Tea Leaf Readings

5 Stars

Great travel cup March 13, 2014


Brookeland , TX

Many other travel strainer mugs don't have a sippy cup lid. I really appreciate that. When you're on the go, a standard cup opening isn't wise.

2 Stars

Just doesn't work September 13, 2013


Independence, MO

The press does not prevent tea leaves from getting in the tea. The sieve is faulty. The plastic lid is flimsy and does not prevent tea from dripping on your front as you sip your tea.

5 Stars

September 07, 2013


This is an outstanding travel tea press. The liquid stays hot and the loose tea stays below the the strainer. Its easy to clean and worth the investment. The press top and flip sip cover are tight and any leakage is very minimal and actually due to my filling it too high. The grip is large and provides you with a good sized area to hold the hot mug. II highly recommend this one.

4 Stars

Almost perfect April 14, 2013


, NC

I've had one of these for over a year, and I'm pretty happy with it. Recently my dad decided he wanted one like it, and only after shopping around and discovering the store from which I purchased mine had stop carrying these did I realize how rare the design was for tea mugs. It's very practical for people who want to drink loose-leaf tea on the go in a self-contained, durable unit. Also, it's priced much more reasonably for the value. Other designs I've seen require you to set the steeper to the side or figure out how much tea you can leave in indefinitely without it going bitter. Not to mention many are made of glass or porcelain, which looks nice but carries the potential of breaking when you're on the move. This travel press comes with none of those issues. My only complaints about the RoT Travel Press are 1) the snap-back top is not completely sealed when closed, so it can leak a little if tilted, and 2) as others have mentioned, the press doesn't go down quite as far as it could. In my exper

5 Stars

I have 3 of these and LOVE them.. February 12, 2013

Sandy Tecca

Kalispell, MT

I have been using one of these for a year and recently ordered 2 more so I can keep one at my office, one at home and one 'just in case'. They work great!

5 Stars

Perfect!! January 13, 2013


Elkridge, MD

I love this travel mug. I have the smaller 6 oz mug as well and love that, too. Others have complained that the plunger does not go down as far as the smaller mug does - but this mug is 12 oz. and therefore requires double the amount of tea. If you add 2 teaspons or use 2 tea bags, the plunger is perfect. If you are only using one serving (1 tsp of tea per 6 oz), then no, the plunger does not go down all the way.

Love this so much!! January 11, 2013


Elkridge, MD

This was perfect. I have the smaller 6 oz travel mug and loved it so much I wanted a bigger one. Others have complained that the plunger does not go down far enough, but you have to remember this is a 12 oz. mug and needs twice the amount of tea. With two rounded teaspoons of tea, the plunger goes far enough.

4 Stars

December 08, 2012


Very pleased with the mug. Does make you sip and enjoy - now taking more tea on the go! Do wish the press did go down a little more than it does.

1 Star

Major Disappointment - the design makes no sense! December 08, 2012

Joyce Lin

Leominster, MA

The Travel Press went to the bottom and I loved it, but it wasn't big enough, so I sent it back for the bigger one, never dreaming the design would be different. The press does not go to the bottom, so you have a space with tea and tea leaves or tea bag. I should have read the reviews!

4 Stars

Too Much Space November 23, 2012


Waldorf, MD

I love this cup. Only thing that would make it better is if the press was closer to the bottom. If you use a loose leaf tea it won't press to the bottom and if you use a tea bag there is still so much liquid in the bottom to drink.

5 Stars

Really super sturdy November 21, 2012



Got this for my tea loving daughter for Christmas. Now I want one too. Great for travel. Steep your tea while you go. Really well made!

4 Stars

Great Go-Cup October 22, 2012


Rosedale, IN

Love this go-cup! A perfect way to enjoy loose-leaf tea at work or on the road. Only thing I'd change is the length of the pole to the strainer - it should go closer to the bottom, please, so that we can actually press into the leaves.

