Tea Leaf Readings

5 Stars

First red tea I've tried. GREAT

San Antonio, TX

I was hesitant to try a red tea. I always had black or green tea. Now I know what I've been missing!! The taste is mild and smooth. I add a bit of honey to sweeten. I have found a new caffeine free tea!

5 Stars

My new go-to tea

Mobile, AL

I bought the sampler and love it! Of course, the other reviews pushed me toward it as well. It really is a great tasting tea. You don't need to add sweetener unless you like candied tea haha. It chased my headaches away. My muscles were less tense. It's amazingly soothing. I will order a bigger container, soon.

5 Stars

My favorite tea

Hollywood, FL

I started drinking this tea when I cut out caffeine. It's perfect in its simplicity. It doesn't need anything to sweeten it, it's excellent just as it is. Rooibos is definitely one of my favorite teas, and I think this one is the best.

5 Stars


clearfield, UT

I have finally found MY tea. I have tried so many different teas and not been impressed with any of them until now. This is by far the best tea ever. Not too bitter and just sweet enough. I add nothing to it. Great balance of vanilla flavor. Can't wait to try this iced.

5 Stars

Healthy and great hot or cold

Prior Lake, MN

I drink a hot cup in the morning and make a liter/quart more for ice tea for the afternoon. No caffine and double the anti-toxins and good stuff of green tea. I still drink a cup of coffee a day. My wife, who only drinks tea, does not like the red teas as much--and it isn't just the lack of caffine.

5 Stars

My Favorite Tea

Tucson, AZ

This is my favorite tea. It's even better than the tea bag version - a stronger, deeper flavor. Not too sweet or bitter. A perfect blend of flavors.

5 Stars

Hope Optional

Baltimore, MD

Wow, this tea is amazing. It sounded too simple to be 'that good' but when I tried it I have to admit I immediately wished I'd bought the larger size instead of the taster tin (loose). I usually prefer sweetener in my tea but this really doesn't need it so I drink it bare. Red Tea is arguably the 'healthiest' tea there is, and that's probably why I gravitate towards it even more when I'm ill. The high amount of polyphenols in the tea is what aids you in the fight against viruses and bacteria, which in turn might (or in my case usually) cause you to feel better, faster. Anyway, it's a wonderful tea and I do plan on ordering it again before I run out. In all honesty it is probably my favorite red tea!

5 Stars

Delicious AND Medicinal

Phoenix, AZ

My first introduction to this tea was years ago -- I was sick with a bad cold/flu combo and went to the cafe at our local (now long gone) Borders. The gal behind the counter recommended this to help me get better. It helped greatly. I bought a can of the tea, took it home, and every time one of us got sick, we had it and it sped our recovery along or worked as a preventative. From then on, I was sold on rooibos tea. Only... I've had others. And they didn't work. At all. They tasted okay but I never felt any better drinking them. And none of them taste as good as Good Hope Vanilla. I'm back to Good Hope Vanilla ONLY for our rooibos tea option. Not only is it delicious (especially with honey), but our whole family was feeling "off", I made a big pot, we all had a couple of cups, and suddenly everyone felt well again. It's also great if you feel wonderful and just want to have something delicious. An excellent tea with a wonderful fragrance.

4 Stars

Rich Vanilla taste

Chicago, IL

Smooth vanilla taste, but not too strong or sweet. A nice breakfast, snack or dessert tea.

5 Stars

Full bodied, aromatic with wonderful deep vanilla taste

Mobile, AL

For me, this is the best all around tea I have in my home. Everyone I give it to loves the deep aroma and full bodied taste of vanilla, without ever being overpowering. The red tea is just gorgeous, and if you forget to steep it a bit too long, it doesn't matter. It never goes bitter!!! like so many others. I would highly recommend trying this blend. I particularly like it on cool days and each evening prior to bed. Very calming effect!

5 Stars


I've been ordering this tea for years. Once I didn't have any when my book group came over, and one of the members wanted "the tea you always serve". She was very disappointed when I told her I had run out. Tried the loose leaf variety for the first time and am very happy with it.

5 Stars

Great everyday basic

Castle Rock, CO

This mellow tea is good anytime. I like to mix it with a bit of Cardamom Cinnamon, add a squeeze of lemon and some sweetener. Terrific dessert!