Tea Leaf Readings

5 Stars

BEST TEA EVER!!! January 28, 2015


Green Bay, WI

I LOVE this tea! It is the perfect blend of chocolate and mint, not sweet or too minty...just a perfect calorie free dessert in a cup. THis is my go to tea after dinner and throughout the day if I want something a little sweet. :) This could possibly be the best tea I have ever had (and I am a huge tea lover!!). Highly recommend if you are looking for a tea you can sip on all day long!

1 Star

Highly Disappointed January 22, 2015


Detroit, MI

I'm a huge mint/chocolate tea lover! And, after reading all the rave over this tea. I was very disappointed I purchased it. It barely has a chocolate or mint flavor. I had to add my own mint extract and chocolate, to make it taste good. Which defeats the purpose of buying a mint/chocolate tea... So Sad!

5 Stars

The Best Chocolate Tea!!! January 18, 2015

Michele Loves Tea.

Corona, CA

As I am on a strict diet, I needed something to curb my sugar cravings. This is the go-to tea flavor. Now, I can't get enough of it, so I ordered more of it in bulk. You get a massive tasting of chocolate with hints of vanilla and peppermint at the same time. The best part is, that there is NO SUGAR and NO STEVIA, which is what I am told to stay away from. I highly recommend this No Caffine flavor tea!! Try it and you will be hooked!!

5 Stars

Yummy January 15, 2015


Baltimore, MD

Wow,so rich and satisfying. It had the perfect balance of chocolate and peppermint. Bonus I was informed no dairy or soy in any of their teas (exception their probiotic tea has dairy.

5 Stars

Yum January 10, 2015


Dubuque, IA

I would have never thought that Peppermint chocolate tea would taste so yummy! I wish I had more spare money to buy more different teas. I give this a 100% recommendation.

5 Stars

Yummy! January 06, 2015


Dallas, TX

Was a little apprehensive about buying this - now will be a regular buyer. It is very mellow chocolate with just a hint of peppermint. I'm not a big fan of peppermint so I wasn't sure, but am not sorry I did. Helps with cravings with or without a little sugar.

5 Stars

Delightful!! December 19, 2014

J Englander

Storm Lake, IA

This blend is wonderful for the winter season!! Smooth and a perfect blend of chocolate and mint flavors!! A new favorite!!

5 Stars

Not a 'humbug' tea! December 08, 2014

Joan E

Storm Lake, IA

This is a GREAT Christmas season tea! Smooth combination of chocolate & peppermint, with a fragrant bouquet! One of my top favorites!

5 Stars

love this tea December 02, 2014


Bonham, TX

this has a beautiful smell and a wonderful soft silky taste

5 Stars

Yum, yum, yum October 17, 2014


The Dalles, OR

Oh this is yummy! I'm not a major mint fan, but this is wonderful tea. I will order again, and highly recommend it :) You won't be disappointed -- the blend is perfect.

4 Stars

Comfort in a cup September 25, 2014


Middlebury, VT

This is my second order of this tea in a bulk bag, the first one I gave so many bags away I hardly got a cup for myself! I really am naughty and put a dash of cream in this tea, it just makes it more decadent than it already is! Knowing that I have tea to share and enjoy as crisp Fall and Winter arrive is a blessing comfort to me. Warm Hugs fellow tea drinkers!

5 Stars

Fabulous Tea! September 21, 2014

Judy Archip

Minburn, IA

The list of health benefits from Rooibos tea first attracted us to it. The delicious flavors offered by Republic of Tea have me drinking it instead of coffee. I have tried other brands of Rooibos tea and they were terrible. I have not found a RoT Rooibos flavor that we don't love. We are now buying them all in bulk so that we don't run out and are able to share them with family and friends who also love them. This Peppermint Chocolate is what I have every night after supper. It's delicious enough to be my dessert! It is calming and soothing too - and with no caffeine, it's perfect to have at the end of the day. It's the perfect blend of both peppermint and chocolate and I highly recommend it!

5 Stars

Addictive September 10, 2014


Tarpon Springs, FL

Dessert in a cup without the fat or calories. My 12 year old son prefers this tea to hot chocolate!

4 Stars

Peppermint Cuppa Chocolate Tea is fantasstic! August 11, 2014

Hughlyn R. Weber

King George, VA

I believe this will become one of my new guilty pleasures. It's like sipping on a Peppermint Patti. Definitely satisfies that longing for a chocolate dessert.

5 Stars

Best cheat ever! August 06, 2014

Randi Wetzel

Columbus, NC

Love this tea, I had to switch to decaf and this is so fun that I just enjoy the flavor and don't miss the caffeine.

