Tea Leaf Readings

5 Stars

Breakfast, Lunch, or Dinner April 06, 2014


Lancaster, CA

This tea is awesome. I can drink it anytime during the day. It seems to fit the mood I am in when I just want something warm with a little flavor. I usually drink it straight w/o adding anything to it. I wonder why they don't have refills...

5 Stars

Nice March 03, 2014

Jorene Wolfe

Los Lunas, NM

This tea was satisfying with hints of ginger and citrus. It was very enjoyable when a lighter tea was needed.

4 Stars

Tasty December 25, 2013

Terri Ogburn

Columbus, OH

Good flavor

4 Stars

Warming & Delicious Evening Tea December 24, 2013


Oak Ridge, TN

Tastes especially good with orange flavored liquid stevia.

5 Stars

Best Tea Ever December 22, 2013


New York, NY

This tea tastes awesome. It is my favorite tea to sip hot and cold. No honey or milk needed. The ginger & citrus blend is perfect, just the right amount of ginger. I can't describe the taste except to say it is delicious and unlike any other tea on the market. I hope you make this a regular offering and not just a limited special. Also would love you to sell it in bulk. I usually drink 2 to 3 cups of this a day. Please don't stop selling this tea

5 Stars

One of my favorites! October 25, 2013

Gwen Ebner

, OH

I have drank green tea for many years but because of a health issue recently, I had to stop all caffeine. I have tried a number of no caffeine teas and this is one of my favorites. The green rooiboos gives me more of my green tea flavor. This also has ginger and citrus which reminds me of my ginger peach green tea that I enjoyed so much. Thanks Republic for another great flavor of tea!

4 Stars

Great Tea August 15, 2013

Mrs. Miles

Santa Monica, CA

This tea is one of my favorites. I actually crave it and it is good to drink anytime. The tea is good cold or hot it also gives a comforting feeling. I will be buying this tea as long as Republic sells it.

5 Stars

Great change of pace! February 03, 2013


, WI

This tea is for you if you have tried all of the basic ones and are looking for something different...this one is so refreshing, deep noted, good for you, and makes your taste buds giggle! Try it, you'll like it!

5 Stars

Best Iced Tea Ever! January 30, 2013


Liverpool, NY

PLEASE start selling this in bulk! It's great hot and even better iced, with the perfect balance of citrus & ginger.

5 Stars

January 07, 2013

, NY

Wow! This is a great find. Just tried for the 1st time and I love it. Another great Rep of Tea variety to add to my "favorites" list. And this one has the bonus of plenty of flavor and 'zing' while still being caffeine free.

4 Stars

Good-- takes times to seep December 26, 2012


Kansas City, MO

Very mild, nice flavor. Takes a good while to steep in a cup. Allow plenty of time.

5 Stars

My favorite Ginger tea December 05, 2012


, SD

I wish this tea came in bulk packs! This is my all time favorite ginger tea. It's spicy from the ginger, yet bright and uplifting from the citrus. It's the perfect tea to drink when you want to cheer up, have a stomach ache, or are feeling achy from a cold. My friend used to boil green tea with halved lemons and ginger chunks and this 97 percent tea tastes just like her tea...except without the pulp! Very well done.

5 Stars

A Tea to Wake Up To! November 09, 2012

Susan Lynch

Madison, AL

Fresh, earthy, warm and tangy. A great breakfast tea or anytime you need a pick-me-up. I prefer to brew this using 4 ounces of water per bag. This may mean less tea per container, but it is absolutely worth it. It's that good!

My favorite November 02, 2012


Norfolk, VA

Very smooth...this year I have had to switch to teas without caffiene, this is by far my favorite. Nice hints of citrus and ginger.

5 Stars

Delish! September 18, 2012


Phx, AZ

If you like lemon & ginger, you can't go wrong w/this tea. It is light, so if you want more of an intense flavor, grate some fresh ginger into the pot while steeping & add a little extra lemon, perfect either way.

5 Stars

Love It! September 12, 2012


Houston, TX

I could hardly wait for the delivery of ALL of the Ladies No 1 Detective Agency Teas. This is the first time I had experienced green Roiboos, and it does not disappoint. Especially nice of a seasonal sore throat.

5 Stars

Excellent! July 25, 2012



This is such a refreshing beverage, just love it! Love the hints of ginger and lemon; it just makes you feel so good! And bravo for the tea boxes; they are the perfect tribute to McCall Smith's marvelous books and characters!