Tea Leaf Readings

2 Stars

Try a sample first March 08, 2015


New York, NY

I did not like it. Flavor is harsh, and overpowering, nothing mild about it. Could be my personal taste, but my recommendation would be to try a small sample first. After reading all these glorious reviews, I ordered a full size tin and now I don't know what to do with it.

5 Stars

Coconut Pu-erh February 14, 2015


Pentwater, MI

My go-to tea when I need more caffeine. I love the bold coconut flavor. This is great hot or cold.

5 Stars

pleasant and delicious January 17, 2015



This tea has a wonderful yet mild flavor. This has become my morning go-to tea. The coconut flakes add a nice touch but don't overwhelm the flavor.

5 Stars

Best coffe replacement tea ever! January 15, 2015


Marietta, GA

Ordered some samples from RoT for the first time. I'm currently sipping this one now, it's amazing! I didn't know tea could taste this good! Love love love it!

5 Stars

Favorite! January 09, 2015


Dayton, OH

This is currently my favorite tea! I love the coconut flavoring...not overbearing and not that "fake" flavoring. I enjoy the heartiness of the pu-erh. This is a real winner.

5 Stars

Goodbye, coffee! December 22, 2014



When my favorite coffee ceased to be manufactured, I first hunted for a different coffee to replace it. However, after finding no good replacements, I decided to try tea. My husband and I tried several varieties, and this one was the winner. It is excellent without milk or sugar and has enough caffeine without having too much (too much causes health issues for me). The taste is full-bodied, not bitter at all, and has a slight hint of coconut. Now I feel less jittery, sleep better, and feel more focused! I love the mental clarity I get from drinking tea! I'm also happier supporting The Republic of Tea, which is privately owned, and not a subsidiary of Kraft, etc.

5 Stars

Tasty for Weight Management August 20, 2014


Springdale, MD

This tea is GREAT if you are trying to maintain or lose weight. One cup of this tea with a healthy snack or not and you are good!

4 Stars

Yummmmm July 22, 2014


Pentwater, MI

This is a surprisingly good tea. You know the coconut is real not only because of the taste but there is a slight sheen of oil on the surface. Great flavor.

5 Stars

obsessed July 21, 2014


Greenbrae, CA

I am just so obsessed with this tea! I have given up coffee for this tea. I look forward to it every day. I have been known to buy up to 10 tins at a time because the grocery often sells out and fails to restock quickly. It really is the perfect morning black tea. While it should probably be consumed as is, I love to add a touch of raw honey and organic cream. It's such a delight and I adore starting my mornings with this tea. I even TRAVEL with it, that is how much I love it. So grateful I found the sip by sip program so I will NEVER be without again!

5 Stars

Best Tea Ever March 13, 2014

Nancy Johnson

Kansas City, MO

Best tea I have ever had. Love the coconut flavor. I look forward to it every day.

5 Stars

Earthy with a hint of summer March 09, 2014


Sacramento, CA

This tea is wonderful! I bought this tea to share with my boyfriend, who has told me about how good pu-erh tea is when it's processed correctly. I bought this out of curiously, and now my boyfriend and I really love this tea! It has a very rich and dark flavor without being bitter. The touch of coconut flavor is very nice with the tea and gives a very slight sweetness to the drink. I felt there wasn't any need to add anything to this tea. Just steep, sip, and enjoy!

5 Stars

Ordering up January 01, 2014


Georgia, GA

I tried this tea last year in a taster tin to get free shipping on my order. Boy, was it a good choice! I'd never had a pu-erh tea before and was not expecting the slightly smoky/nutty flavor from it. I have to say, this is one of the best balanced teas I've had. The rich flavor is accented by a bit of coconut...and it just works. This is one of my new favorites and I just ordered the bulk bag to share with friends.

5 Stars

Love it! December 31, 2013


Lake Worth, FL

I was afraid this tea was going to be overly sweet but it's not! It's perfectly balanced!

5 Stars

A new favorite December 13, 2013


Ellicott City, MD

A new favorite for me, this tea is excellent with just the right amount of coconut flavor. I like the "earthy" flavors also - quite well balanced.

Wonderful! October 29, 2013


Long Island, NY

I keep trying different teas, but this remains my favorite black tea.

