Tea Leaf Readings

4 Stars

Aromatic and Delicious March 14, 2015


Arlington, TX

This is a delicious tea, opening the canister my nose is met with a refreshing and delicious pineapple like scent. Going down it tastes like any regular green tea, and has a type of creamy texture. Delicious though.

5 Stars

O-O-O-H-H-LA-LA February 21, 2015

Wayne A

Coatesville, PA

The aroma that came from opening the tin up smelled wonderful. The taste is mild and very creamy tasting. Very smooth going down. Great Tea !!!!

5 Stars

Just good January 24, 2015


Mendon, NY

Very smooth, so enjoyable. Mild but with a characteristic aromatic flavor and a smooth finish. One of my favorite teas I like to drink at any time of the day.

5 Stars

Favorite October 13, 2014


Dillon, MT

This is one of my very favorite teas ever. Its delicate flavor combines the best parts of fruity, floral, and earthy tones without being overwhelming. And the scent is the best part.

4 Stars

The best tea I've had so far October 02, 2014

Wanda G

Clarksville, TN

This Milk Oolong is the best tea I've ever had. It is a comfort drink that takes me back home to my childhood kitchen, and that's always a good thing. It's taste is very good and I will continue to order it from The Republic of Tea.

5 Stars

Delicious October 01, 2014


Bernalillo, NM, CO

Sweet and creamy smooth.....brings a smile.

5 Stars

My #1 July 23, 2014


Solebury, PA

I'm a tea snob, and this is by far my new favorite! Naturally sweet and refreshing. Great both hot and cold. I have enjoyed every cup, but feel the third steep is best!

5 Stars

Probably said it before July 21, 2014


Wetmore, CO

This is my very favorite. Wonderful and complex flavor from when it first touches the tongue to the aftertaste.

5 Stars

My Favorite Oolong June 24, 2014


San Francisco, CA

As others have noted, part of the pleasure of drinking this tea in the full leaf rather than the bags is watching the leaves unfurl in your cup. The flavor is indeed surprisingly creamy and sweet. Mmmmm....

5 Stars

Perfect for Oolong lovers May 28, 2014


St. Louis, MO

This tea is perfect for people that like Oolong. It is rich and the milky taste makes it perfect to start the day. Mix it with some chocolate-caramel blends and you will get the perfect milk-tea-shake! (although alone is definitely a MUST!)

5 Stars

Lovely, fragrant, smooth April 25, 2014


Union City, CA

Lovely pineapple-cream nose! Unlike some milk oolongs that are also fragrant but taste weak, the fragrance on this one carries through to the flavor notes. Balanced and clean, mild but not bland. Moderate milky mouth-feel. Excellent in the first two steepings, still quite good in the third, while most of the interesting flavors will seem to have washed out in the fourth. My husband can't take caffeine too late in the day but he has had no problems taking this tea even late in the evening.

5 Stars

A New Favorite April 07, 2014


Hagerstown, MD

This is my favorite oolong. I'll leave it to more experienced tea drinkers to describe this because I won't do it justice. I'll just say it is a very satisfying cup of tea.

5 Stars

Smooth and delicious April 04, 2014


Blacksburg, VA

I am not a real fan of green tea, but since it's good for you I wanted to find one that I actually liked. This one fits the bill! It's just what was advertised. I might try some others, but I have a feeling it'll be hard to beat this one. I did try steeping it twice, but found the second cup too weak. I think I tend to like my tea fairly strong.

5 Stars

Best Milk Oolong at the price March 07, 2014


Anniston, AL

I've tried probably 20 or more Oolongs, the majority of them Milk Oolongs. You can spend more money per ounce, and get not much in return. I've settled on this Milk Oolong as my two-pot/day habit. After repeated orderings for a year, the quality between shippings has been consistent. The negative reviews that I've seen must come from people who don't know how to brew the stuff. I steep for 4 minutes, and get at least two steepings from the leaves. The second steeping is my favorite, because caramel notes come out, then. Never had any bitterness, even when I've forgotten and let the leaves steep too long. Good stuff, and priced right.

5 Stars

Just like they hubby had in Afghanistan February 20, 2014



Wonderful sweet green tea. You don't need much it gets big once hydrated. I have been searching for 3 years now, and have finally managed to impress my picky husband by finding the best tea that's like what the Jordanians used to brew for him in Afghanistan. He is going to be a lifetime drinker of this tea. This is the real deal when it comes to chai...no spices, etc!!