5 Stars

Awesome Flavorful tea April 25, 2014


San Francisco, CA

I love this tea both hot and iced. It is very refreshing and relaxing and one of my favorite teas.

5 Stars

Delicious April 21, 2014


St. John's, NL

After cutting out caffeine, I needed something yummy to fill the void. This peppermint chocolate tea has done that! I love to sip a cup before bed (or with breakfast, or just 'cause). I actually ran out because I kept giving bags to other people to try. Now I'm ordering another big bag...

5 Stars

Wonderful April 16, 2014


Akron, OH

This tea is wonderful whenever you want chocolate but don't want the calories or fat. It is a warm and cozy tea and the smell is fabulous. You can feel wonderful by just inhaling the aroma. I love it.

5 Stars

Delicious! April 15, 2014


Sonoma, CA

After dinner treat. We don't crave dessert with a cup of this tea. And if you want come chocolate and are trying to avoid it, this really does the trick. I'm thinking I can't live without this tea ...

5 Stars

Excellent April 10, 2014


St. Louis, MO

This was my first Republic of Tea purchase. I am in love with this tea. It satisfies my sweet tooth without having to eat something sweet. It's chocolaty with a hint of mint. I am so glad I stumbled across this tea!

5 Stars

Yummy after dinner tea April 04, 2014

Susan King

Portage, MI

This is a yummy after lunch/dinner tea. It satisfies that little need for something sweet without eating something sweet, and the mint just adds that bit of soothing mellowness that the body's digestive parts like to receive following a meal.

5 Stars

I don't even like mint, but LOVE this! March 18, 2014


Coloma, CA

I can't explain it, I just love it. But hate mint. I guess it's perfectly balanced between the mint and the chocolate. I use it as a dessert when I'm low-carbing. Feels like I'm cheating, but I'm not. I got it in one of the sample packs.

4 Stars

Satisfying Dessert Treat March 17, 2014


Wellsville, NY

Light minty flavor and light chocolate flavor combine for a satisfying tea which I enjoy drinking in the evening after dinner in lieu of dessert. Helps me avoid eating sweets and empty calories and has no caffeine so it's a winning combination! Thoroughly enjoyable treat!

5 Stars

Yummy March 11, 2014



I got this in the little sampler pack. I love it. There's only a tiny hint of chocolate with a stronger taste of the mint. I'm definitely going to order more.

5 Stars

like a liquid peppermint patty February 19, 2014


wana, WV

This is a wonderful dessert/anytime tea. It is caffeine free and tastes just like a liquid peppermint patty. Two of my favorite things, chocolate and peppermint.

5 Stars

Surprisingly good January 16, 2014


San Francisco, CA

I got a sample of this tea in the mail and LOVED it so much I bought a couple dozen gift sets for Christmas gifts. Funny because it sounded kind of odd and I wasn't even going to try it, but then decided what the heck. My #1 favorite tea remains your Orange Blossum White Tea, but my new second favorite is the Peppermint Chocolate.

5 Stars

What a great tea January 14, 2014


Issaquah, WA

The flavors in this tea are just outstanding. The peppermint and the chocolate are just wonderful together. It makes you feel like you just want to sit back and sip .

5 Stars

Tea January 12, 2014

Carrell Richards

Bostic, NC

Heavenly! Just a hint of mint - perfect. Amazingly light chocolate flavor - ideal. Yum!

3 Stars

A little disappointed! January 07, 2014

Cindy Zint

Fort Lauderdale, FL

I was a little disappointed and I can't pinpoint why! I have tried your Chocolate Tea and it's great, I also love the Hazelnut and the Coconut teas, but unfortunately this is not going to be one of my favorites; but I will continue to acquire a taste for it. On the otherhand my mom loves it!

5 Stars

Best mocha mint blend I've tried January 03, 2014


Washington, DC

Beautifully balanced. Like a delicious cup of hot chocolate and mint.

5 Stars

Delicious!!! December 31, 2013


Manchester, NH

I was never a fan of mint but I tried the sample I got in the mail and I was hooked.I think it's a nice balance of chocolate and mint and is a great anytime treat.I think it should be an all year tea and not just seasonal.

5 Stars

Peppermint Cuppa Chocolate Tea December 31, 2013

Janet Marcoux

Manchester, NH

This is a very tasty flavor of teas.I have tried many of the flavors and although most of them were good, I seem to like this one more.I think it makes a great tea anytime of the year and not just seasonal.

5 Stars

Great tea December 25, 2013


Holiday, FL

Great tea Delicious, very nice flavor not too strong.

5 Stars

Chocolate treat December 25, 2013

Joanne Morris

Lebanon, TN

This is a nice treat instead of hot chocolate!

