. Not really a tea drinker but was looking into shredding a few pounds and gave it a shot. DEF a good way to substitute a pre workout with the spark it gives you off energy. Hopefully the calories will be burned at a higher rate now when in the gym.

5 Stars

Wow! Delicious and really warms me up! February 13, 2014


Someplace, IA

I'm in middle of a COLD winter (temps way below zero Fahrenheit for weeks at a time) and when I drink this tea, my feet and hands are not cold. And I feel better. It's also really yummy! I have it with a little almond milk and maple syrup - spicy, sweet, warming - just perfect for these cold days. I don't usually have such immediate response to herbs brewed in tea but Get Burning really has made a difference. It's inspired me to try some of the other ROT wellness teas. Can't wait for them to arrive!

5 Stars

My very favorite February 11, 2014

Dinah Sutton

Fort Myers, FL

This tea is so refreshing and satisfying. I love to drink it hot, cold, at room temp..any time of day. The "kick" in the tea gives every sip just the right amount of spice. LUV IT!

5 Stars

I LOVE this tea!! January 22, 2014


Sacramento, CA

This tea is good and I do not feel sluggish anymore! I drink this tea all day everyday and will continue to do so! The cinnamon, ginger and chili and peppers is a GREAT combination! They really compliment each other!!

4 Stars

Gave me some pep! January 20, 2014


Dutchess County, NY

This tea definitely got me moving. It smelled and tasted pretty good. The only thing that keeps this from being 5 teapots is the layer of very peppery dregs at the bottom of my teacup. I know the tea has pepper in it, but I was not prepared for how strong it was when I got to the bottom of the cup. Otherwise I have no complaints.

5 Stars

Awesome January 20, 2014


Pottstown, PA

Great tea. One of my favorite flavors. The chili peppers really complement the ginger and cinnamon to give the tea just a bit of a kick, but not too much. A unique tea that I'll be sure to buy again.

5 Stars

Wonderful tea January 20, 2014

Pam Durr

Carlsbad, NM

This tea has a wonderful flavor even though it says black pepper is one of the ingredients. My stomach usually can't handle black pepper, but it has had no trouble with this tea. I can tell that it has boosted my metabolism (which is usually nonexistent), as I have more energy and am warmer during the day. I'm usually cold natured. No caffeine high or jitters. Excellent tea!

5 Stars

Best flavor ever! January 19, 2014


San Diego, CA

Of all the teas I have ordered, about 30, this is by far my favorite. The flavor is light, yet somehow still robust, and it really gets me going in the morning!

5 Stars

Great! January 18, 2014


Memphis, TN

I love the taste of this tea.....

5 Stars

Get Burning 4 Real January 14, 2014

Pablo Lopez

San Jacinto, CA

The taste of this tea is very nice. But what seems to be better is the effects of it. I've taken it for a couple of days and definitely felt more awake and able to work harder... Only one problem... It was difficult to fall asleep... It also seems to stimulate my kidney's activity... So, thumb up for this tea... although I'd take I have to drink with moderation... Congratulations for a nice product.

5 Stars

Tasty spicy kick January 14, 2014


Tillamook, OR

This is fabulous tea! The spice is just enough and I feel recharged without having the jitters. I'm a fan. I've even shared with some friends. They agree, this is great tea.

5 Stars

Great Tea January 14, 2014


Woodbridge, NJ

It is very strong, but its a very tasty tea! I prefer to drink it cold, and it's great if you let it steep for awhile before drinking it. I'll put one tea bag in my water bottle, and I just keep refilling the bottle with water through out the day! I am not sure if it necessarily boosts my metabolism, but I have been drinking it regularly since June 2013 and I have lost over 30 pounds. I definitely feel that it helps curb my appetite throughout the day, which has aided in my weight loss!

5 Stars

Has some heat to it January 13, 2014


Huntersville, NC

Haven't been able to figure out what gives this tea its heat-- ginger, cayenne? Whatever it is I find it a wonderfully invigorating tea, very fresh.

5 Stars

Love this Tea!!! January 13, 2014


Westbrook, CT

Love the flavor of this tea. Warming and soothing, I enjoy several cups every day!

4 Stars

Spicy-love it January 07, 2014

Chris Volz

Succasunna, NJ

purchased to help rid of a few extra pounds over the holidays. Only had a few cups so far. Love the taste. No sweetener needed at all. The Jury is out on the weight lose, but studies have proven long before this that chili peppers do boost metabolism. Tastes good enough to purchase for that reason.

5 Stars

metabolism tea.....very warming December 28, 2013

patricia hadley

slidell, LA

Well it is warming and I do feel better after havivg a cup. Better physically and mentally. Only had it 5 days. So far... So great!