5 Stars

Creamy Smooth Goodness February 19, 2014

Eleanor Elmore

Colordo Springs, CO

I don't usually like green teas but due a sensitivity to caffeine I have had to seek out teas that are lower in caffeine. The Milk Oolong was so smooth and creamy in flavor. I could hardly tell that it was a green tea.

5 Stars

Best tea I've found in a supermarket! February 12, 2014


Boston, MA

As it says: milky, floral, and smooth with multiple infusions. Whole Leaf. If you have infusion glassware, it's a lovely bouquet. The leaves unravel and take up a lot of space.

5 Stars

Milk Oolong January 27, 2014


Murfreesboro, TN

This smells "milky" when you sniff the dry tea leaves. It's actually quite pleasant. The flavor of the brew is particularly comforting, sweet without the need of sweetener, and creamy even without adding milk or cream. I like that I don't need to add anything to it. Usually get two good steepings out of these leaves. Will definitely buy again!

5 Stars

Perfect January 23, 2014


Fall River, MA

This is a solid oolong. It is flavorful without being flowery, and is so smooooooth. Perfect. Absolutely perfect.

4 Stars

Delightful Oolong January 21, 2014

Tea Sorcerous


A sweet, creamy, slightly floral light Oolong. I find this Tea to really be a true delight for all the senses- tasting notes, aroma, the somewhat like pearl shape (which makes it easy to judge how strong/how many pearls you put into your brewing vessel.) I only bought the tester tin and am mad at myself for not getting more. This is such a very pleasing experience to sip, it's light, a bit sweet and creamy but you don't even have to add anything! I hate adding things to my Teas! I found this Tea to be clean, creamy, relaxing, and it helps reduce my headaches and tension. I would often just open the tin to get a nice whiff of the amazing scent and even saved my empty tin because the scent was still present for me to "sniff as needed." A nice winding down or dessert Tea. Also, it really seemed to help me when I had a severe flu with high fevers as it improved my symptoms and general discomfort for at least 20 minutes after drinking a cup & made it easier for me to sleep peacefully. (I've read certain Teas, acco

5 Stars

Tasty, simple January 14, 2014


Fall River, MA

Richly scented, the tea has little taste up-front, but then a rich fruity taste after you swallow. It's not too sweet or overly floral - just a nice, mellow mix of fruit and floral (I'd say peach and orchid!). Wonderful.

5 Stars

Milk Oolong December 18, 2013


Tacoma , WA

Absolutely delightful! I was wary in ordering the full 3.5 oz instead of a taster tin, having never tried this tea but I was so in love with the flavor at first sip I will be ordering it again. So light, but very floral in flavor. A nice natural floral, not at all like a flavored tea.

5 Stars

This stuff is AMAZING! November 27, 2013


Port Angeles, WA

This tea is SO good! It's like a green tea with richer flavor, and with fruity essence. You would never think it was so good by the description. When you first open it up (every time) you get this amazing whiff of a creamy, fruity amazingness...and it holds its flavor too! Both me and my husband fell in love with it immediately! Must get more!

5 Stars

Addicted to Milk Oolong! October 28, 2013


Plano, TX

I've been buying Republic of Tea Milk Oolong in tins from a local store, but they recently stopped carrying it, which broke my heart . . . until I realized that there was a website to buy it directly, and that I could buy it by the pound! I was delighted -- this is my absolute hands-down favorite tea (I like Oolong and Earl Grey and Jasmine, but Oolong is my favorite, and this is my favorite Oolong), and it's nice to know that we can replenish our supplies whenever we need! Perfect for two infusions -- I use it in a mesh tea ball, and can always get two delicious cups out of this subtle, sweet, fragrant tea. It's perfect for people who don't like strong harsh or bitter notes, but prefer an almost-perfumed (but not floral) tea. Its fragrance is sublime, and the flavor is unique -- honeyed and soft on the palate. Definitely a five-teapot rating from me and from my family!

5 Stars

Delicious September 26, 2013


Alliance, NE

Very enjoyable. Light, creamy, fragrant the brewed tea was a lovely golden yellow. I would recommend trying it.

3 Stars

okay, but not the best September 21, 2013



Sampled a dozen+ milk oolong from different tea merchants. Found some really good ones and some terrible ones. This one falls somewhere in the middle. The milky buttery note does not last beyond the first infusion. The taste is smooth but leaves a parchy feel in the back of my throat.

5 Stars

Amazing July 06, 2013


Saugus, MA

Quite simply, an amazing tea.