5 Stars

Love It December 24, 2013


Sauk Rapids, MN

I love, love, love this tea. It is comforting and feels like a treat after a long day at work and a long drive home. It makes me happy inside and out. So I spread the joy and bought more as a gift.

5 Stars

Afternoon break December 23, 2013

June Ohm

Redfield, SD

Peppermint chocolate tea is great after being outside on a winter day. I serve it piping hot with a touch of stevia and cream. Even my grandkids love it!

5 Stars

Peppermint chocolate! December 23, 2013


Sycamore, IL

This is my new favorite tea!

5 Stars

Tasty Tea December 23, 2013


Anchorage, AK

I received this tea as a free sample and liked it s much I ordered a can for myself and another to give as a gift.

5 Stars

Favorite flavored tea EVER! December 22, 2013


Philadelphia suburbs, PA

This is by far the most wonderful chocolate treat that has no calories that I have ever had!

5 Stars

Great pairing chocolate/peppermint .. great afternoon tea! December 22, 2013

erika christenson

Kalkaska, MI

wonderful blend of two favorite flavors!!

5 Stars

Excellent blend December 18, 2013


Reno, NV

I've had chocolate peppermint rooibos blends from other suppliers that have been less than stellar (think minty envelope paste flavor), so I was weary to try yet another. Happily, this blend was really excellent! It's a good mint flavor balanced well with chocolate. I would definitely buy again and recommend to others (even those who fear envelopes).

5 Stars

What a great tea December 16, 2013


Issaquah, WA

What a wonderful tea for this time of the year. the peppermint taste with the chocolate is wonderful. It made me feel like I was dipping a candy cane in my tea

5 Stars

Great chocolate option December 16, 2013

K. Gabriel

Arvada, CO

I loved the flavor without adding anything else. I will try adding almond milk with vanilla.

5 Stars

yummy December 14, 2013


lubbock, TX

very yummy chocolate notes with just a hint of mint.

4 Stars

MY TREAT December 13, 2013



your peppermint chocolate tea is one of my favorites, i can even have a cup in the evening while watching tv or walking on my treadmill. it is soothing!

5 Stars

Absolutely wonderful!!! December 11, 2013


lynchburg, VA

I got a sample in the mail and tried it, and loved it. I took that cup of tea straight to the computer and ordered the bulk package of 250. It tastes delicious, it smells delicious. Better than a candy bar. I love this tea...please don't let it just be a seasonal offering.

5 Stars

HEAVEN! December 11, 2013


Mount Vernon, IN

Had it not been for the SAMPLE you sent with the catalog, I would not have tried this heavenly tea! I am in love with the taste of this guilt-free indulgence!

5 Stars

New family favorite December 11, 2013


Dixon, KY

So comforting on a cold night. This is a new family favorite. I love it with a drop of milk. a sweet chocolatey treat for someone who can't have candy anymore.

5 Stars

Sweet Indulgence! December 10, 2013


Sandston, VA

My favorite tea! Delicious any time of day. Love to drink this on cold afternoons. Peppermint and chocolate make this a very decadent tea. Enjoy!

5 Stars

Peppermint Cuppa Choclate December 09, 2013

Tamara Prince

Las Vegas, NV

I loved the tea. Normally would not drink choc tea of any sorts, but this one is good.

5 Stars

So happy I tried the sample December 09, 2013


Coral Springs, FL

The delightful aroma is matched by the delicious flavor. My favorite evening drink now.

5 Stars

Love this tea!!! December 06, 2013


Baltimore, MD

After receiving this as a sample, I decided to purchase the bulk and 2 tin containers. Add a dab of whipping cream to it, and you have the absolutely best drink for a cold night. This warms your soul like none other! Thanks, Republic of Tea!

5 Stars

Skinny Hot Cocoa December 06, 2013


Port Saint Lucie, FL

Just add some cream and sweetener (I prefer one packet of stevia) and it's like a minty hot chocolate without the calories of regular hot cocoa. Love it!

5 Stars

Merry Christmas December 05, 2013

Sherri McLaughlin

Las Vegas, NV

If I would not have gotten a sample of this tea I would never have tried this awesome tea! Thank you for turning me on to it! I love it it's better than a cup of hot chocolate!

5 Stars

Love it! December 03, 2013


Bowling Green, FL

Mint tea is about my least favorite. But I tried the sample & loved it! Order two, one for myself & one for a tea loving friend, hopefully she'll share when I go to visit!

5 Stars

In love!!! December 01, 2013


Conway, AR

I got a sample of this in the mail, and was instantly addicted. It's SO good. I ended up ordering it in bulk.

