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no red tea

3 Stars no red tea

from OK on wrote:

I guess I should of know just by how the black and green teas differ that the rooibos would also differ, so will continue to see if it will grow on me.

New tea

5 Stars New tea

from PA on wrote:

First time trying and really like. Will definitely order again

Beautiful Light and Airy Tea

5 Stars Beautiful Light and Airy Tea

from NY on wrote:

I was looking for a light tea in the morning without the harsher taste that often comes with Green tea. This tea is like drinking purified velvet air with DOUBLE the antioxidants of green tea. Those who enjoy a heavier or darker tea make want to avoid but for my mornings, this does just the trick!

Green tea

5 Stars Green tea

from TX on wrote:

Love this green tea. It is the best I have found in any green tea marketplace.

Review on green tea

5 Stars Review on green tea

from TX on wrote:

Great product. Fast service.

Black Currant Cardamon Green Rooibos

3 Stars Black Currant Cardamon Green Rooibos

from FL on wrote:

Please bring back Black Currant Cardamon!

My favorite Republic of Tea flavor

5 Stars My favorite Republic of Tea flavor

from IL on wrote:

Smooth, mild, satisfying.

Good tea

5 Stars Good tea

from FL on wrote:

I really like this tea. It taste great with a little honey. I bought it in hopes of helping me with allergies and asthma. Does seem to improve my symptoms. I read a previous customer recommend this tea to help relieve allergies and asthma.

Please bring back Black Currant Cardamom!

3 Stars Please bring back Black Currant Cardamom!

from VA on wrote:

Please bring back Black Currant Cardamom!

Best Rooibos Tea Ever!!!

5 Stars Best Rooibos Tea Ever!!!

from IL on wrote:

I like drinking the traditional red rooibos tea and it is always one of my favorite go to teas. But now when I bought green rooibos tea, I like this version of rooibos much better. The unfermented version tastes better and being unfermented it retains more of its health benefits compared to the traditional red version. I can really feel the difference because it has improved my asthmatic condition. The traditional red rooibos helped my asthma barely. But the green version, though not as good for asthma as elderflower or eucalyptus tea, it did relieve asthma a little bit. I love drinking this tea just for the favor alone, but now knowing it relieves some of my asthma symptoms, I love this tea even more. It is not just a tasty go to tea anymore. It is a tasty tea that definitely shows it loves me in return. I want to thank The Republic of Tea for offering this version of rooibos tea. This is the Best Rooibos Ever!!!

Smooth flavor, goes well with chocolate

4 Stars Smooth flavor, goes well with chocolate

from TX on wrote:

It has a smooth flavor, the smell is kind of grassy for me so I didn't enjoy it that much, i was eating a bar of chocolate when i was preparing the tea, when i took a sip of it, i really liked how well the tea tasted along eating that choco.


5 Stars best

from IL on wrote:

absolutely my favorite. like the other viewers I say it is extremely smooth and oh so satisfying.


5 Stars favorite

from WI on wrote:

its unbelievably smooth and so easy to drink. amazing flavor as well I love it it's my favorite.

Love at First Sip

5 Stars Love at First Sip

from NC on wrote:

It was love at first sip. I have always enjoyed herbal teas, but after tasting this one, I've never gone back to the others. The flavor is smooth and delicate, without any bite or bitterness. No need to add honey or lemon. I drink it with breakfast, lunch, and dinner (and in-between)-- goes well with anything.I even take it with me when I travel.

Half of my go-to beverage

5 Stars Half of my go-to beverage

from CA on wrote:

It took me awhile to learn to love drinking tea, because I seldom like hot beverages. Still, I wanted to get in the habit of drinking green tea because I was reading how healthy it is, so I tried chilling it. Then I loved drinking green tea! That became my go-to beverage, preferred over plain water. Then a friend suggested I try green rooibos tea because of its anti-inflammatory properties. She suggested The Republic of Tea's Organic Raw Green Rooibos. I tried brewing a mix of half green tea and half green rooibos, and chilling that, and now I always have some of this mixture in the refrigerator, as well as taking a bottle of it to work everyday. It is so refreshing! I'll still drink plain water, if that's my only choice, but only if I don't have some green/green tea on hand.

smooth, delicate flavor

5 Stars smooth, delicate flavor

from NJ on wrote:

I always like trying new teas. I'm a regular green tea drinker. I'm glad I tried this tea, it has a very smooth taste and goes with any food. I like the fact that it has no caffeine. I try to get teas with no caffeine, as I drink a lot of tea in the evening.

My Favorite Tea

5 Stars My Favorite Tea

from CA on wrote:

Years ago I bought a tea I loved. Unfortunately,the brand was discontinued. I finally found out on the internet that it was made with green roobios. So I bought this tea and am again enjoying the wonderful taste of the tea that I loved. Thanks!

5 Stars

from on wrote:

Great tea and great price for 250 bags!

My Cup Runneth Over!!!

5 Stars My Cup Runneth Over!!!

from IL on wrote:

Before being introduced to Rooibos tea, my two "go-to" teas from The Republic of Tea were always Earl Greyer and Blackberry Sage which I would alternate every day. Since Rooibos came into my life, it is the only tea I have been drinking. I love the wonderfully smooth taste and imagine the antioxidant benefits coursing through my body and keeping me healthy! The value is outstanding for the 250 count bag and the delivery speed is incredible. Long live The Republic of Tea!

