Tea Leaf Readings

5 Stars


New London, MO

Lovely selection. The jar is so nice too. I'm giving it a place on my counter top.

4 Stars

Nearly perfect

Atlanta, GA

The reasons I say this is nearly, but not totally perfect... my beau and I both find that the jar opening is too small to get an entire hand into so, the teas almost always have to be dumped out to find the one that we want. Second reason- TROT doesn't sell "custom", or even regular 45 count bag refills for these jars.

4 Stars

A little too much selection

Monroe, MI

There were some brilliant teas in this assortment, but there were also some that I was not fond of. I thought the ratio of black and green tea to white and rooibos was way off. I would like to see a more even split, especially more rooibos since those are my favorites. I think I would prefer 4 or 5 of each flavor and fewer flavors. I used many of these for a tea exchange, so by the time I tried them, there were only two of each flavor left to send out. I really loved the Honey Ginseng green and would have liked to send that out to more people.

5 Stars

Attractive presentation

Lee's Summit, MO

I purchased this as a gift. Very good selection of teas and attractive container.

5 Stars

Great variety

Daytona Beach Shore, FL

Love the container, too!

5 Stars

Great Variety, Great Price

Corpus Christi, TX

This is a great gift if you're new to Republic of Tea and want to get a taste of what they have to offer. I was very pleased with the wide selection and it was at a great price, too. Plus, the container it comes in is reusable and very decorative. Two thumbs up!

5 Stars



This is a great variety of teas, plus they taste great. Great way to introduce your family to tea. They make great little gifts, just include one packet in your correspondence to friends and family. The glass canister is great to have on your countertop too. It makes a wonderful gift, everyone loves it. Highly recommend to everyone.

5 Stars

Love this Assortment

Braham, MN

I bought 3 at Christmas time, were to all be gifts, but I couldn't part with one. The 2 gifts have been greatly enjoyed and I love mine. Such a great way to sample all the different teas. I still can't choose a favorite.

5 Stars

Excellent Variety

Depew, NY

Excellent and wide variety of teas. All flavorful and full bodied. Purchased this item twice and will continue to purchase in the future. Love to have an evening tea every night and every night a unique flavor.

5 Stars

Birthday Gift


I bought this as a gift for my girlfriend. She had just mentioned she wished you could try a tea flavor before investing in a whole box. The next day, I got an email from Republic of Tea offering this! I can't wait to give it to her.

5 Stars

good assortment

Valparaiso, IN

Nice choice of teas to try. Although I did not like all of them I found a few I really do like.

5 Stars

Very Fancy!

Sheboygan, WI

Enjoyed the selection. The jar is very nice looking on the counter. Teas are very delicious!

5 Stars

great gift assortment

Adrian , MN

Wonderful assortment of teas. Made for a great gift. Couldn't believe how it was boxed and shipped so timely. Keep up the good work.

5 Stars

Great assortment of tea!

Carlisle, IA

Great looking container for the counter with a nice assortment of teas. Haven't found one I don't like yet! If you enjoy trying new teas without a large commitment, this is the perfect choice.

5 Stars

Beautiful-looking gift, delicious assortment

Vallejo, CA

I've introduced all my workmates to Republic of Tea (Ginger Peach has been my favorite for ... 15 years??). I brought this lovely jar of assorted teas into work to everyone's delight. People love to handle, look at, read and admire the brightly colored packets, and of course, they love to drink the wonderful tea! So yummy for all the senses!!

5 Stars

Gift for my mom

Denver, KS

I got this as a gift for my mom. She loves the variety and the flavors! It was a great purchase and I would recommend it!

3 Stars

Great Tea in Less than Great Packaging


I got this as a Christmas gift because I've been into tea recently and haven't been able to try a ton of different teas since they're usually sold in bigger quantities. I really love the large selection of teas and am enjoying the ability to try teas I would have been worried about buying before. My only complaint about this sampler is the glass container. It's not easy to fish through the container for the tea bags and turns into a little project of its own. I tried to organize the tea bags but some always ended up on the bottom. Maybe a bigger container or a bag would have been better.

5 Stars

Nice Gift!

Johnstown, PA

These jars make a nice gift with a great assortment of teas. My only complaint is that of the 4 jars I ordered, one arrived broken. Other than that, I'm very pleased with the product and the people who recieved them were happy too!

4 Stars

Awesome Teas!

Prince Frederick, MD

Wonderful to start out with just to get a good variety if you are unfamiliar with their teas or as a gift.

5 Stars

Great for chemo

Alpha, IL

I gave this assortment to my tea-drinking friend who is undergoing chemo. She was thrilled and is enjoying the various flavors.

1 Star


South Haven, MN

I agree with Kristina as to the price of this item. By the sound of the reviews a different container is needed or just a box to keep the price down. Maybe offer the two choices. Just tried Strawberry Chocolate & look forward to enjoying the chocolate variety pack I just ordered.

5 Stars



Lovely display jar and a lovely assortment of tea. It is super fun trying all your different flavours without committing to a large quantity of just one kind. Would make a great gift.

1 Star

Would Love But Too Expensive

Bluffton, OH

Love too have a chance to taste a variety like this, but give a price break please. How about a different container, like a box perhaps.

5 Stars

All you favorites in one jar!

Oklahoma City, OK

Great selection for just one jar. It's wonderful for the office for both yourself and visitors (when you want to share). If you want to try more teas without buying each individually, this is a great selection.

5 Stars

nice looking, great tea

Rescue, CA

I was wanting an assortment of teas to try. I would have liked a more even assortment of black vs. green. The jar is cute, and will be re-used, but it is hard to get to the teas at the bottom of the jar. I was impressed with the packing materials that it was sent it!

4 Stars

Great tea, Bad jar

, MI

All the teas are wonderful, and the jar looks nice on the counter. If you want a tea that is not on the top though it can become cumbersome getting more than one bag in or out of the jar.

5 Stars

Fun Gift

Toledo, OH

This is a great gift for the tea lover -- a fine variety of teas in a nice countertop jar. Haven't yet presented this gift, but I know my friend will love it!

5 Stars

Just what I wanted

Cleveland, OH

I had two objectives when I ordered this tea bag assortment. 1. Taste more Republic of Tea products my self. 2. Have a stash of individually labeled tea bags to include in small gift bags along with homemade cookies or other items for teachers, neighbors etc. when a larger gift would be awkward. Unlabeled, unpackaged tea bags would likely be thrown away - these will be enjoyed I'm sure. The other sampler selections are pretty limited so I was glad to see this product and it's just what I wanted.

5 Stars

Great Gift

Scappoose, OR, OR

This is a great gift. I like the simplicity of the jar, which makes it useful for the receipient once the tea is gone. The assortment is wonderful.

3 Stars

Jar was just OK

Atlanta, GA

My brother-in-law loves the tea. I was a little disappointed with the jar. You all usually have such great packaging. I could have picked this one up at the dollar store and put the tea in it myself. Should have had a label or creative ribbon with a hang tag or something.

5 Stars

, MA

I haven't tasted the teas, as they were a gift for a special friend, but i was pleased with the product. It looks pretty and it was really hard not to steal a couple tea bags from it for myself! Would recommend to anyone.

5 Stars

Wonderful Gift

San Diego, CA

Though I haven't tasted this item, it was a gift for my mother, who raved about how perfect it was. She just loved the tea and the glass container it came in. My sibling even called to tell me that the selection of teas included was fantastic and that they tasted great.