Tea Leaf Readings

4 Stars

Prefer it over ice! August 05, 2013


Los Angeles, CA

I prefer Ginger Peach black hot, and prefer Ginger Peach green over ice. Both delicious! My favorite blend - can't wait to try the other varieties of Ginger Peach.

4 Stars

December 26, 2012


Love this tea! Just needs a touch more ginger.

2 Stars

Review of Ginger Peach Green Full-Leaf December 20, 2012


Lecanto, FL

This tea has a pleasant peach flavor. It needs more ginger flavor to truly be a ginger peach green tea.

5 Stars

Best flavor any time of year November 26, 2012


Cave Junction, OR

We enjoy this tea hot or cold, in summer and winter. It's our go-to favorite tea and has been for a long time. We sometimes mix it with Dragonwell Green Tea when brewing up a pot of tea in fall and winter. We like the flavor and health benefits.

5 Stars

Best Daily Tea August 10, 2012

Linda Corey

Cave Junction, OR

Ginger Peach Green is our favorite daily tea. We drink it cold or hot depending on the season and it always tastes refreshing. I recommend this one for its flavor as well as its health benefits. Yummy!

4 Stars

November 27, 2011


A very good smooth dinner tea

3 Stars

Smells great but a little weak September 18, 2011

Margaret Joyce

New Bethlehem, PA

This tea smelled awesome but the peach flavor didn't really come out. When I added sweetener it came out a little but I still had to brew it stronger than most teas.