Tea Leaf Readings

5 Stars


Alameda, CA

I really love this little rack. It fits 6 teas perfectly. the only downside is that it didn't come with screws to install it, but I had some already that would would work.

5 Stars

Perfect Rack!

Springfield, MA

This Tin Rack is sturdy, light weight and attractive. I am very happy with the purchase and will most likely purchase more.

5 Stars

Rack 'em up!

Henniker, NH

These are AWESOME! I have three of them stacked up on the wall between my doorway and my pantry door, using only 3 inches of depth to display 18 Tins. (I will be getting more - we all know 18 is not NEARLY enough!) I was thinking of adding another across the top of the pantry door, too....

5 Stars

Too Well Hidden

Post Falls, ID

This is a great rack for displaying your teas. I'll end up having to get a couple more since I have so much variety. But TROT (LOL) keeps it too well hidden. I can never find it and had to ask them where it was twice now. But I now have it bookmarked.

5 Stars

West Gardiner, ME

This tea rack is well made and conveniently keeps my favorite teas organized on my counter. And it's so much easier when friends gather -- I just move the rack to a place where everyone can take what they want. Just right.

5 Stars


This is a beautiful and sturdy metal rack to display my tea collection on my kitchen counter. The metal is a matte silver. It fits the Republic of Tea tins very well, not too loose and not too snug. I used to store my tea in the cupboard but now I can't wait to have a guest come over and offer them tea from this beautiful rack.