Tea Leaf Readings

5 Stars

I Love This Book!

Charlotte, NC

I read this book in one weekend. I`ve since read the entire series. An easy, fun read. Great for a rainy day while sipping a great cup of tea :)

5 Stars

This book started it all

Tappahannock, VA

THIS is the book that started me on the journey to delicious rooibos bush tea. A tea-drinking librarian friend of mine introduced me to Mm. Precious and I haven't stopped enjoying the book series or my cups of rooibos tea. I have yet to find a blend of rooibos that I didn't like. I love the earthy sweetness of the tea even unsweetened--although I do adore my Southern Sweet Tea. Rooibos has given me a new, lower-sweetner version (the tea just doesn't need as much sweetner) to enjoy year-round, hot or cold.