Sampler pack is great, new customer, not sure what to try, loved it all

5 Stars Sampler pack is great, new customer, not sure what to try, loved it all

from IA on wrote:

Love the variety, natural origins & the no plastic tea bags, will try more flavors

I love variety

5 Stars I love variety

from NH on wrote:

I like trying new things, especially tea. This box is perfect for letting me drink something different every day. Also great for travelling. Thank you Republic of Tea.

New Customer

5 Stars New Customer

from OH on wrote:

Really enjoying the selections. At first I was skeptical, thinking I would receive flavors I wouldn't enjoy or not like. Not what happened! Now I can't decide which I like best.

Great selection of Daytime teas

5 Stars Great selection of Daytime teas

from NY on wrote:

I bought several cubes of tea choices as gifts for my church choir, many of whom drink tea and love the different kinds found in this cube. The loved their gift and I will order again.

Great way to try out various teas

5 Stars Great way to try out various teas

from CA on wrote:

I am enjoying this sampler. I get to try all the teas I wanted to try and see which ones I like.


5 Stars Nice

from MO on wrote:

I liked this sampler. All the teas were good.

Delicious, soothing

4 Stars Delicious, soothing

from GA on wrote:

This is a wonderful assortment of fresh & aromatic teas. My only suggestion for improvement is to pack it in a hard container rather than paper. I had one sent as a gift to a dear relative out of state and purchased one for myself, resulting in two happy tea drinkers! Bravo, thanks.

Love this sampler!!!

5 Stars Love this sampler!!!

from IL on wrote:

I love your teas, I love your service, what else can I say? : )

Great Tea Assortment

5 Stars Great Tea Assortment

from NY on wrote:

This was a gift for a real tea lover and the compliments still come for this gift. This is a perfect assortment for any tea lover or for the novice learning to love tea.


5 Stars Amazing!

from MO on wrote:

Absolutely a symphony of flavors both mellow and bold. Love this box!

5 Stars

from AL on wrote:

Perfect assortment!

from NC on wrote:

This was a gift to my sister so cannot comment on it other than what she wrote to me. "Wow and thank you and it is packaged very lovely" I have not heard from her any comments about the teas themselves.

My impressions thus far

4 Stars My impressions thus far

from MO on wrote:

This is a nice sampler. I would recommend it to anyone wanting to try this company's tea.

Nice gift

5 Stars Nice gift

from TN on wrote:

Purchased to include in a gift bag with mug and cookies. I think my friend will appreciate the variety!

Fantastic Variety

5 Stars Fantastic Variety

from RI on wrote:

Great variety. I love that I can try many different flavors. It's like having a "tea tasting". When I find the ones I like, I can buy those flavors in greater quantity.



from MI on wrote:

I love the idea, am getting used to tea bags without strings, BUT have found it can be drank with it still in the cup. I have found some teas I do not like and some of these I do not like. But I love the fact that now I can order more at one time. Which I will.

5 Stars

from PA on wrote:

I originally got this assortment as a gift, then ordered more. I like to take the individually wrapped tea bags to work to have during the day. Great variety of flavors.

Good selection

5 Stars Good selection

from TX on wrote:

The teas are excellent.

Nice variety

5 Stars Nice variety

from ID on wrote:

I got this sampler for my new-to-tea boyfriend. It's a winner! We like the great variety of high quality teas.

Nice verity

5 Stars Nice verity

from FL on wrote:

I had gotten this as a gift for a friend, but once I saw all the different teas I kept for myself. Really enjoy them, different one each day.

5 Stars

from MI on wrote:

These samplers are an excellent way to discover our new favorite teas!

Amazing number of choices - all delicious

5 Stars Amazing number of choices - all delicious

from NY on wrote:

So many choices of many of the delicious teas available and the assortment allowed me to try new ones that I had not ordered in the larger tins. This is a great idea and opens customers to new possibilities.

5 Stars

from on wrote:

Love the variety, I can have a different tea at different time of day.

Good selection

5 Stars Good selection

from OR on wrote:

I got this selection as a way to try some new teas and see what i like (initially it was going to be a gift but then i kept because i liked it so much). it has been really nice to get different types of teas throughout the day.

Great Tester

5 Stars Great Tester

from on wrote:

This is the perfect item to get since there are so many flavors to choose from on the site. Ranges from white, red, black and green tea samples.

Flavorful assortment

5 Stars Flavorful assortment

from AZ on wrote:

This was worth my money. I got to taste a variety of tea. Each cup of tea was a treat! This is a great for learning what kind of tea you like. I found out I prefer black tea.

Many delicious choices

5 Stars Many delicious choices

from NY on wrote:

I love all the teas in this cube. I bought many of them as separate tins. I bought several cubes as gifts for members of my choir. They love them. Great product.

Delicious Choices

5 Stars Delicious Choices

from NY on wrote:

Because I have bought full cans of many of the teas in the sampler packet, I thought it would be a good choice to give as gifts to my friends who are all tea drinkers. I know they will love the different flavors included in the pack.

Excellent Assortment

5 Stars Excellent Assortment

from NJ on wrote:

This sampler is an excellent assortment of teas.

5 Stars

from on wrote:

I love this tea!!!!! This is my absolute favorite place to get tea from. Thank you for what you do.