5 Stars

Delicious!!! November 30, 2013


Arvada, CO

I received this tea as a sample and after trying it, I decided to buy a 250 count bag. This tea has a wonderful peppermint flavor and a slight sweetness that is perfect for when I am craving something sweet. This season, as the weather gets colder, I'll be reaching for a warm cup of peppermint chocolate tea instead of hot chocolate!!

5 Stars

Delicious chocolate November 28, 2013



a perfect cuppa with just the right mix of peppermint and chocolate. I always add a little sweetener to bring out the flavor.

4 Stars

Smells great! November 27, 2013


San Jose, CA

This tea smells wonderful and made me happy to sit with it on the sofa on a cold night. The mint is not overwhelming, it's just right.

5 Stars

Amazing! November 24, 2013


Covington, IN

Tried the sample I got in the mail. Loved it and wanting more! Great taste curbed my chocolate craving! Something else to be thankful for!

5 Stars

Love This Tea November 24, 2013


Shorewood, IL

I received a sample and decided to try it on the cold evening we had last night. It is wonderful and it's going to be my favorite winter-sit by the fire tea. I love all of your tea and wouldn't purchase any other brand.

5 Stars

Perfection! November 24, 2013


Greenbay, WI

Great pick me up after a long day! I always look forward to something sweet after dinner and this does that without calories :) highly recommend! My favorite tea!!

4 Stars

Good Alternative Tea November 22, 2013


Lebanon, TN

This is a good tea to add to your tea stash -- especially good at night, an hour or so before bed to help start the wind down. I tasted a sample then ordered two: one to share at home and one for a gift. It's true that this tea is not very chocolatey, but I think it is not expected to be since it is tea and not hot chocolate. The peppermint also is not hugely strong and, therefore, not overpowering. It helps if you really like tea, which seems to me to be a drink of delicate flavors, in general. If you want hot chocolate, buy that instead. I steeped my peppermint chocolate tea for 7 minutes with heavy cream and sugar. It ruins this tea for the purpose of weight control but the heavy sugar and cream make for an extra comfy treat. If that's a little or a lot to rich for you, it will still be good with half and half or milk.

5 Stars

Heavenly! November 22, 2013


Minnetonka, MN

Subtle peppermint overlays a smooth, creamy chocolate. No harsh peppermint or sickeningly sweet chocolate flavors to distract the palate, nor the acidic tannin after taste of regular tea. Tried it with milk, as recommended. Perfect for curling up in front of the fire on a cold evening, or for revving up in the morning! Will be buying several tins!

5 Stars

Yummy!! November 20, 2013


Archbold, OH

I received a free sample of this tea, and I really liked it! It wasn't too strong of peppermint and it had a nice chocolate flavor. I'm definitely going to order some.

2 Stars

Not enough chocolate or peppermint June 25, 2013


Cincinnati, OH

I was greatly disappointed in this tea. I am a choco-holic and also love Peppermint flavors. I had to use TWO tea bags just to get enough flavor for me, and even then there was an odd aftertaste. Sooo disappointed since these large tins are upwards of $11 each! I am a Republic of Tea fan and love the Apricot Honey Red and the Blackberry sage. Both have a lot of flavor and was expecting the same from the Chocolate Peppermint. It underdelivered for me.

4 Stars

Not Very Chocolately March 28, 2013


I really like this tea because it has a strong peppermint taste and it smells delicious. However, I don't think that I really taste the chocolate aspect. The first time I realized that I had too much water per tea bag so I added two instead of using one and it made a noticeable difference. I'll keep drinking it regardless, because peppermint is awesome.

5 Stars

Best Tea for a person who is not a huge tea Drinker March 13, 2013

Wanda E. Santiago

Deerfield, WI

I was introduced to this tea by my daughter, and I am on my second canister and I love this so much. I enjoy the flavor the light mint flavor and how it flows so slowly and sweetly down your throat. I just had some major mouth surgery the first of many and this tea has made my mouth heal quickly and I am able to keep my level of moistness in my mouth. I suffer from excessive mouth dryness due to medications and illness. This tea has been my salvation because I can keep hydrated and my mouth feels moist all the time. Thank You for such a wonderful product.

5 Stars

a great gift January 21, 2013


west palm beach , FL

bought this tea as part of a gift for a friend who lives in the Chgo area - perfect for a brisk, wintery day --she absolutely loved it ---almost like sharing a hug - great flavor, cheerful and with a great aroma ---I'm happy I selected it for her ---only wish I could have been there to share it w/her

5 Stars

Incredible! January 17, 2013


Libertyville, IL

The SMELL of the tea itself as it steeps is enough to make me deem this the best tea I have ever had! Not to mention---it is delicious!