5 Stars

LOVE THIS MUG! October 21, 2012


Decatur, AL

This product is perfect for me! I love hot tea and never seem to have the time to wait on it in the morning, this is my favorite travel mug yet!

4 Stars

Could be a bit larger October 03, 2012


Tolland, CT

Love the cup! It's a great idea for loose tea drinkers on the go. And I'm able to brew the leaves again. There are just a couple of small things that could be improved. One is the size. I would love for the cup to be just a bit larger (I drink a lot of tea). And also, it would be great if the plunger didn't prevent the last bit of liquid from coming into the cup portion. Maybe I wouldn't care too much about the second part if the cup was larger ... All in all, though, I really love the concept and have had no problems with tea leaves escaping the strainer.

4 Stars

Fresh Tea on the Go September 26, 2012

Gena Harakal

Punta Gorda, FL

This is a wonderful container for preparing tea on the go! Love the rubber sleeve and the spout. My only issue is that the plunger doesn't reach the bottom of the container. I wish the loose tea/tea rounds got more thoroughly smashed under the plunger. I get the feeling that the tea under the plunger is still steeping and therefore can mix with the tea above the plunger.

4 Stars

Great Product May 07, 2012


Inver Grove Heights, MN

This is a great product, just what i had been looking for to be able to take it with me any where and always have good healthy tea!

2 Stars

hate the picture April 16, 2012

Laura Hilton

Horseshoe Bend, AR

I hate the picture, it has a funky smell that doesn't go away, and every time I unscrew the lid, the filter pops off.

5 Stars

so wonderfull April 06, 2012


los angeles,ca, CA

hey, thank you for this nice cup,now I can enjoy my tea anywhere i go. very nice, i am thinking of buying another cup for my husband and sister

3 Stars

Sip Carefully! March 02, 2012

Bella Erakko

Hannibal, MO

I seriously burned my lip -- takes a long time to cool down enough to drink so you can't fix-it-and-drink-it, if that's your desire.

3 Stars

It is okay February 02, 2012

Minneapolis, MN

I bought this a couple days ago as I LOVE to drink loose leaf tea at work. The two things I didn't like about it is that some of the leaves still manage to make it into my drink. Also, the plunger doesn't push to the very top of the tea leaves so there is some extra liquid that you can't get to. I like it okay but isn't that great.

2 Stars

Not well thought out January 29, 2012


Birmingham, AL

The filter press screws off the same direction as the top, so when you unscrew the top, the filter often unscrews from the press bar and stays in the bottom of the cup. You then have to go back, fish it out, and try to get it cleaned. If the filter screwed on backwards, this wouldn't happen.

5 Stars

Great tea sip! I love it! January 20, 2012


Murray Utah, UT

I tried the teas that you were sampleling at the Fancy Food Show in SF and loves them. Thanks for sip cup you were giving out. I loved it so much, but gave it to my daughter. I am buying my own cup, this is great. I am a tea lover!

5 Stars

Works for (gasp!) coffee, too! January 16, 2012

Emily Holmes

Mount Juliet, TN

I saw this for sale in a coffee shop last weekend and bought it to use as a travel French press for coffee. I must say - I'm very satisfied! I will have to invest in some loose-leaf tea, of course.

2 Stars

Good-ish January 12, 2012

Brad Cable

Bloomington, IL

It gets the job done, but it is really messy to clean up and doesn't store much drinkable tea. There are much better travel mugs out there.

2 Stars

Not worth it! January 10, 2012

J. Radtke

Weston, WI

Leaves make it through the strainer and you end up drinking your leaves...Yuck! It does keep it warm for a long time.

2 Stars

Ok, Seal needs work, leafs slip through November 17, 2011

Phil Palmieri

Lake Mary, FL

Overall this cup is ok and well made, but after about 10-15 uses the leaves start to slip past the silicon seal.

4 Stars

September 16, 2011

, IL

Excellent for on the go!! Kept my tea very hot for HOURS. :) Some of the pieces came through the filter when drinking but wasn't too bad.