Tea Leaf Readings

3 Stars

love Asian music, however

Phoenix, AZ

We have a Japanese Friendship garden here in Phoenix and I was so hoping that this CD would at least come close to authentic Asian music. It was okay in some areas, but missed the mark by far. Doubt if I will listen to it again... maybe I will call to see about returning it. Maybe #1 was better, I got the second Cd.

4 Stars

Very pleasant

, IL

While I enjoyed the blend of both the more pedestrian tones of new age-y stuff, there were some really nice exceptions to the stock music that accompanies these kinds of compilations. My only real issue is that surely the composer would have intended titles for the music, which were not included for some reason.

4 Stars


Steilacoom, WA

Lovely CD, would have liked more authentic Chinese music on it, like track 3. Otherwise, wonderful.