4 Stars

Very Tasty! January 08, 2013


Reedsville, PA

I have to say, I have never been a fan of chocolate teas, ever. However, when I spied the delightfully designed canister at the local Wegman's, I thought I'd give it a chance, after all, there are very few Republic of Tea flavors that I don't like. When I got home I popped open the tin and brewed my first cup. While I wasn't disappointed I also wasn't swept off my feet by the flavor. I usually drink my tea black w/ Splenda, but this particular tea needed cream. So, the next cup was made with a splash of heavy cream and Wow!! Delicious! Now I'm thinking I'd like to try the other flavors as well. :D

5 Stars

Delicious! January 04, 2013


Canton, MA

This is my favorite chocolate tea! I love it after dinner or in the afternoon when I want a treat. Yummy!

5 Stars

December 30, 2012


This is my absolute favorite. I am addicted to this tea!

4 Stars

Good balance December 26, 2012


Potomac, MD

We liked it!

5 Stars

Indulgence December 26, 2012


Monticello, NY

Simply inviting and delicious.

5 Stars

Delicious December 26, 2012


Clinton Twp, MI

A nice, light chocolate mint taste for after dinner...

5 Stars

Decadent Chocolate December 23, 2012


Bath, ME

Ah decadent chocolate of the highest quality with a touch of soothing peppermint for a sweet treat Christmas or not. This is liquid dessert. Be warned if you try it and you will be hooked.

4 Stars

Good Chocolate, not Much Peppermint December 23, 2012


Langhorne, PA

I like this tea but could like it much more. It's got a good chocolate flavor but is much too light on the peppermint.

5 Stars

Great Flavor December 20, 2012



Wonderful flavor without the calories

5 Stars

December 17, 2012

Anita Jennings

Parker City, IN

This is great for dessert.

5 Stars

This tea is so fabulous it's like dessert. December 17, 2012


Columbia, SC

Note to the reviewer who said that the flavor wasn't full bodied enough or sweet enough-you HAVE to use 2 tea bags, a splash of milk, and sugar and then taste and add the ingredient it lacks to get the effect you want! Please try it again the way I suggested and I think you'll love it! :-)

2 Stars

December 14, 2012


I was expecting more mint taste and less chocolate. It is the other way around. Not a fan :(

5 Stars

December 06, 2012


Washington, IL

delicious! a great substitute for hot chocolate!

Delish! December 06, 2012


Minneapolis, MN

This tea is very tasty. It has light chocolate flavors and enough mint to taste, but not overpower the chocolate. I add a splash of milk.

4 Stars

almost as good as chocolate peppermint icecream November 30, 2012


Eastsound, WA

Okay, so peppermint icecream with chocolate on it is almost nirvana, but this tea, even hot, came close.....alright....it's not the same, but it tastes good. I drink it in the evening because it won't keep me up all night with the jitters and I do like the flavor. I recommend it if you like chocolate and mint together. Enjoy it.

2 Stars

Needs more mint November 25, 2012

peacewing Baldwin

Whiting, VT

This tea is not dissapointing, but not what I expected, the flavors are too mild, I would love more mint and more chocolate, Not sure I would order it again.

5 Stars

Chocolate mint tea November 09, 2012


Fairbanks, AK

This tea is amazingly good, love the mind chocolate flavor

5 Stars

nice aftertaste November 01, 2012


Algonac, MI

We were surprised by the peppermint menthol aftertaste, not the green of regular mint teas. Nice substitute for dessert.

4 Stars

Wonderful Dessert Tea! October 26, 2012


Spokane, WA

A fantastic dessert tea! When I first saw this, I thought the idea of Choclate tea was intriguing. I'm a chocoholic and a big fan of anything Choclate Mint flavored! So of course, I had to try it. If you are new to Choclate teas, I recommend this. The Chocolate flavor is subtle and you taste mostly Mint. So if you like Mint Tea, try this. If you have tried their Red Velvet tea, the Choclate flavor is similar to that. Add milk and sugar and it's a wonderful dessert tea after dinner, especially with the mint, or by itself!

5 Stars

October 25, 2012

Molly Johnson

Ottawa, IL

Love Love Love this tea!

4 Stars

Nice minty tea! October 19, 2012


Streetsboro, OH

Nice flavor! Couldn't taste the chocolate as much as I would like (I am a chocoholic after all), but was still a great flavor. When my kids are drinking their hot cocoa, I grab this so I don't feel so left out!

5 Stars

BEST TEA EVER!!! October 18, 2012


state college, PA

When I received this peppermint chocolate tea as a gift, I fell in love! When the can was empty, I had to find it online and stock up! The best dessert ever! Nothing like relaxing with a wonderful cup of Peppermint Chocolate tea.....thank you!