3 Stars

Chili Pepper Burn December 12, 2013


Middletown, VA

To whom it may concern. The tea was good but the chili stayed in my throat for a good while..had to was it down with milk. But it did give me a boost.

5 Stars

Wonderful taste December 04, 2013


Memphis, TN

This is the best tea I have ever tasted. A co-worker turned me on to your teas...they are wonderful! My favorite as of now is "Get Burning".

4 Stars

Spicy but nice October 31, 2013

Linda A. Epstein

Woodland Hills, CA

I love this in the morning with a little sugar free vanilla added to it. hard to describe but its a combination of spice and comfort in cup.

5 Stars

Great overall!!! October 29, 2013


Knoxville, TN

Delicious hot or cold! I love this tea I drink it all day long!

5 Stars

Great Tea! October 20, 2013


San Jose, CA

I drink this tea every morning! I love the taste and it gets me going! I am currently on a diet and haven't been drinking my usual cup of coffee in the morning. This has been a great substitute to get my energy level up and get me ready to face the day!

4 Stars

A Spicy Burn September 14, 2013

K Quinn


When I first tried this tea, I hated it. I am not a fan of any kind of peppers, spicy or otherwise and you can definitely taste the spice of the chilies in this tea. But I noticed how it made me feel all warm and there was this instant internal burn only minutes after finishing the cup. This effect kept me interested enough to figure out a way to tolerate the taste, which now I have grown to actually like when I use a couple drops of liquid stevia and allow the cup to cool so that I can drink instead of sip. (I used to have to down the cup in a few big gulps to tolerate) I am now buying a refill, so there you go... it picks me up and gets me ready to start my day.

5 Stars

Love it! September 03, 2013


Fargo, ND

Love the taste of this tea...I have only been drinking it a couple days and I start my morning with it so time will tell, but I love the flavor! There have been other studies on spices (chili's) enhancing your metabolism and it makes sense, so I can't see why this wouldn't do what it is meant to do!

5 Stars

The Best Tea August 29, 2013


Portland, OR

My sister told me about this tea so, I tried it. It was very tasty and after a few days; I noticed my engery levels were higher and I wasn't get bloated after meals. It may be a little difficult to find the tea in stores but some Organic stores will order it for you. I recommend this tea for taste if nothing else.

5 Stars

Beyond YUM July 31, 2013


Lexington, KY

I tried this tea after reading the reviews; mainly when it was stated that this tea was not hot spice-wise. I've reordered a couple of times because I drink it every day. Tastes great in iced tea, and just as good in a mug of hot water. The "hot" gives this tea a zing, and that's the best descriptor I can come up with to describe what it is like.

So good June 01, 2013



I think there is no evidence whatsoever that this tea has any impact on metabolism or weight loss; however, this is fantastic tea. Beautiful flavor, nice warm feeling, and no caffeine. THAT you can't beat.

Love the flavor! May 18, 2013


Elburn, IL

I just drink this tea because I like the flavor! I have noticed a loss of that stubborn fat, not a large amount, but some.

5 Stars

Warm & Spicy! May 06, 2013


Burlington, WA

Opening the canister of this tea brings forth a scent of cinnamon and chili powder - which may sound wierd but is wonderful. The flavor is bold and spicy but not overly so. It's a wonderful tea that provides energy without any caffiene, so great for those afternoon lulls or anyone with sensitivities to caffiene.

5 Stars

Yep, it works April 25, 2013

Leslie Porter

Rockville, MD

To support my low thyroid condition I take a daily T3/T4 compound. My doctor and I recheck my T3/T4 levels quarterly. Even though my bloodwork reports normal levels I still often times feel sluggish. This tea has made a huge difference for me! My energy level remains steady throughout the day and when I hit that 3:30 sugar decrease often times this tea helps to pick me back up. Give it a try.

4 Stars

Get burning...maybe March 18, 2013

Mie Jarlstrom

Redwood City, CA

I really like the taste of "Get Burning", but if it really burns calories I don't know. Will buy again.

5 Stars

Spicy! March 17, 2013


Chesapeake, VA

This is a wonderful full flavor tea. I personally add no sweetener. As you sip it has a sweet taste with a spicy aftermath. I love this tea!

5 Stars

Spicy! February 27, 2013


Syracuse, NY

I love the bite in this tea. It's very tasty and I really enjoy drinking it. I'm not sure if it actually enhances my metabolism or not. It feels like it does, but I don't know if that's just me wanting it to. :)

5 Stars

warms up my cold hands and feet February 24, 2013


orleans, MA

really warms me up! i figured that i'd give it a shot, and i am so glad that i did!

