Tea Leaf Readings

5 Stars

This is a keeper November 27, 2014

Zack McConnell

Big Spring, TX

This is a really happy drink, it will put you in a good mood for the rest of the day. Strong rooibos flavor complemented by the orange and carrot nicely. One of my new favorites, perhaps my second favorite!

5 Stars

Super good! August 05, 2012


Albuquerque, NM

This is one of my favorite teas!! It's great hot and iced. My 4 yr old loves it too -- she is always asking me to make it for her. I really love the flavor -- tastes like sunshine!

5 Stars

Better than I thought :) February 25, 2012

Debbie A

Manassas, VA

This tea is has a wonderfully unexpected flavor that did not smack of too much citrus or carrot. It has quickly become one of my favorites!

5 Stars

Fresh garden flavor February 15, 2012

Carol Slabinski

New Hartford, CT

In contrast to the other comments, my taste buds delight in this tea! I taste plenty of carrot and orange and think the combination is sublime! It is refreshingly different from my other beloved Rep of Tea teas, and a real morning treasure! Makes my spirit sparkle at the beginning of the day, or anytime I need a reminder that life is a celebration. As far as a tea can give you that feeling, this one is a joy!

5 Stars

Delicious, fruity tea February 14, 2012


This tea is delicious, bright and fruity. While I drink all kinds of tea throughout the year, I think this one would be best in the spring and summer. Deep orange color and a unique, sweet flavor that even vegetable-phobes would love!

4 Stars

Surprising flavor 1 January 16, 2012


Milwaukee, WI

I love carrot juice and beets, so this turned out to be a nice tea. The flavor is very mild, so I am assuming that I am getting the benefit of the vegetables, even though I mostly taste the orange. There is more flavor hot, but it is also good cold. I also tasted the Mango and Plantain and they were even milder. I think more flavor like the Hibiscus teas would be even better.

2 Stars

Weak January 09, 2012


New York, NY

I have many different teas from this company and although I like some more than others, I find them all to be enjoyable. I like teas with flavor and this one is very weak. I usually just use one teabag in my cup and sometimes I am even able to add water after I am done, but with this tea I need two bags and still can not fill my cup. I will drink what I have but I won't get a refill on this one.

5 Stars

Sweet Tea w/subtle carrot taste August 01, 2011

Sandy Eckert

Indianapolis, IN

I love carrots; however, this has a very subtle carrot taste. Kind of sweet from the orange. This tea is very good by the cup and excellent chilled!! Now that the weather is 90+, this tea is REFRESHING!! Try it, a flavor that is unique!