5 Stars

The Ultra-Ultimate! October 17, 2012

Sharon Simmons

Toledo, OH

This may be my all-time favorite of your very wonderful teas! With the first sip, I fell in love. It makes me smile, satisfies my sweet tooth, and is the perfect afternoon pick-up or after-dinner treat! Thank you for this treasure in a cup!

5 Stars

October 11, 2012

Marie Abess

Antelope, CA

This tea is the best I have tasted. All the other teas that I ordered are good, but this one the greatest. Will not be without it.

5 Stars

It is just SO GOOD!! October 10, 2012

Mama Taney

Salem, VA

Oh darlings, let me tell you the reasons I adore this tea: *It is perfection in a cup. *The peppermint is SO wonderful and helpful if you have a headache or a migraine (which I get). *The balance is delightful. This tea is balanced perfectly. Do yourself a favor, buy this tea and brew up a nice cup. I take mine with me to the playground while the kids play and my afternoon is complete!

3 Stars

Tastes like Moroccan Mint October 02, 2012



Did not taste like chocolate at all!Tasted more like caramel than chocolate, though it might be because of the red tea base. Hint of mint. Overall, very reminiscent of CBTL's Moroccan Mint. So if you like that then you'll probably like this one as well. Might get the double dark version instead. Hoping it has a more of the chocolate taste I'm looking for.

3 Stars

Interesting Cuppa tea September 28, 2012


Central CT, CT

I was a little aprehensive going into this one. I've never tried chocolate tea before. I do Love mint in any kind of tea though. This smells a little weird, but it definitely tastes like chocolate. Not quite meaty enough to way lay a chocolate craving but a nice tea to accompany a bubble bath!

5 Stars

Thin Mints in a tea September 26, 2012


Auburn, WA

I love this tea. I was surprised at how much this tea reminded me of Thin Mint cookies. Definitely a staple in my house now.

5 Stars

My new favorite tea September 22, 2012


Mansfield, TX

This has just the right blend of chocolate with a hint of mint. I like to drink it either in the morning or as an after dinner dessert in the winter. My husband likes this tea also, but he likes it a little stronger so he uses 2 bags. I sweeten this with either honey or a pinch of brown sugar.

5 Stars

Delicious! September 14, 2012


Dallas, TX

Wonderful tea. The chocolate flavor actually tastes like chocolate - not some weird artificial flavor or carob. Peppermint is a great addition. This tea is good with a little sugar and just a touch of milk or cream, it makes a smooth, rich treat. The best part is that it's caffeine free, so I can enjoy it before bed.

5 Stars

One of my favorite teas September 07, 2012


Chicago, IL

I like to have this as an evening treat - a hint of chocolate and mint but on the mellow side - just right for winding down. I like that I can order this packaged as a refill for the metal tin.

4 Stars

August 23, 2012

, MI

truly refreshing and exciting cup of tea.

4 Stars

Not too bad August 01, 2012


Linn Valley, KS

I really thought it would be a bit stronger, but then again I forget it is tea, not peppermint hot cocoa. It was very good.

5 Stars

Really like this tea! It tastes wonderful July 15, 2012


Aztec, NM

It is great to sit down in the middle of the afternoon with a cup this tea! No caffeine so I don't have to worry about not being able to sleep.

5 Stars

Surprised July 08, 2012



I admit that I had some reservations about chocolate tea, but this is actually really good! It tastes just like chocolate mint.

4 Stars

SOoooo glad I tried it!! June 24, 2012

Cindy C.

Seattle, WA

I thought both the peppermint AND the chocolate came through LOUD and deliciously CLEAR--and I only used one bag. I plan to try it next with milk in addition to the sweetener I've used so far. My only reason for not giving it 5 teapots is the high price. I'm hoping the Republc of Tea offers discounts sometimes?? I love it as an after dinner treat!

4 Stars

Nice minty flavor June 13, 2012


Miami, FL

Very nice minty flavor. I couldn't taste the chocolate that much but it's a good balance. Great for after meal drink.

4 Stars

Yum-o! June 03, 2012


, NL

A delicious guilt-free way to end your evening. Low calorie and tasty! I do recomend enjoying when cooler because that's when it tastes more chocolate-y. :D

5 Stars

Great for satisying a sweet craving May 29, 2012


Atlanta, GA

This is delicious and quite satisfying in the late evening especially if you are trying not to eat sweets late at night. Highly recommend it.

5 Stars

Mmmm mmm good! April 17, 2012


Las Vegas, NV

This tea smells delicious! The mint is soothing and the chocolate adds something special.

5 Stars

Nightly Sweet, better than Chocolate April 03, 2012


, MO

Great chocolate flavor, have a cup at night, forget the dessert.