5 Stars

YES!!!! June 22, 2013


This is easily the best tea I have ever tasted! It has a very full body, with a light, almost floral after taste. I only bought the sample tin to try it, but I will be getting more as soon as it is back in stock.

5 Stars

So very Soothing June 09, 2013


, MI

I had no idea what to expect from this tea, but the excellent reviews nudged me into trying the taster tin. Upon opening the tin, I was a bit hesitant. It had a much sharper, fruity tang than I had expected, what with 'milk' in the name. However, after I gave it a try, I was hooked. This tea feels so wonderfully soothing on my throat and in my tummy that I drink it whenever my allergies have made my throat sore, or when I am nervous (my nerves hurt in the stomach) or have a belly ache. It never fails to make me feel at least a little bit better. I plan to keep it in stock and will certainly buy the full tin next time.

5 Stars

Wonderful Taste June 06, 2013


Cincinnati, OH

I thought I knew what I was ordering when I bought this tea. After all, I've had oolong tea before. However, this is delightfully different. The fruity overtone adds to rather than overpowering the flavor of the this tea. It's perfect for a pick me up on a rainy day.

5 Stars

I LOVE this tea May 13, 2013


Columbus, OH

This is an amazing oolong tea. When I first opened the tin, I was greeted with the most pleasant smell; a fruity aroma with floral hints, with an amazing buttery after effect. This complexity translates into the steeping. The first steeping has a beautiful fragrance, with a stronger buttery flavor. Additional steeps lead to the lighter floral notes, and a subtle sweetness. Definitely one of my favorite oolongs. This is one I always have on hand.

5 Stars

Excellent and Smooth May 08, 2013


Cleveland, OH

This is my favorite tea. It is on the green side of oolong, with a milky smooth mouthfeel and a slightly fruity aroma. I disagree with multiple infusions, as subsequent cups have little flavor. The leaves are large enough to settle out of the water without a strainer, so drinking at work is easy. The leaves are actually large enough that a tea ball would probably not work well. Not a problem for me.

5 Stars

My new favorite February 04, 2013


Little Rock, AR

Smooth, slight milky taste, I love it. Darjeeling has been my favorite, but I have to add a splash milk to it to cut the bitterness. This needs no milk, I just add a bit of sweetener and it's perfectly delightful.

5 Stars

February 02, 2013

, NY

Tea I was looking for everywhere, but found only here.

2 Stars

Get a taster tin first January 26, 2013


Washington, DC

I may be more of a tea purist than some, but I'm leaving a cautionary note that a taster tin might be a good first step for this particular tea. It was too hard to resist trying based on the description and the reviews, but definitely not for me. The first whiff upon opening the tin told me all I needed to know, but I drank a cup just to give it a fair shake. What's described as the flavors of sweet cream and pineapple tasted more like a decomposing flower bed, or a cheap scented candle. If you're generally a British or Irish Breakfast drinker, like me, get the small size first and you'll feel a little better when you spill it down the drain.

5 Stars

Who Couldn't Love this Oolong? January 16, 2013


Cincinnati, OH

This oolong tea really IS lovely! I have been dying to try milk oolong and I am glad I did. As soon as I opened the envelope I was hit with the most fragrant essence of pineapple...so lovely. And as I drink my first cup, the pineapple flavor continues, along with a soft buttery essence and smooth mouth feel. I would definitely recommend this milk oolong to anyone looking to try something new and different...a definite must in my loose tea collection!

5 Stars

Smooth December 20, 2012


McKeesport, PA

This is the third time I have ordered Milk Oolong. Sometimes you just want to relax and and be calm, and this tea is smooth as silk.

5 Stars

Beautiful tea December 05, 2012


Worcester, MA

This tea is beautifully fragrant, delicious, exquisite. I enjoy it in the evenings to relax, especially because it has less caffeine.

5 Stars

Surprisingly delightful!! November 26, 2012


, NH

I bought this tea based on other people's reviews of it. It is so delightful! Smooth creamy taste with that subtle hint of pineapple. This is my second favorite tea! Will be back for more!!

5 Stars

November 25, 2012

Ed Kowalski

Bridgeton, NJ

A wonderful tea, exceeded my expectations.

5 Stars

Best Green Tea. Ever. November 21, 2012

Famous Dena

Meridian , ID

This tea is the best green tea I have ever tasted and is worth every penny. Many green teas have a very grassy or earthy flavor to them. This tea does not. It does not need sweetener or anything at all. Enjoy just as it is.