5 Stars

from on wrote:


Poor taste

1 Star Poor taste

from MI on wrote:

I have enjoyed drinking organic green tea for years. This is the worst tasting tea I have ever had. I was very disappointed and would not buy this again.

Best Green Tea Ever

5 Stars Best Green Tea Ever

from IL on wrote:

I have tried a whole lot of decaffeinated green teas over the past few years, and Republic of Tea's Natural Organic Green Rooibos Tea Bags are the best ever! I only wish they weren't so pricey and that shipping wasn't so high!

Smooth and Delicious

4 Stars Smooth and Delicious

from IL on wrote:

This decaffeinated green tea is one of the best-tasting and smoothest I have ever tried. My only problem is with the bag. Sometimes the contents "leak" out and get into the tea water, leaving an unpleasant residue at the bottom of the cup.

Favorite 'tea' of all time

5 Stars Favorite 'tea' of all time

from MI on wrote:

This is the best 'tea' I've ever had (it's not technically tea...). I will always make sure I have amply supply on hand (love the 1 lbs bulk 250 tea bag packages). So delicious. To me, red tea (rooibos) reminds me of the childhood smell I remember from walking into a pipe tobacco store... I'm sure some of the roobios blends are pretty good, but I just like mine pure and uncut for the time being! May you never discontinue!

My favorite tea

5 Stars My favorite tea

from NJ on wrote:

Finally! A caffeine free tea that is delicious, satisfying, and is terrific hot or iced!! I just purchased the bulk bag as I cannot seem to keep enough of it in my house. Thank you Republic of Tea :)

5 Stars

from NY on wrote:

I drink this tea in the evenings when I don't want caffeine. It tastes better than decaffeinated green teas and goes well with a meal, dessert or just by itself. I know it is healthy for you and not dehydrating like decaffeinated regular tea.

5 Stars

from on wrote:

Love this tea and it's so good for you!

My favorite decaffeinated green tea

5 Stars My favorite decaffeinated green tea

from IL on wrote:

After trying many decaffeinated green tea brands in bag form, I have found that The Republic of Tea Natural Organic Raw Green Bush Tea Bags (naturally decaffeinated) are the mellowest but most flavorful of all. No funny aroma, taste or aftertaste that you get with so many other green teas. It is now my go-to green tea and I drink at last three cups a day. Delicious!


5 Stars Yummmmm!!!!!

from NJ on wrote:

Delicious!!! I start off every morning with a cup (and have more throughout the day and evening!)

smooth and delicious

5 Stars smooth and delicious

from NY on wrote:

The tea bag I initially received as a sample in the mail looked like something I would never try. Raw Green bush Tea, the name and the picture looked and sounded harsh. Itried it and was blown away by the smooth and silky taste. Now it is one of our favorite tea. We all love it.

My New Favorite

5 Stars My New Favorite

from DC on wrote:

I drink a LOT of tea (all kinds), and The Republic of Tea's Raw Green Bush Tea is at the top of my list right now. When I'm not in the mood for caffeine, I turn to green rooibos. The flavor is mild, with a hint of earthiness, and fits in equally well with breakfast, dinner, or dessert. I also love the fact that I don't need to bother removing the tea bag, as there is no bitterness or chalky mouthfeel to speak of. I will be highly depressed if this tea is ever discontinued!

New to me

5 Stars New to me

from MT on wrote:

I have just tried this tea recently and have to say it's my new favorite green tea. Very smooth.

Raw Green Bush Tea

5 Stars Raw Green Bush Tea

from NJ on wrote:

I love this tea. Its not at all bitter and has a mild sweet taste. I will try it as an iced tea also. First tried the sample, then bought a tin, recently purchased the bulk bag. Can you tell I like it ?

No bitterness

5 Stars No bitterness

from MI on wrote:

This is truly a wonderful green tea. I drink green tea daily for the health benefits, but must admit the last 1/4 of the cup tastes bitter. This not only has a rich, wonderful taste, but it is good to the last drop. I tried it from the sample and then bought it!


5 Stars *awesome*

from CA on wrote:

best tasting green tea I've had, its really delicious. Very clean but flavorful. Makes a great iced tea. No caffeine either!

best tea i've ever had!

5 Stars best tea i've ever had!

from MI on wrote:

I am a tea lover and this is the best tea I've ever had! It has a lightness to it, but at the same time it has a deep, rich flavor similar to a green or black tea without the bitterness (no matter how long you leave the tea bag in the water!) This tea also makes my body feel so healthy! I love drinking it! I just wish it was available everywhere!

Love this Tea

5 Stars Love this Tea

from TN on wrote:

This has a very refreshing taste and no caffeine is a plus. I tried it from my free sample and now I'm ordering it. Thank you Republic of Tea.

Great Refreshing Tea

5 Stars Great Refreshing Tea

from MI on wrote:

This green tea has a great mellow taste, leaves no strange taste in your mouth, gotta have it.