4 Stars

Great dessert drink! March 28, 2012


Jackson, WY

Just the right amount of minty chocolate taste. I really enjoy it after dinner as a guilt-free dessert. Definitely helps digestion.

5 Stars

NIghtime Excellence March 26, 2012

Vicki Helmick

Orlando, FL

Excellent tea... like drinking an Andes mint!

5 Stars

Great after dinner drink! March 20, 2012


Long Island, NY

Mellow and nicely balanced.

4 Stars

Good and minty March 17, 2012


, ID

I love the combination of mint and chocolate and this has both (even if the chocolate isn't very chocolaty by my standards) After the initial taste test I tried it with some added milk and a package of Splenda and it was MUCH better :)

5 Stars

March 17, 2012

, MA

Delicious! I am a real dessert person and drinking this tea almost takes its place!

5 Stars

Refreshing, yet relaxing March 06, 2012

Nancy Cruse

Hannibal, MO

The minty taste is refreshing, but I enjoy it after dinner and it is relaxing for a nice evening of reading or watching TV

5 Stars

March 02, 2012


, VA

This is my favorite tea... love the chocolate and mint combo. Perfect for me!

4 Stars

best cuppa choco March 01, 2012


new york, NY

out of all the choco teas ive tasted this is my fav. i like the minty notes in it and the taste is not overwhelming and ITS ACTUALLY CHOCOLATY! =)

5 Stars

February 24, 2012

, MD

It's like having a peppermint patty without the calories. Very refreshing! I can't thank Repulic of Tea enough for these fabulous combinations without caffine. :-)

5 Stars

After Dinner Mint February 24, 2012


Carthage, MO

This is my after dinner treat; keeps me out of the sweets. I love anything chocolate/mint so this is my favorite.

5 Stars

Decadence in a cup February 19, 2012

June Ohm


I find Peppermint Chocolate to be just what the doctor ordered on a wintery afternoon. It improves my mood, satisfies my sweet tooth and even makes the house smell good - what more could I want?

5 Stars

Love it! I drink it all winter February 17, 2012


, AR

It's a perfect balance of flavors. The smooth taste of chocolate without to much peppermint.

1 Star

Yuk! February 15, 2012


, OR

This is possibly the worst tea I've ever tasted. Couldn't taste any chocolate and the pepermint flavor was flat. Tea was really overpowering; instead of all the flavors complementing each other. Hot chocolate with a peppermint stick is far superior.

3 Stars

A decent tea February 13, 2012


Belvedere Tiburon, CA

I was expecting a deeper chocolate-mint flavor as some of the other teas I purchased had a lot of flavor. This one is mild so I may have to use more of the tea to get a fuller flavor. It's not bad, though.

5 Stars

Just right mint.. February 12, 2012

Lisa Moore

Ne Bethlehem, PA

Very nice cuppa tea. Just right in chocolate and mint balance. Highly recommend.

5 Stars

Dessert Dream Tea January 30, 2012


Richmond, VA

WOW! Sweet without being sweet. Hits the spot when you are craving chocolate :)

5 Stars

January 24, 2012

Denver, CO

My husband's favorite tea. Can't keep enough of it on hand in winter! Love the way it smells up the house, too.

5 Stars

Ohhhh soooo yummy!!! January 20, 2012

Tamara Michael

Zachary, LA

OMG...I bought this tea and couldn't wait to taste it. Let me say I was not disappointed. It satisifies that "sweet" craving I get after dinner and its guilt free!!! Sometimes I'm so naughty I drink two cups...lol.

5 Stars

Double YUM! January 20, 2012


, AK

I love this tea! It has the perfect mix of mint and chocolate... wouldn't change a thing!!! I think I'll go make a cup right now!

4 Stars

Fresh January 15, 2012


Seattle, WA

I'm kind of on a chocolate tea kick. So far, I prefer the Coconut Cocoa flavour. This flavour is also quite pleasing, but not as strong or as pepperminty as I would like. I would nonetheless buy it again - it's a tea I'll have once or twice a week during the winter.

5 Stars

January 14, 2012

Lori Ruschmeyer

Pacific, WA

Love this when I am caving something sweet.

3 Stars

January 05, 2012

Marianne Antonini

Newark, DE

I love the teas but was a little dissapointed with this one. Not enough flavor. I did give one as a gift. I kept one for myself. I thought it tasted like sweet water with not enough chocolate or mint taste? Perhaps I used a large tea cup?

5 Stars

Devine! January 02, 2012

Princess Leia

, NS

The first sip is good. The second one is better. Eventually it tastes like chocolate heaven. I heard angels singing by the end, and I wanted to brew another cup! This tea is amazing and it is sugar free!