5 Stars

Delightful November 13, 2012

Kim Johnston

Millerton, OK


5 Stars

Excellent tea! October 29, 2012


Minneapolis, MN

Aroma of the real rich cream and smoothness of ambrosia!

5 Stars

one of the best! October 24, 2012


Long Beach, CA

This tea is just simply one of the best iv'e had. no bitterness...can re-steep over and over, and still it's milky aroma lingers. it's just delicious.

5 Stars

Just Perfect October 02, 2012


The most relaxing tea I've tried so far. I'm lactose intolerant, and therefore do not put milk in my tea. This one, however, tastes exactly like I've poured in a few drops, and I don't have the upset stomach afterwards! Definitely my favourite tea... Why didn't I order the entire stock?

5 Stars

Tastes like it should be a lot more expensive! October 01, 2012


Kenmore, WA

The subtitles in this tea are wonderful, yet it's robust enough to allow for some variations in steeping to tune it to taste without creating a bitter follow. It's simply a wonderful treat! After making a pot of hot tea, I will re-use the leaves for a lighter blend in a larger pot which goes into the fridge for iced tea.

5 Stars

One of the best tea I've ever had! September 09, 2012

Somnath Basu

Binghamton, NY

Just the right amount of milky aroma!

5 Stars

As described July 04, 2012


Phoenix, AZ

I bought quite a few teas to try for the first time and was really looking forward to this one. It is delicious with exactly the hints of pineapple as described. I am not a big fan of the green teas but this one is wonderful and smooth.

5 Stars

A Mellow Cup of Tea June 12, 2012

Linda Jenkins

Kemah, TX

I enjoy the total experience of this mild, smooth tea. No sweetener for me, please. I like to experience each slow sip, and find it the perfect drink after a morning of meditation and just before bed too. It has a very pleasing taste and smells wonderful too~!~

5 Stars

Great flavour! June 10, 2012

Somnath Basu

Binghamton, NY

Very smooth; nice milky flavour; can add a few drops of honey and it also tastes great.

5 Stars

Smooth June 10, 2012


Brooklyn, NY

First, a wonderful fruity aroma hits you when the tin is opened; then, as you drink, the flavor is sooooo smooth and not overly scented, I can't help but smile until the cup is empty. My favorite to date.

5 Stars

Nice Tea June 09, 2012


Placerville, CA

The first time I brewed this tea I got it a little too strong and it was a little overwhelming. The second cup was just right and the flavor was spot on.

4 Stars

Smooth and Creamy May 28, 2012


Lakewood, NJ

Very nice. Smooth and almost creamy with a bit of caramel flavor. Most enjoyable. Glad I got the full tin, would not want to be without.

5 Stars

Wonderful May 24, 2012



Absolutely wonderful. It smells of pineapple, fresh plums and peaches straight out of the tin, and brews up into a cup that tastes fruity and creamy all at once. Will definitely be a constant in my cupboard. Delicious!

4 Stars

Very smoooooth May 11, 2012

Ginna Plude

Middlefield, CT

This is a very nice tea, very smooth and subtle in flavor. It has a light, creamy caramel flavor to it. I really enjoyed it.

5 Stars

My New Favorite May 07, 2012


Norfolk, VA

My New Favorite Green Tea. Simply Awesome

5 Stars

My favorite tea May 03, 2012


Brooklyn, NY

This is the smoothest, most delicious tea I have ever tasted. I was happy to find the taster tin so I could sample it without buying the 3.5 ounce container! However, now I'm disappointed I didn't buy more! This milk oolong will be a constant in my tea collection.

5 Stars

of milk oolong April 17, 2012



It is fantastic how each dried nugget of leaf unfurls into delightful deliciousness! The fruited scents and clear flavor.

5 Stars

Best Oolong tea I've ever had. April 16, 2012


Danville, WV

Fantastic tea, very smooth creamy texture and excellent flavor. I will keep this one stocked for as long as it is sold. It's become my daily cup.

5 Stars

The most aromatic Oolong March 26, 2012

Don Skinner

Meadville, , PA

In general, I enjoy Oolong, especially with Chinese food. But black tea is my my staple. So it was a real surprise to open my first can of Milk Oolong and be struck by an aroma akin to perfume -- an aroma the sweetness of which remains even as the tea is brewed and sipped. I think it one of the nicest teas that I have ever sampled.

