Tea Leaf Readings

4 Stars

Great flavor

Jacksonville, IL

I will admit to drinking this on a day in which I was over caffeinated to begin with so I cannot speak to the "activity boosting" properties; however, I can speak to the flavor and it was great!The unique blend of herbs gave this a robust flavor and warming sensation felt throughout the body. I loved it! This would be great on a dreary, gray, cold, winter's day (such as today).

5 Stars

Nice little boost

Huntersville, NC

This tea was surprising in how it elevates ability to press on. I've been a runner for a while now and this tea truly gives an extra push.

4 Stars

Basil in tea?

cambridge, MA

I was un-sure of this tea and the initial flavor. At first I thought it was too earthy, or too basil-y. I decided to give it another try and now I am hooked! The flavors are earthy and soothing, it is very relaxing. I like to drink it after a work-out.

3 Stars

Root Beer Dupe

Cleveland, OH

It tastes exactly like root beer. I'm not sure I'm a fan of my tea tasting like root beer, but YMMV.

5 Stars

great flavor

Marysville, PA

When I tried the sample tea bag I knew I wanted to enjoy more if it. It has made me feel more energized. I drink a cup every morning to jump start my day.

5 Stars

Refreshing and delicious!

Walla Walla, WA

Just tried the sample that came in the latest catalogue. Loved it so much I ordered it in bulk!

5 Stars

A needed boost

Indianapolis, IN

Very refreshing and noticeable improvement in my endurance during 18 holes of golf. It helps get me over that 3-4 p.m. slump during the day too. No buzz or hyperactivity that often comes with energy drinks.

5 Stars


Santa Clara, CA

I love this new Active tea. It is refreshing and delicous!!!!!

5 Stars


Sherman, NY

I was mailed a free sample of this tea, and I can't tell you how I loved it---for the flavor, yes, but also because it gave me (sans caffeine) a boost in the late afternoon. I'll be ordering ASAP.