5 Stars

Mrs. December 31, 2011

Mary Ryznar

Warren, OH

got this as a gift. Awesome taste .It's like drinking a peppermint patty. Guilt free dessert.

5 Stars

Perfect for when you need a little sweet December 29, 2011

Momma V

Columbus, OH

This will be ordered every time I buy from the Republic of Tea. Just the right amount of sweet chocolate and peppermint - great with stevia or even alone.

4 Stars

used to replace a Tiger Tea December 28, 2011


Round Hill, VA

I was trying to find a chocolate peppermint tea that I had purchased in Middleburg. The store no longer carries it - so I tried Republic of Tea Chocolate Peppermint. I make it with skim milk as I have low bone density and try to drink as much milk as possible. I needed variety from hot chocolate (winter), and this tea is now my first choice (over hot chocolate). I find BOTH the peppermint and chocolate come through very well. I especially like the "body" the red rooibos adds. Not exactly like the Tiger tea I had, but it is an excellent substitute.

4 Stars

Delish! December 27, 2011


Hobart, IN

This tea is not overpowering in any way. A good blend of chocolate, peppermint, and rooibos. I do not eat chocolate a lot and this tea is perfect when I do get the urge for sweets.

5 Stars

Fave December 26, 2011

Dave Manley

Livermore , CA

The absolute best tea

5 Stars

Yummy Goodness in a Cup December 22, 2011


York , ME

Great alternative to peppermint hot chocolate without all the calories! Rich chocolate with just the right amount of peppermint!

4 Stars

Alternative to dessert December 19, 2011


Nutley, NJ

This is the perfect alternative to dessert. Tastes like a sweet treat, just a hit of chocolate and a nice mint flavor. Wasn't sure if I'd like this as I'm not a fan of sweet teas ... but pleasantly surprised I found a new after dinner treat!

2 Stars

December 17, 2011

, VT

Disappointed with this tea. It is mildly minty but I did not get the chocolate taste at all.

4 Stars

peppermint patty! December 15, 2011


Charlotte, NC

Love this tea - perfect for satisfying my after dinner chocolate cravings and it tastes just like a peppermint patty. The flavor is nice, but giving it 4 teapots because it is a bit on the light side - I typically use two tea bags to bring out a really rich chocolate mint flavor. Nonetheless, I highly recommend this - it is what got me hooked on chocolate teas!

5 Stars

Wonderful, aromatic, soothing! December 11, 2011


Fort Wayne, IN

This tea is amazing. Flavorful, aromatic and very soothing (anytime, but especially during the winter months). Tastes like a sugar-free dessert!!!

5 Stars

Bedtime tea December 09, 2011


Essex, MD

Perfect alternative to a cup of hot chocolate before bed.

2 Stars

December 09, 2011

Mili Naugle

Escondido, CA

I was a bit dissapointed. It didn't have the full-bodied flavor I had anticipated.

5 Stars

Everyone Likes this one... December 08, 2011


Jefferson City, MO

This was a very good cup of tea. Just the right blend of flavors. My friend and my daughter really loved it as well. It's my daughter's new request!

4 Stars

Good, but DEFINITELY Peppermint November 29, 2011


Iowa City, IA

This tea was good, but the peppermint was very predominant. I enjoyed the tea, but I'd probably reach for others before this (simply because I'm not a HUGE fan of peppermint).

5 Stars

The Perfect after dinner tea November 17, 2011


Fort Lauderdale, FL

A wonderful dessert tea...all the taste of chocolate and peppermint....but no calories !! Wish it came in the Travelers Tin size.

5 Stars

Taking a sip of the season November 13, 2011

Boston, MA

I just had my first cup of this tea and it is amazing. The peppermint flavor is more predominant, as one reviewer noted, but the chocolate twist is certainly present.

5 Stars

Better than an after dinner mint! November 09, 2011


Orlando, FL

A hint of chocolate mint - perfect for a bit of sweetness after dinner or mid afternoon! Very refreshing!

4 Stars

Chocolate Mint November 03, 2011


Baldwin City, KS

This tea keeps me honest when I get a sweet tooth craving. It tastes like a peppermint patty, which I love. If you are trying to stay healthy without eating bad, this is a great tea to help you.

5 Stars

Delicious! October 07, 2011


St. Louis, MO

This is a great tea. The peppermint is stronger than the chocolate flavor. It was suprisingly delicious and satisfies a chocolate craving.

5 Stars

Delicious July 30, 2011


, MN

My second favorite of the chocolate teas. The chocolate and mint are noticeable, but not at all overwhelming or too candy-like. The subtle flavors blend well with the taste of the rooibos. This one is also great with a splash of milk to give it extra creaminess.