4 Stars

A favorite, with reservations July 24, 2013


Las Vegas, NV

This is one of my favorites--really delicious tea. The puerh is smoky and creamy at the same time, and the coconut just puts it over the top, it's so good. My main issues are these: the puerh is actually just a touch harsh, in my opinion, almost stringent. Secondly, the tea leaves themselves appear to be preprocessed, as they are too small (read: crumbled) to stay contained in a plastic brew basket. These criticisms aside, I do absolutely love this tea.

5 Stars

Best Tea June 05, 2013


Springfield, MO

This is my favorite tea ever. It's full bodied, coconut-y (but not too much) & perfect for anytime of day. I've had it plain & hot or iced and it's great both ways! I highly recommend it to anyone.

5 Stars

The BEST! December 31, 2012

Cheryl Barron

Springdale, AR

This is my favorite tea now. I will buy the big bag next time.

5 Stars

December 18, 2012


Boca Raton, FL

This tea is my favorite of all time! It is very tasty and decadent. You really feel like you are "cheating" just by adding some coconut milk and a little stevia! Your products are great!

5 Stars

December 03, 2012


Chicago, IL

The is my new favorite tea. It does have a nice coconut flavor, but I don't think it's too strong. You can re-steep this tea at least once after the initial use. I haven't tried more than that. Try it if you love coconut!

5 Stars

Smooth and rich December 01, 2012


Knoxville, TN

I ordered this tea immediately after reading the reviews it got, and I'm glad I did! The first brew was delicious, with just the faintest taste of coconut atop a hardy body; the second infusion was better, a little stronger, with more sweetness. This tea would be a great iced brew, and it's a great tea to unwind with. I'm never disappointed with Republic of Tea.

5 Stars

Delicious November 27, 2012


Nashville, TN

I love this tea! Such a wonderful flavor and color. It is my favorite morning tea now.

5 Stars

i've said it before ... November 14, 2012


wisconsin, WI

... i'll say it again: this tea is wonderfully full-bodied, rich, warm, flavorful with a hint of natural sweet undertones. my previously non-tea-drinking, coconut-hating husband loves it & can't go a morning without. YUM!!

5 Stars

Delicious! November 10, 2012


Charlotte, NC

I can't seem to get enough of this. The coconut delivers a subtle & rich layer of flavor to this very dense, robust tea--even when brewing the leaves a second time! I could almost give up coffee, for it imparts a wonderful feeling of well-being without the caffeine jitters. I've also heard that Pu-erh has significant health benefits.

5 Stars

Coconut Heaven September 18, 2012

Laura N.

, IL

This is such a rich-tasting tea! The coconut flavor blends PERFECTLY with the pu-erh. It is my new favorite tea!

5 Stars

For All Pu-erh Lovers September 04, 2012


Sacramento, CA

This tea is delightful! I'm a big fan of pu-erh & I thoroughly enjoyed the coconut flavor. Will buy lots more.

4 Stars

Coconut Pu-Erh September 04, 2012


Santa Clara, CA

This is a very yummy comforting tea. It is something you can enjoy piping hot or sip on it for hours.

5 Stars

special tea August 29, 2012


Tati, FL

excellent natural taste of coconut in combination with black tea; great quality!

4 Stars

Not a long leaf tea. August 03, 2012


Mobile, AL

I liked the smokey (like pipe tobacco) vanilla and subtle coconut flavor, but found that I was only able to reuse the leaves 2x (3 brewings). Also, it was a little more tannic than I had anticipated. I would recommend it with honey and milk.

5 Stars

If you LOVE coconut July 30, 2012


, WI

This is an amazing tea if you LOVE coconut. It isn't my favorite everyday tea (it's REALLY coconutty!), but it is a wonderful treat. I like this one much better warm than iced (I'm an iced tea fan). It makes a great dessert tea.

5 Stars

July 16, 2012


Springdale, MD

I love the taste of this tea!! I will 4ever and always be a fan of the Republic of Tea! I even have all my sisters and brother hooked!

5 Stars

Smells Beautiful June 14, 2012


Cotati, CA

Love the smell and taste of this tea...will be ordering a lot more in the future!!!

5 Stars

Very Yummy June 10, 2012


Marietta, GA

This is a very pleasant tasting tea. I can infuse the leaves twice and still have a nice cup of tea. I enjoy the coconut flavor.

5 Stars

June 08, 2012


Great tasting tea!!!!

5 Stars

Love to blend this May 28, 2012


Tempe, AZ

I'm fond of blending teas and this is my favorite. Love adding this to a basic Assam for a dark, rich, full-bodied tea with a hint of smokiness. The coconut also mellows it out and adds a nice touch. Anytime I need a good strong cup, this is the one I reach for.

