Tea Leaf Readings

5 Stars

speedy motors April 11, 2014

Judy Gustafson

Waverly , IL

Love it just as much as the books.

5 Stars

Absolutely wonderful! March 05, 2014


Encinitas, CA

An outstanding flavor with never any bitterness; so refreshing.

5 Stars

Strong flavor with a smooth finish February 27, 2014

Beth Jones

Chattanooga, TN

This has become my favorite breakfast tea. It has a strong, but never bitter, taste and always has a smooth finish. I compared this tea to the Three Gardens Tea and even though the both teas are comprised of teas from the same three region,I believe Speedy Motors to be the superior tea. I drank British Breakfast Tea for years, but I much prefer this tea. I am sincerely hoping that Republic of Tea will consider keeping this one as a permanent addition to their already wonderful collection of teas.

5 Stars

Hearty Breakfast Tea February 23, 2014


Buffalo, NY

This is a really nice breakfast tea - strong and smooth. Keep this one around!

5 Stars

An Outstanding Tea December 24, 2013


Kent, TN

An exceptional tea with a truly bold yet never bitter taste. Well rounded,with malty undertones. It has become a house favorite.

5 Stars

Start your engine December 16, 2013


Jacksonville, FL

This tea is delicious. I drink it in the morning with vanilla almond milk. The tea is full of flavor without the caffiene jolt of coffee. I only wish I could buy refills in bulk instead of buying by the tin. This tea is a keeper.

5 Stars

WOWZA - this stuff is STRONG, but also smooth and delicious October 23, 2013

David Baker

Salt Lake City, UT

This is the perfect replacement for my morning coffee. Two bags in 500 MLs of boiling water and I'm off to the races. It seems to deliver a more robust, faster jolt of caffeine that did my former morning ritual of two K-Cups of Caribou. And with a smooth taste and less chance of a unhappy tummy (I drink my coffee and tea unadulterated so how it hits an empty stomach is important).

5 Stars

Perfect with a splash of milk October 09, 2013


Los Angeles, CA

Dear Minister or Tea, This is one of your best teas. Add just a tad of milk--no sugar needed--and you have a nearly perfect cup. Please keep this tea in stock! Thank you.

5 Stars

Please Keep This!! August 19, 2013


Harleysville, PA

Do NOT get rid of this tea! I need the caffeine benefits of black tea, but every kind I've tried is too bitter, even if I only steep for a short time. Bitterness is NOT an issue with this one, so I end up drinking a couple 20oz mugs daily. Best Black Tea I've Found!!

5 Stars

i am addicted to this tea May 08, 2013


jackson, NJ

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this tea...and i am a picky tea person when it comes to black tea. This tea is as perfect as it gets...i cannot start my day without it and if i am having a long night...i reach for it then too.

4 Stars

I hope they keep this one... April 05, 2013

Jon Tofte


This is a very good tea. I agree that it is not exceptionally strong or robust, but neither is it weak. It is very smooth and with a nice flavor - at least to me! I hope they will keep this one around permanently.

5 Stars

Vroom Vroom! January 23, 2013



This is a tasty selection that revs my engine in the morning. It's smooth and delicious and provides an instant wake up call on the coldest of days.

5 Stars

December 17, 2012

Anita Jennings

Parker City, IN

Was really impressed with this tea. Bold and flavorful without being bitter. Great any time.

5 Stars

The new favorite brew at our house! November 23, 2012


Rohnert Park, CA

Lives up to the description. I expected an unrefined brew but this one is hearty and complex. My husband says it's the best tea we've ever bought!

5 Stars

Love this tea October 09, 2012


, DE

This is a great tea. A real wake-up call any time of day. Highly recommended. Wish you would offer as a loose tea.

4 Stars

Bold yet rounded October 05, 2012


Houston, TX

This is a great tea hot or iced. I am drinking dome while writing this. The taste carries through the flavor of the leaf but has a soft rounded edge to it. Fantastic blend.

5 Stars

A Most Pleasing Unexpectedness October 02, 2012

John Wilkins

Galion, OH

When I first noticed this crass looking tin, I was dubious as regards the quality and sapidity of such an unrefined offering. But I must say I was most pleasantly astounded at the smooth delicacy of its contents. When one finds a tea that delivers on its promises of "getting your motor started", one is often overwhelmed with a taste of harsh and biting astringency that leaves the tongue feeling as thought it has just been scoured with steel wool. But not so with this pleasant little gem. This tea delivers with the necessary morning starter, but does so with smoothness and finesse. Pleasantly captivating. I know not of these "No. 1 Ladies Detectives" but am supportive of their choice in tea.

2 Stars

A disappointment September 27, 2012

Dayna Tolley

Fredericksburg, VA

Was disappointed because it was neither dark or robust. What more can I say?

3 Stars

Wake-up tea, needs refinement September 23, 2012


Chicago, IL

I was looking for a tea that would really deliver the caffeine in the a.m. since I don't drink coffee. While Speedy Motors certainly does the job, it's a bit too bitter and even has a scratchy taste. I dollop of stevia seems to help, although I like my tea straight and black. There's a competing brand, that I won't mention, that mixes black tea with mateĀ“ and it provides a better kick without the bitterness. Still, I'd buy this again. if I needed the caffeine jolt again. It's better than the revolting "English Breakfast" blends you find at the grocery store.

5 Stars

Lovely for Kombucha September 12, 2012


Houston, TX

I ordered this specifically for a robust black tea for Kombucha-making. It does not disappoint. As a matter of fact, the Speedy Motors blend is quickly becoming the favorite of my clients and family.

4 Stars

Just nice August 14, 2012


This tea has a very nice flavor, but is definitely not as bold as I prefer. I think I'll stick with my stronger breakfast brews, but someone who prefers a mild strength might like this.

5 Stars

Full bodied and smooth August 04, 2012


Tempe, AZ

Smooth flavor without being weak or boring. Very nice!

5 Stars

July 08, 2012


Very enjoyable. Not bitter.