Tea Leaf Readings

5 Stars

A beautiful tea

Atlanta, GA

Keemun 1110 Full-Leaf is a complex, beautiful tea. Slightly smokey, but not at all bitter or ashey tasting. The very faint chocolate like notes enhance the flavour amazingly, without overpowering or taking away from the tea. I was able to get three different cup brewings out of one serving of leaves so, even for the price point, it's a fantastic deal.

4 Stars

Love this delicate tea

Dayton, OH

The flavor of this tea is very delicate and yet still has a slightly hearty aftertaste. It really can be steeped twice and both cups have the same strength. I would recommend giving this a try. I will definitely purchase this again.

4 Stars

My Favorite Cup Of Tea

Adirondack, NY

Of all the teas that I have ordered from ROT, this has to be the best of them so far. I awake early and brew this most mornings and I sets my mood on the right track for the rest of the day. david

5 Stars

Surprisingly smooth

Georgia, GA

This is a strong, smooth cup. I can't say that my palate is developed enough to get the chocolate I read about...but this is great tea that brews a good, strong cup that is easy to sip.

5 Stars

Hearty and full bodied

Boston, MA

Everything a good Keemun should be. Very rich, hearty, and puts hair on your chest. Very chocolaty, almost an espresso essence. I found that if I steeped it for 4 minutes it was a bit too strong for my taste, so I only steep for two minutes. Save the leaves for a second cup!

5 Stars

A Cup of Fulfillment

Millstone Township, NJ

This tea is perfection in a cup. Every time I indulge in this tea I realize it's power. There is no way you cannot be fully present during the experience. The world slows down while I enjoy the crisp and unforgettable flavor that I have found nowhere else. I am redoubling my order.

4 Stars


Norfolk, VA

Simply Bliss in a pot!

3 Stars

Prefer All Day Breakfast

, CT

This is very similar to All Day Breakfast, but without the Oolong complexity. This tea is good, but I prefer the other.

4 Stars

Exceptionally smooth

Wausau, WI

This is an exceptionally smooth tea with a subtle, intriguing flavor. I liked it very much, but I need to drink it a few more time to decide if it's one of my favorites. It does not become bitter with reheating, which is a big plus for me.

5 Stars



Keemun 1110 is real gem; it's a solid tea that tastes like it should cost twice as much. The taste of chocolate is the central agent here (though far from overpowering), with a smokey presence weaving in and out of the chocolate flavor to create a rich sip. With this sort of taste profile, you might expect it to be bitter, but the opposite is actual true here: it's slightly sweet. A great tea for any time.