5 Stars

Delicious May 25, 2012


I do love a good cup of smoky puerh, and this just hits the spot. I prefer strong teas and this is malty and smooth. The coconut adds a creamy-sweet note that really pairs well with puerh's savory, woody undertones. I recommend it for anyone who likes puerh!

5 Stars

Love it! May 14, 2012


jacksonville beach, FL

This is tea is a very robust black tea with just hints of coconut. I don't use sugar or any other sweetener so perfer a hearty tea with a splash of flavor.

5 Stars

April 30, 2012


, PA

Love it! Great coconut flavor.

5 Stars

Rich, earthy, and delicious! April 22, 2012

Chai Wallah

Boston, MA

Not everyone likes the earthy smokiness of pu-erh. I'm not one of those people. I love how rich this tea was, it's just what I expect in a pu-erh and Yunnan tea. The coconut is a lovely compliment to it's earthiness. It almost has a dark chocolate aftertaste. I usually drink it with a touch of almond milk, but it holds its own very well on its own.

5 Stars

My new favorite! April 14, 2012


Appleton, WI

My old favorite was chocolate covered strawberry pu-erh. When I could no longer find it I tried coconut pu-erh and fell in love! I like the body of pu-erh tea, not too smoky, earthy but not over-powering, and it is good for you. The mild coconut flavor adds interest without becoming the main flavor. I will definitely buy this again.

5 Stars

A nice smoky, earthy cup March 31, 2012


, NY

This is a wonderful, rich, smoky tea. The coconut is a bright fruity accent to this earthy tea. This tea steeps to a dark bold color and flavor and is so rich, yet so smooth with no bitterness. I love this tea in the morning, it's such a wonderful treat to wake up to! Also, these leaves can be steeped multiple times. Fantastic tea!!

5 Stars

March 28, 2012

, MO

Loved it but I wish it came in a teabag so I could take it to work.

2 Stars

Not worth your money March 27, 2012


Brewster, NY

I taste the earthy black tea. And I taste the delicious coconut, but the quality of this black tea did not reach my standards AT ALL. It tastes like really low quality English breakfast(icky!) with a few coconut shredding thrown in. I'm appalled at the quality of this black tea. I'm glad I only bought the little tester tin.

5 Stars

A Piece of Heave March 16, 2012


My new favorite tea. So sweet,flavorful and slightly smokey. This is my first foray into loose leaf tea and I am very satisfied with the results. Will definitely be buying this tea again.

5 Stars

smoky, rich, deep February 20, 2012


wisconsin, WI

my new favorite - steeped 3:55 it's wonderful with a splash of milk in the morning. smoky-sweet, very rich and full-bodied without any hint of bitterness or tannin.

5 Stars

delightful not sweet February 16, 2012


Milwaykee, WI

I am happy I tried this tea. I was afraid it would be a sweet tea, but it isn't . It is a wonderful black tea with a hint of coconut that tastes like a fresh cracked open coconut. I really enjoy this flavor, one of several teas I have explored recently, instead of just drinking Oolong all the time, which is my favorite. I would highly recommend it.

5 Stars

Very Desirable December 09, 2011


Hampton, NJ

This is a very unique flavor, though not in an undesirable way. Has notes of wood, smoke, and nice accents of steamed milk. Never had a pu-erh before but this is now my favorite. The coconut matches very well with the flavor. Good straight up or with milk. Second brewing just as flavorful as the first, going to try a third and maybe a fourth brewing :D

5 Stars

Nice flavor for a black tea November 16, 2011


Springfield, IL

I drink mostly green and white teas as I find the black teas too strong for me but I like this tea for a change of pace and I really like the coconut taste. Takes the sharpness off the black tea for me. Very nice quality.

5 Stars

First Pu-erh Tea For Me And I Love It! October 20, 2011


Dallas, TX

Bought this as a taster to see if I would like it and wow it's good. Has a good coconut aroma and a smokey, milky taste to me. With a little sugar, it almost tastes like I've added milk. Will definitely buy this again.

5 Stars

coconut pu-erh bliss! July 14, 2011

, OH

I'm a big fan of aged pu-erh teas - unique flavor! Great mixed with pieces of coconut. Great in the mornings or even after a meal. Its a plus this tea is gluten free!!