Tea Leaf Readings

5 Stars

Unique and fantastic tea

Portland, OR

I love this unique blend of cardamom and black currant with the green rooibos. This is definitely one of my favorite ROT flavors and I'm very disappointed it's being discontinued - please bring it back!

5 Stars

Gently Earthy

Reidsville, NC

Unique flavor provides just the right iced tea taste with a grilled meal. It is elegant.

5 Stars

Amazing flavor!

Centerville, OH

I drink dark roast coffee in the morning but by evening I want something hot and decaf but still full of flavor. Most teas don't hold my interest for more than the first 5-10 cups before I move onto another flavor. Not true with this black currant cardamon tea, I emptied the tea canister in less than a month. Went to buy more and was very happy to find I could buy a larger quantity at a huge savings.

5 Stars

Black Currant Cardamom

Grand Canyon Area, AZ

An excellent tea! I love the mixture of flavors, and the cardamom reminds me of Indian food.

5 Stars

Black Current Cardamom

Gardnerville, NV

I bought this tea at Bob's Red Mill in Portland, Oregon. On opening the can, the smell was sweet and flowery. My first cup brewed far better than other brand herbal teas. The flavor of current and cardamom was right there. I used the same tea bag for a second cup. I went to the Republic of Tea website and ordered the 250 bag bulk and a couple other teas. This herbal tea gives the drinker a full bodied, great smelling cup of tea without the caffeine. Good for a morning brew or even before going to bed at night.

5 Stars

Nice Evening Tea

Petaluma, CA

Not many teas I like without a sweetener, but this one is perfect with or without.

2 Stars

Not My Favorite

Auburn, WA

There is something about the smell and taste of this tea that I just don't like. It smelled lovely before I started to steep it in water, but as soon as it was mixed with water it was kind of not at all what I thought it would be. It had a smell that reminds me of old rainwater trapped with rotten fruit, and did not taste much better. I was sorely disappointed. If I were to recommend an alternative I would say to just go for the regular Red Rooibos. Ginger Peach is excellent.

5 Stars

My absolute favorite!

Issaquah, WA

I ordered several teas and kept coming back to this one every time! I'm out now and just ordered more. Was a bit disappointed the loose leaf is no longer available but I'm glad the tea itself is. The cardamom adds a wonderful, subtle flavor to the berry.

5 Stars

A perfect blend of fruit & spice

San Leandro, CA

The black currant is just perfectly fruity while the cardamom adds a touch of warm spice, and the green rooibos is woody and tea-like without overwhelming the rest. Definitely a new favorite for caffeine-free tea time.

5 Stars



Before I tried this I tried the Plantain Coconut and Mango Chili Green Rooibos which I loved. This one is just as beautiful as the other two, but it has a dry, crisp finish instead which is a beautiful mix with the black currant and cardamom flavors! Definitely would recommend trying this one or the other green rooibos flavors if you enjoy the red rooibos, or if you're looking to try something new!

5 Stars


Inverness, FL

Bought this for my wife as she cannot have a caffinated tea. She absolutely loves it! Splendid tea she says! Its great that she now has an alternative to Earl Greyer!

4 Stars

add a dash of cardamom


Deep currant taste, a dash of spice. I sprinkle an extra dash of ground cardamom to fuel up for doing bills online.

5 Stars


San Leandro, CA

Tried this tea for the first time and love it. It smells and tastes of fresh juicy berries and is totally addictive.

5 Stars

My favorite hot and cold

Plymouth, MN

Black Currant Cardamom Raw Green Bush Tea is my favorite of all teas. I've been drinking tea since I was 5 years old (decades). I love it hot and iced. I think I've developed an addiction to it... For variety, I tried the Mango Chili. It's great too!

5 Stars

My Fav Raw Green Tea!

Dearborn, MI

This is such a fantastic tea, and I have tried many from Republic and others. I agree with the other Leaf Readings... this is a crisp, slightly fruity, delicious tea. I highly recommend it!

5 Stars

This is my Sunday Tea

Irvine, CA

I enjoy this crisp tea. Green Rooibos is quite different from the matured rooibos. It has a crisper, stouter flavor. The fruity, spciy condiments add another lovely dimension.

5 Stars

Mt. Pleasant, UT

My absolute favorite tea!

5 Stars

Best new tea in years

Ames, IA

This tea is my favorite of ALL teas, and I buy a lot of tea from Republic of Tea. It's marvelous--try it!

5 Stars

Fresh, Unique and Satisfying!

Lakeland, FL

I love rooibos so I knew I had to give the Raw Green variety a try. I am not sorry I picked this one! It is, by far, the most unique tea I've ever had. The layers of flavoring are complex and definitely meant to be savored. You immediately taste the burst of currant--juicy and sweet. The cardamom is subtle, but adds a balance. Because what hits you next is the amazing Raw Green Rooibos--clean, fresh, herbal. It is just sweet enough for this Southern Gal (with a little sweetener) but so fresh and uplifting, PERFECT for ice tea on a hot humid day. I can't wait to try the other varieties!

5 Stars

Really tasty and healthy too

, CA

This tea has become one of my regulars for when I want a flavorful, slightly fruity tea but don't want caffeine. I like it hot but I bet it is good iced too. Green rooibos is so healthy.