5 Stars

Outstanding -- in fact, hard to believe! March 11, 2012



This is by far the most perfumed oolong I have ever tasted. It is very perfumed straight out of the bag, before any water is added. This is unlike any other oolongs -- Tie Guan Yin, for instance, has a lovely orchid fragrance, but it develops slowly as the infusion proceeds. Only "hua cha" (teas perfumed with flowers, such as chrysanthemum tea, jasmine tea, etc.) have that kind of perfume in the bag. The perfume does not alter significantly in the brewing and is the distinctive characteristic of this particular tea. I have had other "milk oolongs" from Fujian or from Taiwan, but they were nothing like this one. It's hard to believe that the tea leaves would be that perfumed (I am tempted to conclude that this is in fact a type of hua cha -- that the leaves are mixed with flowers or fruit at some stage of processing) -- but I am not complaining: I love this tea and just got two pounds of it. I'll be back for more, as all of friends love it too!

5 Stars

March 01, 2012


San Francisco, CA

never liked tea until i tasted this one!

5 Stars

Fantastic Oolong!! February 13, 2012


Houston, TX

This is SUCH a nice tea! Oddly enough, you can taste the cream and pineapple! Very slight, of course, but not like any other Oolong I've tried. I got the taster tin, but will be getting the larger tin when I'm done. I prefer this one to the Ti Kuan Yin... and this one's cheaper!

4 Stars

Lovely and delicate February 06, 2012


Providence, RI

I love oolong, and this is one of my favorites. It has delicate notes of apricot and cream and is very silky in the mouth. Just heavenly. The only caveat is that although the label says it's great for multiple infusions, I have found that on second brewing the taste becomes too pale. However I will definitely buy this again.

5 Stars

New Favorite Oolong ! January 13, 2012

Carole Kincaid

Milwukee, WI

I like oolong teas best, and never thought I'd find a tea the could match the wonderful flavor of my favorite, Ti Kuan Yin. I tried a small tin of Milk Oolong and was just amazed by it's unique flavor that lingers on the palate and in my mind. It really has a milky quality, and I never put milk in my tea. I plan to order more today, so I am never without it. You have so many wonderful teas, so it says a lot when I can truly say this is one of the very best in the world !

4 Stars

Good smooth taste and light flavor January 02, 2012


Chico, CA

Very pleased with this tea quality. Milk Oolong seems hard to find and I am glad I managed to get this. Would buy again.

5 Stars

Love This Tea :) January 01, 2012

Christina Hobson

Chino, CA

So i wasn't so sure what it would taste like when i first bought it but upon making the first cup i fell in love with it. It has a very soothing and smooth taste with an unique flavor. Taste really great it sweetened a bit with Agave Nectar but still wonderful without sweetener. I highly recommend tea lovers to give this tea a try :)

3 Stars

Good tea for the price December 26, 2011


tucson, AZ

Purchased the bulk size milk oolong because of the price, but tea initially tasted amazing that I immediately decided to order more before it sold out, but halfway through the bag the flavor and size of the loose tea changed. The flavor was weaker so I ended up using more tea for each cup and the tea leaves after infusion was smaller and broken compared to the ones when I first opened the bag. Buying in bulk may be less expensive but quality of tea is inconsisent.

5 Stars

Wonderful creamy tasting tea December 10, 2011


Chicago, IL

Smooth and light, dreamy tasting. A comfort tea.

5 Stars

Fantastic September 14, 2011


Denver, CO

This is a really tasty oolong, a great afternoon beverage with a unique and satisfying taste. And if you're watching your wallet, this is really affordable compared to many other oolongs on the market for such high quality!

5 Stars

what a find! August 13, 2011


Cleveland, OH

Truly does smells of pineapple and milk - this is a wonderful oolong. I have it for desert – make it with boiling water, steep it strong and add a touch of raw turbinado sugar, and those smells will becomes tastes. Because of its similar aroma, I always make it when I have a fresh pineapple and cottage cheese. Takes an otherwise pedestrian desert and makes it something special. Love this one.

5 Stars

Wonderful! July 31, 2011


El Paso, TX

This is wonderful, great flavor plain or with honey or agave necter, I have also blended it with some lapsang suchong for a great blend. Has multiple layers of flavor no matter how you serve it. Will diffently buy more!

5 Stars

My favorite tea yet! July 06, 2011



This tea is wonderfully complex and muted. It was my first experience with oolong tea of any sort, and I love it, love it, love it! It's not too strong, but it's still got a lovely flavor. I sweeten with honey (if at all), and while the flavors changed somewhat after the addition of a dab of it, flavors I hadn't noticed before really came out. I'll definitely be buying this one again!