5 Stars

Great taste, but no weight loss February 20, 2013


cambridge, MA

I wasn't too concerned about losing weight when I picked up this tea, but the blend of herbs sounded so good. This tea is spicy and really packs a punch! My husband also loves it and we are almost done with our first tin. I would say that if you like the cinnamon cardamom tea then you would like this. If I had to pick one tea to drink for the rest of my life, this tea would be it! It is delicious! Even though I didn't lose any weight with this tea I really don't care, it is so good. They should re-name this, "get indulged".

4 Stars

Amazing Taste...but February 16, 2013

Anita Kacher

Amherst, OH

It tastes amazing...but the jury is still out if there are any real calorie burning benefits here. I finished off the last of my container, did not change my diet and lost not one pound. I'll continue to buy this... even-though it may not work...for nothing but the excellent spicy taste.

5 Stars

Delicious! February 03, 2013


Dover, NC

I don't know whether or not this will help me lose weight, but I do know that it's delicious! I love the residual heat from the chili peppers!

5 Stars

Best Tasting Tea Ever! January 26, 2013


Amherst, OH

I just started drinking this tea, in the hopes that it will speed up my 30something metabolism...which has begun to slow down. The jury is still out on the extent of its effectiveness, but I can say without a doubt...even if this didn't work at all...I still win, because it tastes so great! I did notice a warming sensation, which would be common if you ingest chili or cinnamon or pepper...of which it contains all. There also has been proof that when the body has to work to regulate its internal temperature, you do burn calories...so overall, I'd say it lives up to the hype. Did i mention that it tastes great! :)

4 Stars

Love the taste January 18, 2013

Mary Jo

Syracuse, NY

Just picked up at my favorite health food store Natur-Tyme. Love the taste of Cinnamon, Black Pepper, Cloves and Chilli Peppers. I do add a pinch of sweetner but can drink without. As for the metabolism lift, will have to drink for a while to see if it is helping.

5 Stars

LOVE it! I don't seem as tired & slugglish. I get more things done at work. January 18, 2013

T. H.

Mebane, NC

I love the smell & taste. Almost smells like Christmas!

5 Stars

AmaZING! January 15, 2013


, PA

This tea is amazing! Not much of tea person at all, but my daughter pick this up at the store last night and I think I am in LOVE with it! Yummy.. not sure about the energy yet, but it tastes good enough to keep drinking to see.

3 Stars

Get Burning January 13, 2013


Low Moor, IA

I wasn't thrilled with the taste of this. I am mixing it with some fruit juice to make it more palatable. I did not get the energy I was hoping for but will stick with it. Some things just take time.

5 Stars

Keeps you Going December 12, 2012


Anchorage, AK

Got this tea from my Massage Therapist. It's a great energy booster and keeps you going like the Energizer Bunny.

5 Stars

Love It! December 07, 2012

, FL

Great when you have a scratchy throat

4 Stars

Smells and tastes Delicious December 05, 2012


Chicago, IL

Great flavor! I usually add sugar to my tea, but this tea needed nothing! Spicy and warm. Slightly sweet. Very nice flavor. Found myself making multiple cups throughout the week. Only issue I have is that I think this would be better loose, because then you can add a little more of the leaves to accentuate the flavor more.

October 19, 2012


tasted very warm and energetic.

4 Stars

Surprisingly Tasty October 10, 2012

Mama Taney

Salem, VA

I have to admit that I was a little nervous about this tea. I am sensitive to heat and the chili peppers in this made me anxious. Imagine my delight in how delicious this tea is!!! I've made it both as hot tea and iced tea and I love it.

5 Stars

very tasty October 04, 2012


, NH

This tea is extremely tasty, Im not sure about the metabolism boost because I am not sure what that is supposed to feel like. I smelled the tea bags before i brewed a cup and you definitely know there's chili in the bag, but the tea wasn't too spicy. It reminded me of spiced apple cider. one of my favorites, especially now that the weather is getting cooler.

5 Stars

Delicious! September 20, 2012


Columbia, MO

I bought this on a whim, not sure how the chili pepper and black pepper would taste, but I LOVE this tea! It reminds me of Chai, but leaves your tongue with slight tingle. Whether or not it actually boosts my metabolism, this tea is fantastic. Possibly my new favorite.

5 Stars

Love it! September 16, 2012


, MA

Tasty, spicy, and makes you want to get moving! Love it!

5 Stars

Feel the Heat August 24, 2012


Kings Park, NY

You get a nice finish of chili pepper, not to spicy, just perfect. I can also feel the burning during a workout. Its a great feeling.